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Of Hands & Lines & Beyond....!!

I still recollect that moment, when in the bus, amidst the slow moving Mumbai traffic which din't seem to trouble us a bit...

You immediately noticed my palm and the lines on it....

The way you complimented on my soft, baby-like skin...

How we wondered.... if these lines truly decided our destiny.....

How you playfully joked that I had a smaller "Life Line"

How I noticed that you had such a deep "Brain Line.."

How we discussed about what each line stands for.....

How we wished to decipher whats written beyond them...

Then how we turned to "That nothing is destined.... Its all about choice & our decision..."

And then how after a few days..

We decided that maybe we are not meant to hold each other's hands forever...!!!!

ThE sUrPriSe..!! - 55 Fiction

“Its so strange.. I mean after being away for nearly a month, without any trace.. And then suddenly….”

“Yeah strange… But more of a surprise naa..??” Shikha enquired.

“Surprise..?? I can’t manage it. I thought it was over & I was finally out of it.


I will have to still carry my Umbrella….” :P

P.S. : Wow Folks, feels so good to be back at My Corner after so long.. I hope the 55-er was not that bad... But the rains outside made me feel like writing something....& what have you all been upto..??? I think everyone is kind of away from blogosphere.. Or is it a feeling just because I am away from here.. Well about me, apart from enjoying the unexpected rains in Mumbai, I am planning to get back to studies, books, exams &.......

Opposites Attract ???? Part-1

He was tall, dark and smart.Wherever he went, he made his presence felt to one and all.Extrovert by nature,he had knowledge on a wide variety of topics.That made him capable of contributing to all kind of discussions around and leave a long lasting immersion on the people around.Anyone who saw him once would surely wish to talk to him at least for a while and know him better....

She was no exception to this.On the first day of their class she noticed him and instantly felt like talking to him..getting to know him..But she was not like the other girls in the class...She was an introvert,shy to make new friends quickly and so she hesitated to take a step forward.While all other girls had got around him at least once before the lunch break she could not even bring herself to look at him in the eye fearing what if he would be looking in her direction and would catch her looking at him.. But deep inside she knew she would look at him, know him, talk to him.... Soon...

"Pal..pal..pal...har pal,har pal..kaise katega pal...." beeped her ring tone jolting her to present.She glanced at her cell and saw it was his call.She picked up the call and with a smile in her voice said, "Hiee....!!"


"Nothing.Just thinking about you..."

"Tell me.....Do u do anything other than that these days..?? Please pay attention to your studies jaanu...."He said in an advising tone.

"Haan re..I will study ..Was just reading a novel......"

"Novel,novel,novel...How can you read so much..??? It just dozes me off....."

"May be you never found an interesting one....."

"I dont want to find too..You continue with ur reading jobs...I just love to hear the

stories from you later.."

"But I think you wont like this one..."


"Its actually on your favourite subject of interest.."

"Are you reading some self improvement again..????"He asked.

"Right....So when do you wanna hear my version of 'The Greatness Guide' ??"

"Not now.....So had your lunch???"


"And what did you have today, Sweety..???"

"Actually I just had rice and curd... It's so hot around. I don't feel like eating anything..!!"

"Hmmm... Thats the most nutritious diet you know..You should have that only three times a day...!!"

"Ohh please yaar...I already heard a lecture from Mom..Now you don't start over it.... I don't like all those vegetables..You know naa....!!! "

"Yeah I know.... In fact I even wonder how closely I have known about you in so less time.. Remember the first day of our class...."

"Hmmmm.. .I can never forget that..."

"You know I had noticed how quietly you were sitting in one corner of the room.. I thought you would be rather arrogant.. not even trying to look at YOUR HIGHNESS..."

"Ohhhhooo.... Tum koi Dude ho kya..?? Why should everyone look at you..??"

"C'mon even you the reason..."

"Haan haan.. I know.. Now don't laugh... You guys are like this only..."

"Like what..???

To be Continued..............

P.S. : It seems like an eternity since I have not posted here. I don't know what was happening but then something has motivated me to be back & this time I thought of this topic. I have expanded the idea as much as I could imagine & since I could not go anywhere further, I made it into a series. I have absolutely no idea of what even to write for this next part...I hope it just leads to something good... Lets just Wait & watch...!!!

Till then..Kudos, Cyaaa..... TC... :)

A Day in the life of "He" & "She"......


2nd December,2006

Ohh God, What A day.....!!!??!!! I was happy that at last I saw him today.. As the time was nearing, I was wondering if he would come or not but he just came in in the last minute..He was looking so cute in that red shirt..Aha, suits him perfectly well...

Bu what after he came?? He was talking to everyone around except me... Or Was I feeling so..?? He never notices me & how come I notice him every time he even passes by...?? I think he should understand that I like him when I look at him..? When will he understand.. ? And what if someone else notices it before he does..?? He is really stupid I know... It would take ages for him to understand.. Maybe I should tell that to him....

Tell..?? But when he asks me something why do I seem to forget all the words..?? I just end up blabbering something or the other and in a minute he is gone asking that to someone else.. Why can't I talk properly to him when he asks me?? Why can't he wait & talk to me about other things too...?? I know so many things......... about school, teachers, subjects, competitions, sports... But he needs to talk to others only it seems.... Maybe tomorrow I'll tell him about our new semester & books....

