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Of Hands & Lines & Beyond....!!

I still recollect that moment, when in the bus, amidst the slow moving Mumbai traffic which din't seem to trouble us a bit...

You immediately noticed my palm and the lines on it....

The way you complimented on my soft, baby-like skin...

How we wondered.... if these lines truly decided our destiny.....

How you playfully joked that I had a smaller "Life Line"

How I noticed that you had such a deep "Brain Line.."

How we discussed about what each line stands for.....

How we wished to decipher whats written beyond them...

Then how we turned to "That nothing is destined.... Its all about choice & our decision..."

And then how after a few days..

We decided that maybe we are not meant to hold each other's hands forever...!!!!

Some BEST Moments..!!!

Sharing some of the best moments of my life..

Best not as best actually but as some moments of my journey on the BEST Buses in Mumbai...

I generally start my day with a journey by bus to my college and right from this time things start going wrong..... I mean the day when I am on time the bus is late and on the days when I get late by even a minute, the bus is on time and it is gone too.......!! Then I have to wait far another bus for around 15 minutes or find some other option...!! :( It happens with me always.....!!

Travelling is always the best when I can grab a window seat and
the stop near my home being the first stop, finding a seat is never a great task..!! But else otherwise finding a good seat(good because some seats are worse than standing too... specially the last seat... Seems as if you are on a roller-coaster ride, specially due to the well maintained roads in Mumbai) is not easy.

If you are in a mood to listen to a lecture in the morning just try giving the conductor a 100 rupee note for some ticket of Rs.4 or 5 and surely you would listen a great deal....!!! :P

There are many types of people too... some who talk loudly on cell phones, some who speak so slowly that even if they are sitting next to me I cant get a word, others who play music on MP3 in loudspeaker mode, (I wonder why do they want the people around to listen to the songs they are hearing) some listening music through their earphones completely unaware of the environment around, Some just quite and looking out of the window,siblings fighting to grab a window seat, some dozing off (again I wonder how can anyone sleep there????) some sitting on seats reserved for ladies in spite of some lady standing and some standing in spite of the ladies seats being empty(Real Gentlemen). You just get a perfect glimpse of the world around in these buses.

The best moments on the bus stop are when there is a long queue n someone breaks the queue and enters in between..!!! It is really funny to watch this scene because all the people in the line shout unanimously,"Aaa....... Aaaa " :D

Some days back, having misplaced my earphones somewhere I couldn't even listen to music while travelling. That day while coming back home in the evening, the bus was crowded. A young guy got into the bus and had his earphones plugged in his ears. He was obviously not aware of the commotion around. He got in but stood near the door. Now the conductor was displeased with this. So he shouted at the boy to get in and stand .But this guy was in his own world not aware of anyone addressing him..... Finally someone tugged him on his sleeve and asked him to get in. Then he started speaking loudly(I think again he must not have realised that he is being so loud) Where is the place to stand in?? Again all the people in the bus , specially those who were standing started talking about him.. and he was completely in his own world. After a couple of stops passed by, he had to get in, due to public demand....... I guess.. :)

At this I realised that this guy was surely not just aware about what was going on around.. But was he the only one??? So many times even I am in his shoes... So my next post on importance of listening the buzzes around you .... ;)