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What Is Money ??

A small attempt made by me to write a poem to submit for an entry in my college newsletter.......!!

I know it sounds funny,
To ask something like what is money?
Who knows not money?
But still lets see...what money is...!

Its got purchasing power,
Can get you a flat in a tower,
Its the dream of every pauper,
So thats wat money is...!

This,when stolen gives you a jerk,
Its what you wait for after a months work,
You love to receive it even in the form of perks,
Now thats what money is...!

Its that what gives you friends,
Accessories to match the trends,
If excess,you can even lend,
So,Your money can then increase...

But what one day if you have no money??
You still have your family
Standing by your side.
The true friends you made,
To you they wont deny.
You still have your talents,
This is not the end.
Make this the beginning,
Be happy and work,
And you will find the WISDOM that no money can buy,
You would know that " HAPPINESS is not all about MONEY , HONEY.... "