Good night Diary... Apart from this there was nothing special today...!!

Love ya, Ur so so so sweet & my besssssttttttttttt Friend..........!! :) : )


2nd December,2006

Ahh.. I have to talk about her only today.... I know dude you must be bored listening about her everyday but with each passing day I have begun to like her more & more & more... I hope that one day she would realise this & also like me as much as I do...

The black dress she was wearing today was looking so good on her. I bet it could look that good only on her.. Nobody else would have carried it off in a better way... And those dimples when she smiles... They are so killer God....... But I wonder why doesn't she smile when I look at her.. ??

Maybe she does not like me.. She is always confused or afraid while talking to me... I don't understand how to talk to her.. She is always busy with those other girls who are not even half as good as she is.. Why does she have to waste her time talking to them..??? I am wondering what should I ask her tomorrow..?? I think I should ask her about new books and where to buy them and all.. She must have already bought and started studying... Ahh how can these girls be so sincere & yet so cute at the same time..??!!!???

This mystery will never be resolved it seems... I'll tell you what happens tomorrow but for that I have to sleep now or else I'll be late for classes again.... You know even today I reached just dot on time....

Good night...****YAWNS***

P.S. : Just a memoir of the sweet teenage crushes...!!


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"Yeah pink colour suits you. Buy that saree..." Mom finalised for me.

"I had liked that one only from the beginning. ?I'll buy that one only..." & I turned to the shopkeeper.

"Bhaiya yeh pack kar dena...."

"Haan madam, this colour is perfect for you. Diwali ke din aap khub chamkengi..!!"

"Arey, it's not for Diwali.. It is for my reception after Diwali..."

"Ohhh... Shopping for marriage.... So Madam, buy more... This would be your last Diwali at home..??!!!" the shopkeeper questioned.

I nodded but the enthusiasm of shopping vanished. Every time I try to come out of that mood , something or other pops up to remind me of my last days...... I begin to feel low on hearing the word "Last"... It would not mean an end of celebrations but an end to that kind of celebrations.....

No more window shopping & bargaining around with Mom....

No more discussions with Dad about finalising the Diwali gifts...

No more quarrels with Brother over the crackers..

No more arguments with Sis over the matching earrings...

No more fights for chocolates & chaklis....

Surely there would be Diwali again next year & I would celebrate but there won't be the same shopping, the same gifts, the same crackers, the same jewellery,the same chocolates, the same people around.....

There would be a new place, new people, people who have accepted me as a member in their family, people who would care about me but would it be like the same old celebrations?? Or would it be more fun filled celebration??????

"Arey see Ishika, the shopkeeper is not even reducing a paisa.. These people have their own say in price during celebrations.. They know people will buy whatever price they quote..." & suddenly I realised mom was telling me something...

I smiled & tried to connect to what she was saying.

"Arey Mummy its fine.. We have to still reach home & complete the coking.. Lets pay for it quickly.. " I handed over the Debit Card to the cashier & we collected our saree.

Just as we were crossing the street, a marriage procession passed by & mom remarked, "Next month, we would be celebrating your marriage in the same way... Time is flying so quickly.. Oh God......."

Celebrating Marriage..????

Yeah that is what "Marriage" is in India... A festival just like others which comes once in the whole lifetime.. A time to rejoice, to be happy..... An occasion & reason to celebrate... But things about other "CELEBRATIONS" change so much after this one "CELEBRATION" called "MARRIAGE" & I have begun to realise it now...

P.S. : This is a work of Pure Fiction..!!
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For the first time...

That night, she was very very tired but when she lied down on bed, she just could not sleep..

All the scenes from the day flashed by her eyes...

One day.. And so many things in her life had changed...

She recollected a dialogue fro ma movie "Life mein bahut saari cheezein pehli baar hoti hai..."

For the first time... She had lied at home while going out...

For the first time... She got the biggest surprise when she knew that he had got a new bike...

For the first time... She sat on the bike with fear but was confident that he would take care of her..

For the first time... She roamed around places, where though she had been earlier, seemed entirely different and new that day...

For the first time... She felt like talking and talking as someone was listening to her with a smile..

For the first time... She walked barefoot on the rocks as the water kissed her feet...

For the first time... When she was about to lose her balance, someone was there to hold her hand...

For the first time... she dint realise how time flew by.....

For the first time... she knew why people in Love spent sleepless nights.....!!

For the first time... she had been on a "Date..!!"

P.S. : For the first time, tried my hand at writing something romantic.... :P

Actually I had found this pic sometime back and wanted to write something based on it..How is it..??? :)

The Act...!!!!

“You are my happiness… You bring joy to my life... Even thinking about you brings smile on my face…. I love you, would you marry me..??”

Saying this, he went down on his knees before Sheetal , held her hand and brought out a ring from his pocket.

“Perfect…!! ” snapped Sheetal. "I want the same expressions tomorrow on stage. It’s good to have an actor like you. No one can perform this as naturally as you can…”


“Be on time then. Bye.. ” she said hurriedly and left.

Left before Aman could say that he was not acting.