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My first blog..!

This is my first blog.. My first post... Ohh.. !! I had been waiting to write since along time but just could not finalise upon the name of my blog.. Upon the content... The theme... etc.... etc....

Actually it happens so many times that we make so many excuses n try to put off things in which we are not interested or less interested because we have other "IMPORTANT" things to do.. Its all about how we prioritise our interests and find time for them..!!!

So back to the topic...... I am a student and I love reading.. Have been reading blogs since a long time and finally I am trying to write here too...!! I am going to make this blog a place where I would write about my daily conversations, discoveries, thoughts and some issues about which I feel strongly about. Also I would like to add here the interesting things that I come across like some articles,songs or videos which I feel are worth sharing. I would also like to make new friends on this platform.

If you passby this blog and if you would like to leave any comments, you are welcome...!! :)