What's that??

I came across this really wonderful and touching story in my mailbox a couple of days ago. The video is a Greek short film. Check it out. No words would be able to explain it better.

The message conveyed by the movie is that you must respect your parents and always remember that no matter how much ever you learn or earn, you can never be above them and if you think so.. Then it would just be arrogance..!! The sparrow here stands for even simple things around you today like computers, mobiles etc... Things about which maybe, you know more than people around you.

You may know more than what they know but it is they who helped you to know those things. Once upon a time... even you did not know so many things... Dint they teach it to you then? Maybe you are lucky to know these things today.

So be patient and humble about things you know, respect the people in your life who added to your store of knowledge - your parents, teachers, family and other people around you and share your knowledge......!!


Confused..What to write today.......???

Have so much to tell...But I am not sure of what I must start with.....!!


Wow.. What a word....!!!!

NO barriers on using it...... Anytime.. Anywhere.....!!

It comes to your rescue when you cant solve a problem.. Just use the word confused along with some terms from the question and bingo your work is done..... It gives the impression that you have known something about it though not everything... (Just helped me yesterday...) ;)


A state of mind where you feel everything is right and the next minute everything is wrong. You begin to contradict yourself when in a state of confusion. It is essential during such times to be cool and not to take any hasty decisions. Speaking about your confusions to people who have been through it would make it easy for you to find solutions for it.


This is what you can do when you know your cards very well. When you know something in great detail you can confuse others about it if you are not able to put across your views in a way they would understand it. Some people deliberately confuse others.

Even I like it sometimes.

This would summarize what I wish to convey:

“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

Confused...May be you should read again..!!!! ;)

Ishq Hota Nahi Sabhi Ke Liye.......

Thoughts - How strange it is that our mind subconsciously associates somethings with some people and how quickly our thoughts wander off to some distant places and people when we hear or see something. The associations may seem strange to explain but I am sure everyone must have experienced it sometime though......

Like it happened to me a couple of days ago - On hearing the song "Ishq hota nahi sabhi ke liye......." In the blink of an eye, scenes from the past flashed in front of me... Dialing your number.. Your caller tune "Ishq hota nahi sabhi ke liye......."

You just knew what I was doing and how my mood was by my "Hello"... Tired, angry, crying, had a fight, frustrated, happy, sad, busy, at home, watching TV, studying........

Afraid of being hurt sooner or later due to the differences.. I restricted myself from talking to you in the beginning...You understood even this hesitance...... Assured you were there to take care of everything.. You got me talking.... And then talking to you was so comfortable.. No fake attempts to be true or prove my points. Even loved the arguments we had.

Long hours of talks... Discussing likes, dislikes, adventures of college life, friends, family, outings, favourite movies, songs, foodstuff.... And what not.....!!

Strange and yet felt so lovely to have someone with whom I could talk to and relate to so closely...!! How surprised I had been to discover the similarities between us..... Same thoughts, same likings, same attitude...... Was just hard to believe that someone so similar yet so different to me could exist...!!

But along with these similarities I knew there were differences..... The differences which would surface up someday no matter how hard we tried to get along smoothly.. Differences in our paths of life.. Our aims.... Responsibilities... And they did come up...

Self ego.... No talking.. Just "Why cant you understand...??"

"Why should I Understand.. Do you ever Understand me..???"

"You never call me.. Its I who has to always talk first..."

"I thought you must be busy.. So I Dint call you up..."


Even the last time you called me up... Never knew it would be your last call to me.. I did wait for your call for many days later.... But you dint call up..

Even today I sit and wonder why dint I call you up too?? Maybe ego.. Maybe a feeling that you dint want to talk to me anymore...... If you could... I could also do without talking to you.....

Tried every way of getting away from you.... Destroyed all physical things around me that reminded me of you...... Blocked all ways for you to get back in touch with me..... Even if you wished to.

But my mind and my thoughts betray me.... Even today when I get to know someone who is a Sagittarian.... The first image that comes in my mind is you.... The discussion we had on "Sagittarians being Flirty..."

When I see or hear about the movie "Hey Baby..." I remember how two years ago.. When you had been to watch the movie... And how I had troubled you by messaging you intentionally...... Just to distract you from the movie.. And how after the movie you said you dint remember a single scene prpoerly..........

Everytime I hear the song "Ishq hota nahi sabhi ke liye......."

Colour Paradox..

About a couple of months ago there had been events of racial discrimination and attacks against the Indian students in Australia.. And Thanks to our media the event had been in news for about a month or so. There were some cases reported of students who did not complain even though they had been facing these racial attacks earlier too.... Everywhere, this was the BREAKING NEWS and the only issue being covered and highlighted upon.....!!

