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The Changing Times......

I feel that all is over,
I feel that all is gone...
But then it is just the beginning....

I feel that I am near,
I even feel that I have got it..
But then I find it's gone...

Just sometimes..
I feel that I should leave it all..
Just walk away from all harsh realities..
But then I do come back in this world of dreams...

Hiee All.....

How are you doing..?? Hope that the month of Valentine had been pleasant & full of love for you. Talking about my above lines of creation, I have written them with some purpose & meaning.

But before I tell that I would like to know how do you all interpret it..?? What am I talking about according to you..??I would be waiting for your creative ideas & views. It would even help me to broaden my thinking horizons.

So please do share your views & I'll be back soon next time with what I meant about those few lines there...

Bhool Bhulaiya Solved...!!!

"Ohkk.. So When you get down, just go to ur right hand side straight & u'll find a shop 'Girnar' It is very big..I'll be just waiting opposite it."

"Arey woh McDonalds wala road hai naa..usme hi aage jaake turn legi to wahan pe shop hai... Kisi ko bhi puch naa, you will find it."

"Arey get down before the flyover starts & take the service road straight.. Then take your first right & you'll reach the office..."

Left, right, straight, curves, turns & what not..?? Uff this big city & so many directions..... I just was lost in this whole scene that I frequently called this city - "Thane" a Bhool bhulaiya. Every time my dad or friends instructed me about finding any location in this place, I would seriously avoid going there alone.. I would accompany someone or try to get my work done somewhere else....

But.. but ..but... Three months ago, I was posted at THANE branch of my bank & I had to go this HUGE city daily. I was seriously wondering how would I go there.. Which road to take, which platform the train would stop on...?? Which road would lead to office...etc etc etc...!!!

I slowly got to know the things around. In the beginning I just travelled straight from the road I knew... Then after a few days, I started to explore other routes on my way. I tried going from all the lefts, rights & parallel roads that lead to my office... It was then that I discovered that everything was so perfect. It was all built in squares & had perpendicular corners & turns. It all brought you back to the same place after a whole round was completed. Then the city no longer frightened me. I checked out a few flyovers & which areas they connected. The city is so big that the more you go into the heart of it, the more you can explore.. But by now, I have come to know all the major areas, localities, routes & landmarks. So now, if I get any directions about the left, right or turns to take to reach any place, there surely wont appear a question mark on my face but a smile that means the Bhool Bhulaiya is already solved.. Set up some other maze now...!! :P :)

What's in a NAME...????

You all have come across the phrase "What's in a name..??" What does it mean to you..??

For me, my NAME means everything... It something so closely attached to me, so much a part of me that I don't even need to be conscious while saying my name.. And I am sure, it would be the same with everyone. We are all very possessive about our name. Even hearing someone calling out our name sounds so sweet at times, no matter how common the name may be and when we meet someone with the same name as ours, we immediately feel a sense of bonding with that person. We suddenly identify the same kind of problems with our names,the mistakes people make, the jokes played cracked and the most important...... the way they call you out.....

It dint matter to me if someone called me by a different name or rather say different versions of my name... I don't have a problem when people call me with different names but then I don't like people who are not so familiar to me, calling me with short names.. People call me Urvashi ( I really like to be called that), then some call me Urvi (Hmmm.."Urvashi" might be a bit long. So I'm fine with "Urvi" too.. Mostly everyone in family calls me that... ) Uru (it is I guess the shortest possible version of my name and some close friends call me that). Even some blogger friends initially adressed me as "Urvashi from URNER??!!" I was so happy at that time to have my name as part of my blogs name. Then there is another list of being known as so & so's Daughter, so & so's sister, and the customised names and pet names too...

But I have been christened the most in the last few days and that's at my office.Now here, most of the officers are senior and they always introduce themselves with their surnames. I find this really strange because I'm used to address people by their first name. So I even asked for their first names and I prefer calling them that ways. Now the problem started here. I addressed everyone by their first names whereas they are used to being addressed by their surnames and so they found the former strange, so much so that they dint even realise I'm calling out them... On the other hand, they don't remember my name and then they call me with an altogether different name and due to that, I'm christened almost daily at office. "Unnati", "Urmila", "Urmi", "Vrushali", "Aishwarya" are some of the names that I hear daily. Then there area few versions of my surnames too. Then there are customers who would want to know whom they are talking to and when they come back to branch, they just say some girl with name from "U " had called us and then it dawns upon everyone that it must be ME..

I find this all so funny that I wish everyone around remembers my name soon because I find it difficult to respond when someone can't remember my name & call me by the wrong name.... I really wonder how Shakespeare said that "What's in a name..???"

Of Forks & Spoons..!!

Hmmm.. So as my title says..... My topic for the day is about FORKS & SPOONS...!!! Now , they don't need an introduction as they are very common to us in our everyday life, so much so that you must be even wondering what I have to write about them..... 

Well many things... Just read on..........

Actually whenever I go to eat out, I am very very nervous about eating with a fork and spoon... I feel some things are such that you cant manage to eat them with a spoons and forks..... At least I can't..!! 

Lets say... Pav-bhaji.. Now can you eat that without using your fingers..?? Even if you eat... Can you really enjoy the whole taste of it..?? It happened once when I went out with a couple of friends & we ordered Pav-Bhaji... Now this one friend of mine, she was so so particular that she cut the pav properly with her fork n spoon...picked up that piece with the fork, dipped it in bhaji and then ate it... Ohh can you eat it that way.. I did not even think of trying the whole process.. Just went along to eat my way.....!!!

