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Capturing Memories..!!

Some Days  back, as I was checking my facebook updates, I found that my Chachu had also got a FB account. I went to his profile &................

The cute display pic just left me staring at the monitor. He had actually scanned a pic of his childhood & uploaded it. Now it was a pic of the four brothers & the best Dad was also in the pic. I just woke up my Dad & asked him to to see the pic. The fact that the pic taken around 40 years ago, was still preserved with someone in spite of the frequent shifting was amazing. Dad loved it. Sleep aside, he zoomed the B&W pic & told us the story about the pic. It was taken by a neighbour who had got a camera  in those days or something. That Smile...On seeing that pic.. Was Priceless...

Fast Forward 30 years......

If you ask me about my childhood pics,I have a few pics taken on some special occasions like when I was a month old, year old, birthdays and all... At this time, capturing memories on specific days using the roll camera which was later on developed and preserved in the form of albums was very common... Its so simple and yet so nostalgic.. Remember looking at those school pics taken with the class?? Those specific birthday party pics...Pics clicked during outings....Requesting someone to click a family picture that includes everyone.. Loads and loads of memories...!! I still ose a track of time when I browse through the few old photo albums we have at home...

Fast Forward 20 years more.....

Welcome to the world of digital Photography... Clicking photos with DigiCam and Mobile Phone Cam is as easy as 1,2,3.. Click..Save/Delete.. Click Again....!! The introduction of these  modern mediums of clicking pics and capturing memories has made our task so simple that now we can click pic each and every day and we can also have a photo journal based on all pics clicked in the entire year.. There is really no need of any special occasion or function to click pics.. Its just common to click pics anywhere and everywhere.. At the Station, In the train, On a holiday, In the college, In office.. At the restaurant..At the movies.. Ar the monuments.. In short at every single place that one can think of.. And not to forget the selfies... U don't even need anyone else to click your pic.. Just turn your phone, Point the lens... Pout..And Click.. There you Go..!! :)

Seriously, we have come a long way considering the way memories were and are being captured.. From Black and White photos to Instagram and HashTags... Just trying to guess.. What next..??!!!


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Something Strong,
Outright Beyond what others can Feel..
Untying my Soul from the Bondage,
Life has captured it in..
My heart, my Brain, my Body,
All reaches out to You..
Today, Tomorrow, Day After,
Eternity is the time till which,
Solace I shall seek and find in Thee..!!

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Three Dreams for My D-Day..!!!

Right from my childhood.... Since the time I have been attending marriages.... I have been awestruck by the whole setting...The  bride's beauty, the way the couple complement each other, the grandeur of the celebration, the vast menu.. Like every, every single detail is planned and executed so beautifully....!!! Just like every other girl..Even I have been dreaming for my D-Day... About Friends.. Family.. Relatives... Celebrations... Ornaments.. Clothes... And of course Mr.Prince Charming...!!Although I have no dreams of having a hosh-posh fairy tale wedding but just a few things which I want to be Hatke from the typical Gujarati Shaadi..!!!Its like I want it to be a celebrated occasion with all near and dear ones with just a few changes here and there...

1. Wearing a Big Chudda and Kaleree on the Wedding Day : The kaleree is one wedding ornament which I have adored since childhood. I remember having seen some Punjabi song where the bride wears the kaleree and then one of the jhumkaas of the kaleree drops on one of her friends.. I am so much in love with that ceremony that I want it be a part of my D-day too.. The big bangle chudda with a combination of white and red bangles and long kalerees...!!! 

2. Offsite Wedding Reception :  I would love to have an offsite wedding reception... Maybe in some far off place...a garden, a beach or maybe on a winds.. loads of flowers around.... everything natural...A function attended by only near and dear ones... Just genuine exchange of wishes..Minimal makeup..No tiring photoshoots... Just a small video maybe & loads of Memories...!!!

3. Christian style Wedding Gown: Yeah, this is one crazy idea I have again for my wedding reception. I want to be dressed up in a long white gown full of laces and be accompanied by a bridesmaid and carry white orchids, on the stage, to accompany my better half dressed smartly in a "Tuxedo". And I am OK if the gown is not white....any soft pastel colour would do..But I really wanna be dressed in a gown.!! 

