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When Journey Meant More Than Destination

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"So, how are you??"

"I am fine m'am. How are you?? It has been so long... I am so glad so see you here"

"Yes.. You all have grown up now. So why would you even remember us??"

"No M'am.. Its impossible to forget you... you are the best teacher I have ever had.."

"I am always thankful to you for making me what I am today...what I write, What I speak, What I all because of you.. and just you..."

"Ohhh..Ohkk...Ohkk..Now enough about me...Introduce me to your family.."

"Yeah.. I just got so excited on meeting you that I forgot to introduce you to Akhil..He is my husband.. And Akhil..thsi is Lavanya Madam, my pre-primary teacher."

"Pleasure meeting you M'am. Had heard a lot about you from Swati.. Glad to meet you."

"Mam, I want my daughter to learn from our school and specifically from you only, cos you are the best teacher...."

"Don't joke Swati... How can mam teach her??"

"Why not?? She will..."

"I am sorry to ask, but you still teach kids?? I mean after all these 30 years of teaching experience..."Akhil interupted.

"Ohh..Experience is a different thing Beta....Teaching these kids is a different experince in itself..For me what matters is the time I spend with those kids, moulding their young minds, teaching them things that would take them ahead in life....For me, what matters is not what I get, but what I give in this Journey of Teaching..."


"Lavanya M'am is really a nice lady.. So selfless and caring.... I just can't stop thinking about her since we met in the evening"

"Yeah..that is how she is... Very few people are like her in todays time.. And now you know why I admire her so much..."

"Yeah... she is really great... you rarely come across people who value the journey more than the destination. And I am sure we can never find a better teacher for Naina...."

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