The topic of this post is not to highlight this event or its aftermaths.. But to realise how much we, ourselves discriminate on the grounds of colour...???

Lets begin with the Africans who come to study in India from countries like Nigeria , Kenya etc. Don't we consider them as 'blacks' and maintain distances with them...?? And in the same place if there is some fair skinned person, they are addressed as "foreigners."

Even within our country we discriminate people on such grounds. Our society still gives added importance to the skin tone of thee person than their nature. A boy of marriageable age always wishes to marry a fair and beautiful bride. Now beauty cannot be quantified.. But fairness can be.The boy wishes for a bride to be of a fairer tone than his skin tone. No matter how much ever we deny this fact, this is sadly the truth in almost all parts of our country..!!! There are so many jobs such as Air hostess, Secretaries etc where the colour of the candidate has an added importance. So is this not discrimination ????

Indian market has become a target for all the beauty and fairness products from world over. Today we find so many advertisements and products offered for fairness , rejuvenation of skin and what not...!! So how are these products selling and marketing like hot cakes in our country?? It is because of the attitude of the people of our country who give added importance to skin colour and hence these products have found a huge and ready market for all their so-called fairness products and the market does not only consist of female buyers but also the males have been the target group. Recent additions in the male cosmetic product range and their advertisements prove this.

I read a book recently "Mahashweta" by Sudha Murthy. A really nice book highlighting a very sensitive issue of our society. The book describes the story of a girl 'Anupama' who after her marriage began to get traces of 'Leukoderma' and her plight while facing the consequences of this skin disease. The shocking aspect of the book was that even though Anupama's husband was a doctor himself, he did not stand by her through this and abandoned her due to social obligations. Although the book was a fiction, it is not far from the reality...!!

The whole point is that if we cannot accept people as they are but judge them on traits like their skin colour... We still have miles to go in this fast moving world, before we point out to other nations who DISCRIMINATE AGAINST US RACIALLY............!!!

A really wonderful poem that I had read a while ago......

Here it goes :

When I born, I black;
When I grow up, I black;
When I go in sun, I black;
When I scared, I black;
When I sick, I black;
And when I die, I still black;

And Ü White fellows;
When U born, U pink;
When U grow up, U white
When U go in sun, U red;
When U cold, U blue;
When U scared, U yellow;
When U sick, U green;
When U die, U grey;

And yet U call me coloured......??

On this Friendship Day..!!

I want to wish all my friends a VERY VERY HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY and thank them for being with me at various stages in my life. You did make a difference in my life and even today if I am not in touch with you, or we don't meet or talk much, I still remember you and the times we spent together. Those moments can never be forgotten.

This story for my dear dear friends who have been my friends right since school and all through college.. For all my friends whom I met at various other places, for all my friends on this Blogosphere... n whooo... the list can go on and on.......!!

Copied hai.. ;)
But straight from the heart just 4 u..!!! :)

Friends AAJ KAL...!!

I know the title sounds as if it is inspired from " LOVE AAJ KAL " . I could not think of anything better for this.. Hence, the name.. !!!

Gone are the days when you had your friends just from your school, your college or neighbourhood. The term 'friends' is now no longer restricted to the people you know face to face. With the advent of social networking sites, making friends online is the latest buzz around.

I still remember my school days when in our English letter writing we were given a topic to write a letter to pen friend in some other country describing about the Indian culture and the festivals celebrated here. At those times, these all situations seemed so vague to me that how could you be friends with someone whom you have not seen.?? But this is no more a vague thought for friends and friendship. With social networking sites coming up, we get an opportunity to meet new people from various places with whom we share common interests or occupations. It just helps us to connect with anyone in the world out there. I myself have many friends whom I have met and known over these sites over a time.

The other side of this virtual friendship is a not so sweet an experience though. There are people who create fake profiles and fake chat names with easy access to these sites. Many a times, young children also create profiles giving their wrong age and get into chatting with people whom they do not know.The fun may sometimes be too costly if there is no proper guidance or knowledge for the user. Online chatting can sometimes also lead to Depression and lack of social interaction.

Sometimes, I feel sometimes we need to add people in our friends list just because of obligation of knowing them. In reality we might not be so speaking much to them but then they are on our friends list.

In the end, the number of people you have in your friends list are in no way an indicator of the number of friends that you actually have. A friend is the one with one you can really share all your feelings, all your joys and sorrows. None of your online friends can replace them in your life. But with social networking you can surely say that somewhere in your life there is a thread which connects you with your friends in this busy world when we have less time to actually keep in touch with everyone around. Got to go now.. Have to scrap all my friends "HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY..." ;)