Next...Dosa... Hmm... Now perhaps it is meant to be eaten that way in a restaurant & I even know that some people manage to eat it with spoons and fork properly and ohh-so- perfectly...!! My brother (oops..younger brother) is one among these genre of people... When eating out he is very very particular about using tissues, forks etc. Not that it is bad but when I am with him.. he expects me to do the same. Now I cant eat a Dosa with Fork... I can try but still I don't get the feel like I am eating it..n if I don't try, he gives me a look which says this-is-not-how-you-are-supposed-to-eat-it...!! And now that I know this perfectly well, I always order things that I can manage to eat with forks & spoons (properly). He is too particular about etiquette's when it comes to these things...But again it depends only on the place.. He is particular only about restaurants or malls.. Else we have even had Frankie wrapped with tissue and held in hand, at the stalls...!! 

The last on this list is Pizza... Yes , I even find it very very unmanageable to eat Pizza with knives & forks.. Tried it once and OMG.. I don't want to remember that day @Pizza Hut..!! At least the consolation on that day was that my friends and I , we were all in the same boat..!! None of us were able  to stuff any of those 6 pieces of the 8-inch round base topped with veggies...!! We really had a hilarious time there.. But thereafter,  I have never ordered a pizza when I went out.. I always prefer to eat it at home..!!

By now, you must be thinking this girl has no dining etiquette's..!! She cant even manage with Spoons & Forks...!! Let me tell you - Nothing like that. I just cant eat some things with them.. For the rest, I am comfortable using them..Like for pastas or Chinese food...!! And when at home, I am the one who uses the most number of spoons while dining. Now that is because I use a different spoon for everything on my plate. A different one for vegetable, a different one for rice and if there is some dessert, I can use another spoon. At my home, everyone is used to it but if I go out somewhere at someone else's place, people are startled to see this. They think I am far too sophisticated....!! Its not about being sophisticated but preference and they don't understand it.. Specially when at home and you eat rice with spoon.. They feel you are trying to be stylish or something something.. It is irritating at times. I have even heard so many lectures on how eating with hands helps in digestion, how fingers secrete digestive juices..etc. etc. etc....(I guess you wont understand this unless you know how Gujarati's eat and talk...!!) All this for using spoons..!!! Huh...!!!

So I really don't understand when it comes to Forks & Spoons.... To Use or Not To Use..??

I don't know..!!

So many things going on around...."I Don't Know" what to write , to update, to say..

Sometimes they say when you have too much to say, you fall short of words.. I guess thats what is happening to me....!!!

When will I be back to normal..??????

giRLs aRe aLwAYS cOnFuSeD

Some days ago, I was having a chat with a friend and happened to comment that boys never clean up their ward robes....

Over this he immediately said, "No gender bias...!!Its just that some of my things are not in place these days... Else otherwise I always have things on place...!!"

I immediately had to eat back my words....

I Realize that I should not be generalizing the facts for all guys....

Some days later, in the midst of some conversation.......

He Says "Girls are always confused...."

On hearing this the first thing that comes to my mind is

"No gender bias...." (But I don't say that because I gave it a thought n here is what I thought in the due course.....)

Girls are always confused

Is this a statement/fact...??

An exclamation..???!!!??

A question..??

I don't know....or to put it better 'I am confused'...!!!!

I have usually found that I get confused with many things.

In fact the more I think about a thing and analyse the situation or options, the more confused I am..

But is this always?? Yes, most of the times.... In the end, I have a clear understanding of whatever decision I make...!! Though my confusion leads to time delay while taking decisions, I find that I talk and discuss more about those things about which I am confused with my friends, family and arrive at a conclusion.. So when I give it time, I reach a pretty good conclusive decision.

But then routine things like going out...when...where..what to wear... what to eat... even such random questions confuse me a lot ........ I always find that I take time to decide on such things whereas some people are quite clear about such everyday issues ... Hmmmm.. So it seems that I have to sort out this and make a habit of deciding on things quickly.. It helps to save time as well as helps to focus and know about self choices clearly.....

And now the million dollar question........ Are just Girls always confused???

To this I agree and disagree too..... again I am sounding confused naa...???

I agree partially to it that girls are confuse but the source of confusion is thinking.... Girls sometimes think too much and confuse themselves when there is a simple, straight forward solution..... sometimes confusion is due to conflict of their own views with someone they look up to..Like in my case I am many a times confused when I have a particular view about a thing and my mom has an opposite view... I am then confused over which is right because I consider her thoughts as important too....

But these situations are faced by everyone at some or the other point of time in their life.. So, I don't think that only girls are the species subjected to it.May be they are more confused but again using the term ALWAYS for ALL GIRLS is not correct, Right...????

P.S. : Wrote this after I had a conversation with my friend Ganesh. Asked him to write about this but instead he asked me to do it and give credit to him for this... So here the credit for this post and all comments goes to you....

I wrote this after a long long time... feels good to be back .


Confused..What to write today.......???

Have so much to tell...But I am not sure of what I must start with.....!!


Wow.. What a word....!!!!

NO barriers on using it...... Anytime.. Anywhere.....!!

It comes to your rescue when you cant solve a problem.. Just use the word confused along with some terms from the question and bingo your work is done..... It gives the impression that you have known something about it though not everything... (Just helped me yesterday...) ;)


A state of mind where you feel everything is right and the next minute everything is wrong. You begin to contradict yourself when in a state of confusion. It is essential during such times to be cool and not to take any hasty decisions. Speaking about your confusions to people who have been through it would make it easy for you to find solutions for it.


This is what you can do when you know your cards very well. When you know something in great detail you can confuse others about it if you are not able to put across your views in a way they would understand it. Some people deliberately confuse others.

Even I like it sometimes.

This would summarize what I wish to convey:

“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

Confused...May be you should read again..!!!! ;)