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Don't Stress my Pateince....

Someone has said, “Patience is a virtue. Possess it if you can. Seldom found in Woman, Never found in Man”

Do you agree to it??

Talking about myself, I think I am patient a lot. I am never in a haste to get something or complete my task. I can wait for a reasonable amount of time. Also I try to be patient and calm when someone around me is angry. So,in this way, I am patient.

But..But...But...there are times when I turn impatient too.. When I know something half through, I have to know it completely then and there. There are sometimes when I want to know the things or tell something and I get impatient.. Happening a lot with me lately....

Talking about Men....Ahem Ahem.....

Well... Not about all.... Just want to talk about one of my friends who is very, very, very patient...(Pun intended...!!!)

Some days ago, while I was sitting with my friends in the canteen, discussing over something, my Friend Bharat said "You all are stressing my patience.." I thought I heard something out of the way.. But none of my other friends seemed to notice the words. So I kept quite and the conversation went on.

Again after a few minutes, I told something to my friend who was on the other end of table.. She began laughing. Now it so happened that Bharat did not get the joke or something and he asked me, "What did you say..??"

Now, to this we all replied in unison, "Nothing..You wont understand..!!"

He was so so so frustrated over it that he spoke the same thing "You all are stressing my patience.." This time I was sure I heard it correctly.

I asked... "Stressing my patience..What kind of English is that..??"

He replied back,"That's MY ENGLISH...!!"

I was so amused to hear it. Now this is such a cute part about him.. He gets impatient very very soon. Just start telling him "A..." n then stop.. He would get impatient and again the trademark dialogue. I have never come across any such person in my life yet... Its very unique about him.

He is impatient about so many things... about knowing what we talk...what we do... Even if I get a bit late in replying to him, he would message back, "Reply fast...!!"

Once there was an SMS I got, " Tell me one thing that you don't like about me." When I forwarded it to him, I got the reply- "You all stress my patience....!! You don't tell me so many things..."

There have been so many occasions when we are talking about something else and from there the topic changes to "Don't stress my patience..!!!"

Now I have got so much used to this dialogue that even when I hear or say the word "Patience" the next word I remember is "Stress"..!!

A small suggestion for you Bharat....

"Don't be stressed...Be Patient..!!"

So when does your patience get Stressed???


I called up my brother last night to ask where he was, as he was late.. His cell was busy.. My call on waiting..

Tried again after 5 minutes... Again on waiting...!!

He called up after a while, "Could you not wait on the line? I was going to receive your call..!!"

Of course I had been waiting. Waiting for him to answer... And he asks me to wait more..!!!

WAIT.... one four letter word but definitely has wider presence..!!

We all wait for something or the other. Sometimes it is conscious waiting, sometimes we do not even realise we have been waiting..!! Right from the time we are born, yes even that minute is awaited by our parents, we keep on waiting and waiting and waiting......

For me, time does not seem to pass while waiting... I always end up looking at my watch just to find the hands moving at a snail like speed..!!!

Just a small....wait...not small...just a list of situations where I wait-

In the morning, wait for my eyes to open.....

I get ready and wait for the lift...

Wait for the bus, train..

Wait for the lectures to start and then wait for attendance and then wait for the lecture to end...!!

Wait to bunk...

Wait to talk to my friends about what I did yesterday...

Wait at the canteen to place my order..

Wait to get it...

Wait to get the book issued in library..

Wait to be back home...

Wait to have lunch made by mom.....

Wait to rest and catch up a book to read...!!

Wait for SMS'es to beep my cell up..!!

Wait to chat...

Wait to check my mails...(In short I have to wait for using my PC.... I wait because once I use it, I need it for a long time... so I wait to complete all other things before I switch it on..!! )

Wait to update my blog (I had been waiting for this time since a week..!!)

Wait to get the responses..

Wait for my exams to get over..

Wait for the results.....

Wait to hang out with friends...

Wait for vacations..

Wait for classes to begin again when the vacations are too long.....

Wait for wishing birthdays at the strike of midnight...

I guess you are waiting for this list to get over... ;)

Yeah..I am done with it 4 today...!!

P.S.: I actually wrote this while waiting for someone..!!! Did not know waiting could result in something so long till I started writing..!!!