Really not sure how many of these things would be fulfilled on my D-Day, but nevertheless, it would surely be the one day in my life which I would cherish for a lifetime...!! Waiting for the moment to arrive...!!

Signing off till then...

Anytime Moodwa ko, Upsettaao Nahin Moora… !!

Just heard this song from the album "Gangs of Wasseypur-2" which goes on as......

"Frustiyaao nahin Moora,
Narbhasaao nahin Moora,
Anytime moodwa ko,

Upsettaao nahin Moora…" and its so good.....

I mean right from the time I have heard it..... I have been humming it along.... Plus the Hinglish touch that the song has to all its words makes it very unique in the league of all Munni's, Sheela's & Chamak Chaloo's that Bollywood has been producing all this while in the name of music.....
A must must must listen whenever you have been frustrated over that bad question paper or the rush in the train or the rains that made u late or after that bad day at office when nothing went as you had planned it to be... Of course, its routine...Life has to go on this way...some highs...some lows....But...

Jo bhi wrongwa hai usey,
Set right-wa karo ji,
Naahin loojiye ji hope,
Thoda fightwa karo ji…Moora…

Kudos to team of Moora Song for experimenting & bringing out such a wonderful blend of music, & fun-filled language...!!!!

Would like to check it out????  Here it is..!! 

Robbie Styles & Sneha Khanwalkar 
Gangs Of Wasseypur 2 - Moora 

To love..................!!!

To love is to share life together
to build special plans just for two
to work side by side
'n then smile with pride
as one by one, dreams all come true

To love is to help 'n encourage
with smiles 'n sincere words of praise
to take time to share
to listen 'n care
in tender, affectionate ways

To love is to have someone special
one who you can always depend
to be there through the years
sharing laughter 'n tears
as a partner, a lover, a friend

To love is to make special memories
of moments you love to recall
of all the good things
that sharing life brings
love is the greatest of all

I've learned the full meaning
of sharing 'n caring
and having my dreams all come true
I've learned the full meaning
of being in love
by being 'n loving with you.. !

P.S. : Just read it on FB and really really loved it... nice one naa..??

Hats off yaar, to the writer..!! :) :)

Opposites Attract ???? Part-1

He was tall, dark and smart.Wherever he went, he made his presence felt to one and all.Extrovert by nature,he had knowledge on a wide variety of topics.That made him capable of contributing to all kind of discussions around and leave a long lasting immersion on the people around.Anyone who saw him once would surely wish to talk to him at least for a while and know him better....

She was no exception to this.On the first day of their class she noticed him and instantly felt like talking to him..getting to know him..But she was not like the other girls in the class...She was an introvert,shy to make new friends quickly and so she hesitated to take a step forward.While all other girls had got around him at least once before the lunch break she could not even bring herself to look at him in the eye fearing what if he would be looking in her direction and would catch her looking at him.. But deep inside she knew she would look at him, know him, talk to him.... Soon...

"Pal..pal..pal...har pal,har pal..kaise katega pal...." beeped her ring tone jolting her to present.She glanced at her cell and saw it was his call.She picked up the call and with a smile in her voice said, "Hiee....!!"


"Nothing.Just thinking about you..."

"Tell me.....Do u do anything other than that these days..?? Please pay attention to your studies jaanu...."He said in an advising tone.

"Haan re..I will study ..Was just reading a novel......"

"Novel,novel,novel...How can you read so much..??? It just dozes me off....."

"May be you never found an interesting one....."

"I dont want to find too..You continue with ur reading jobs...I just love to hear the

stories from you later.."

"But I think you wont like this one..."


"Its actually on your favourite subject of interest.."

"Are you reading some self improvement again..????"He asked.

"Right....So when do you wanna hear my version of 'The Greatness Guide' ??"

"Not now.....So had your lunch???"


"And what did you have today, Sweety..???"

"Actually I just had rice and curd... It's so hot around. I don't feel like eating anything..!!"

"Hmmm... Thats the most nutritious diet you know..You should have that only three times a day...!!"

