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Three Dreams for My D-Day..!!!

Right from my childhood.... Since the time I have been attending marriages.... I have been awestruck by the whole setting...The  bride's beauty, the way the couple complement each other, the grandeur of the celebration, the vast menu.. Like every, every single detail is planned and executed so beautifully....!!! Just like every other girl..Even I have been dreaming for my D-Day... About Friends.. Family.. Relatives... Celebrations... Ornaments.. Clothes... And of course Mr.Prince Charming...!!Although I have no dreams of having a hosh-posh fairy tale wedding but just a few things which I want to be Hatke from the typical Gujarati Shaadi..!!!Its like I want it to be a celebrated occasion with all near and dear ones with just a few changes here and there...

1. Wearing a Big Chudda and Kaleree on the Wedding Day : The kaleree is one wedding ornament which I have adored since childhood. I remember having seen some Punjabi song where the bride wears the kaleree and then one of the jhumkaas of the kaleree drops on one of her friends.. I am so much in love with that ceremony that I want it be a part of my D-day too.. The big bangle chudda with a combination of white and red bangles and long kalerees...!!! 

2. Offsite Wedding Reception :  I would love to have an offsite wedding reception... Maybe in some far off place...a garden, a beach or maybe on a winds.. loads of flowers around.... everything natural...A function attended by only near and dear ones... Just genuine exchange of wishes..Minimal makeup..No tiring photoshoots... Just a small video maybe & loads of Memories...!!!

3. Christian style Wedding Gown: Yeah, this is one crazy idea I have again for my wedding reception. I want to be dressed up in a long white gown full of laces and be accompanied by a bridesmaid and carry white orchids, on the stage, to accompany my better half dressed smartly in a "Tuxedo". And I am OK if the gown is not white....any soft pastel colour would do..But I really wanna be dressed in a gown.!! 

Really not sure how many of these things would be fulfilled on my D-Day, but nevertheless, it would surely be the one day in my life which I would cherish for a lifetime...!! Waiting for the moment to arrive...!!

Signing off till then...