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Missing you too.....

"Hiee.. How are you..?? Hope you remember me..??"

"Yeah..Of course...I do... I mean how can I forg...???"

"Why can't you..???"Just look at the number of times you have visited me in the past two months..."

"So what dear..?? I have been busy all this while.. You know it right...??"

"Yeah..Your priorities have changed..."

"No.. It's not about priorities.. You are still on my priority list ... It's just that sometime I can't spend as much time with you & so..."

"There you go explaining....I don't want to hear them.. Stop them please.. I'm happy the way I am... You can be happy with what you like."

"You know that you are very important to me... How can you think of me like that...??"

"Then what should I think..?? Remember in the beginning we spent so much of time together & now you have no time only.. So what else should I think...??"

"Hmm.. I understand what you mean & I know that I have been away for a while now. But seriously, things around are so difficult that I am not able to devote more time for you.. I promise that it won't happen in the future...!! We would be as close as much as we had been earlier... in the beginning.. I am seriously longing for that time to be back.."

"I am missing you.... "

"Me too Dear Blog..!!!!!"

P.S.: Just thought that if my blog could speak, what all accusations it would have made on me for being so irregular here these days..!! :P :D

Hmm..But as I said, it has been a bit of tight schedule & I would soon be back with more posts, more frequently and also with more comments on all your blogs too..!!

Missing you.. TC :)


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"Yeah pink colour suits you. Buy that saree..." Mom finalised for me.

"I had liked that one only from the beginning. ?I'll buy that one only..." & I turned to the shopkeeper.

"Bhaiya yeh pack kar dena...."

"Haan madam, this colour is perfect for you. Diwali ke din aap khub chamkengi..!!"

"Arey, it's not for Diwali.. It is for my reception after Diwali..."

"Ohhh... Shopping for marriage.... So Madam, buy more... This would be your last Diwali at home..??!!!" the shopkeeper questioned.

I nodded but the enthusiasm of shopping vanished. Every time I try to come out of that mood , something or other pops up to remind me of my last days...... I begin to feel low on hearing the word "Last"... It would not mean an end of celebrations but an end to that kind of celebrations.....

No more window shopping & bargaining around with Mom....

No more discussions with Dad about finalising the Diwali gifts...

No more quarrels with Brother over the crackers..

No more arguments with Sis over the matching earrings...

No more fights for chocolates & chaklis....

Surely there would be Diwali again next year & I would celebrate but there won't be the same shopping, the same gifts, the same crackers, the same jewellery,the same chocolates, the same people around.....

There would be a new place, new people, people who have accepted me as a member in their family, people who would care about me but would it be like the same old celebrations?? Or would it be more fun filled celebration??????

"Arey see Ishika, the shopkeeper is not even reducing a paisa.. These people have their own say in price during celebrations.. They know people will buy whatever price they quote..." & suddenly I realised mom was telling me something...

I smiled & tried to connect to what she was saying.

"Arey Mummy its fine.. We have to still reach home & complete the coking.. Lets pay for it quickly.. " I handed over the Debit Card to the cashier & we collected our saree.

Just as we were crossing the street, a marriage procession passed by & mom remarked, "Next month, we would be celebrating your marriage in the same way... Time is flying so quickly.. Oh God......."

Celebrating Marriage..????

Yeah that is what "Marriage" is in India... A festival just like others which comes once in the whole lifetime.. A time to rejoice, to be happy..... An occasion & reason to celebrate... But things about other "CELEBRATIONS" change so much after this one "CELEBRATION" called "MARRIAGE" & I have begun to realise it now...

P.S. : This is a work of Pure Fiction..!!
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A tale of.......

Once upon a time there was a kingdom..a land....a place where many people lived.. Have you heard of this place..?? It was a place where there was no one ruler or king. Everyone was their own king. People worked on their own in a way, everyone was each other's friend. They seemed to know every person next door. Even if they did not know each other, they were always ready to help people around. Everyone expressed themselves to the best here and shared thoughts, views ,opinions and incidents from their lives . Their friends were always there to support them or correct them, as situation demanded.

The kingdom was huge and ever expanding... One day a girl who had been amazed by the people in this kingdom decided to visit it and when she was here....she was just fascinated by the place..Slowly, she started to be like the people round talking to everyone, sharing her thoughts and learning from her experiences.. It gave her joy and also helped her to identify herself even better... It became a memorable experience for her and she continued visiting the place more often....

Do you know which kingdom am I talking about..?? It is the kingdom of bloggers and the girl is me... today its my blogs first Birthday. It was exactly a year ago from this date that I started blogging actually and I have been enjoying every moment on this wonderful place since then... I discovered how much I loved writing and it also got to know so many like-minded people around..Someone just like me, some exactly opposite...some confident and open..some like the shy girl-next-door, some masters in writing..some beginners...!! Whatever be the category they fall into, there is one thing that is common.. that is the love for writing and each one combined it with their own style and hence every blogger in this space is unique....!! :)

Talking about my posts.. I have explored so many types in this one year that I am myself surprised...Even today when I go through some of my previous posts, I wonder..Did I actually write it..??? Those experiences, those memories, stories and fictions and even 55-fictions and poems too....!! I am like Ohh My God..!! I don't know if it happens to you all, but at times, I am really amazed...!! :) :)

Its FUN TO BE ONE...and there is only thing I would like to say right now.. "I'M LOVING IT..!!"

Cheers to blogging and all the Kings and Queens in this wonderful Kingdom..!! :) :)