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A Weekend to Remember....

Hie guys, how are you all doing..?? I hope u had a lovely weekend... :)

For me it was definitely a "Weekend to Remember" as I snuggled up on my bed, by the window, on the rainy afternoon with a book that I long, long, long awaited to read.."A Walk to Remember...."

Though I wanted to read the book since about a year, I could not find it until lately & when I found it, it took me just a couple of days to travel through the world & lives of Landon & Jamie....

The story set in the mid-1900's, is not just another love story, but is sure to leave its readers with memories of a lifetime. The characters make a warm place in your heart for themselves, be it the carefree Landon, hanging all day long with friends or the simple & cheerful Jamie. The flow of events is so smooth & is so beautifully expressed that you can actually visualize Landon & Jamie going in for the homecoming dance or walking down the roads of Beaufort after rehearsals. It just leaves you with a feeling that is like wind- "You can't see it or describe it but just feel it..."

As it is narrated in the first person, at times while reading, we feel that the story is about us & that exactly is what I loved the most... Even the end was open for readers to interpret it in their own ways, I would prefer to take it in a positive way, hoping that a miracle did take place in their lives wherein Jamie & Landon lived happily....

Now my weekend didn't end there.......

I even watched the movie adapted from the book. It was different in many ways from the book. It just had the outline of the book & the rest of the setting & background was different. The book & the movie should not be compared is what I learned after I saw the movie. Each had its own beauty & identity.But the combination of the book & movie truly made it "A Weekend to Remember" for me.

I too had a Love Story....!!

Hmmm the title... Does it sound like I am suffering from some Post- Valentine Syndrome..where in seeing all the happy couples around and love being in the air, I am sad and thinking of my own good times....???

Naaa... It is nothing of that sort.. This is the title of the Book I read this week and it was so, so, so good that I just could not stop from writing about it here...!!!

I happened to just find this book incidentally and it was not very big in size so I thought I would take it and complete reading it soon...(These days...I am hardly finding any time to read real, big novels..!!! :| ) So I got the book and started reading...

And once I started, I found the book to be really a very nice piece of work..The language so simple, the characters described so perfectly that I could imagine the whole story in front of my eyes. Turning pages by pages, I would always wait for what next now...!!! The whole story being set in the present day Indian background, it was so easy to identify with the characters , their behaviour, they way they spoke, the moods...Everything, everything so simple and catchy..!!

The story is really nice and after reading the book,I found that it was true and not fiction.. That was really shocking because the story does not have a happy ending as love stories do have...!! The author Ravinder Singh has really created magic in those 200 pages of the book... A story which I will really never forget.... The feelings, emotions of falling in Love described in the book are so wonderful that after reading it I am just thinking - I too wanna have a Love Story..!!!! ;) :)

P.S. : - I have never written book any reviews and this post is also not meant for that. I just wanted to write about the book because I liked it a lot.. It is a best seller but I am surprised I had never heard of the book before i read it.... But if you like love stories and you find this book, do read it .. I am sure you would like it...!! : )