"Ohh please yaar...I already heard a lecture from Mom..Now you don't start over it.... I don't like all those vegetables..You know naa....!!! "

"Yeah I know.... In fact I even wonder how closely I have known about you in so less time.. Remember the first day of our class...."

"Hmmmm.. .I can never forget that..."

"You know I had noticed how quietly you were sitting in one corner of the room.. I thought you would be rather arrogant.. not even trying to look at YOUR HIGHNESS..."

"Ohhhhooo.... Tum koi Dude ho kya..?? Why should everyone look at you..??"

"C'mon even you the reason..."

"Haan haan.. I know.. Now don't laugh... You guys are like this only..."

"Like what..???

To be Continued..............

P.S. : It seems like an eternity since I have not posted here. I don't know what was happening but then something has motivated me to be back & this time I thought of this topic. I have expanded the idea as much as I could imagine & since I could not go anywhere further, I made it into a series. I have absolutely no idea of what even to write for this next part...I hope it just leads to something good... Lets just Wait & watch...!!!

Till then..Kudos, Cyaaa..... TC... :)

Why not me...??????

Have I ever told you all about my first crush..??

The one with those deep set eyes....

With a voice that was Rhythm Divine....

Others said I am not in Love.... Its just the phase that I'm going through....

But Do you Know..???

The one Whom I have always Loved....

The one who told me Everything is going to be Alright...

The one who never Escaped my thoughts...

The one to whom I was Addicted...

He was My Hero...

I thought It must be Love...

Lost inside your love...I felt he was Too Good for me...

I never knew Who's cheating who...

And then, there was Love for fun..

A One night stand... A Heartbreaker..

Baby hold on.....Maybe I was a Little girl...

For me The world crashes down..

"Why not me..????" is what I think.

"I'm taking back my love" were the words said...

Can You hear me..???

Break me, shake me..

Don't you Forget about me...

I Miss You & my Heartbeat Says it...

Even your name Rings my Bells..

The way you touch me... Brings tears & Sad Eyes...

I wish I was your Lover always....

Its not that I love to see you cry....

But that's it To love a woman...

Now if any Enrique Iglesias fan is reading this I'm sure you have deciphered it long before who am I talking about....

And for the others, who don't listen to him much often (or are thinking this is something like a story or something about me) let me tell you this is nothing but some of the titles of my favourite artist's favourite songs compiled together & the latest one in the list being "Why not me..???"

I have been listening to him since my school days & with each passing year..I have grown more & more found of him...His voice is just magic...

So presenting before you Enrique Iglesias as never before-

Have a great day ahead.. TC.. Keep rocking.. Keep smiling... :)

Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji.....!!!

Last year at around the same time, I was humming a song "Dil toh bachcha hai ji..." and I was so much in love with the song that I played it in loop endlessly for times together. Then within a year, there comes up a movie with the same title and the strange thing is that it does not have a title song...!!

Now you must be wondering what is this post about..!! The song or the movie..??? Well, it is about none.. I just thought of the song & movie as I sat down to write... This is actually about our Dil & how it acts like a cute bachcha..!!

There are actually small things which touch our heart & make it happy. This Dil does not want material happiness. Just a a simple good morning message with a smiley, lovely breakfast of simple coffee with cream, just getting right on time for the train, finding a seat near the window, having no pending works (or no work at all..!! :P) , just getting a call/message from a person you were just thinking of, finding the same thing for dinner that you so damned wish to eat, turning on the radio & humming along the songs being played without paying attention to the words, just go, crack some jokes in code words which only you & your cousins/friends understand & laugh out loud. Just tell me is there anything that can make you so happy as these small incidences.?????

Now isn't it true for all of us..?? No matter how much ever we grow up or whatever we do, somewhere deep within us, there is a small child that lives silently & it surfaces up at times. These times may be joyous ones or sad ones or simply sometime in our routine when we yearn to be out of our lives where we are tired of playing different roles behind masks. So I believe, there should be an element of ourselves in whatever we do. We must not get lost in this world playing different roles & pleasing everyone by doing things that are against our heart.. Let your feelings in the heart mushroom up & let the whole world see the real YOU which will surely make your Dil smile with happiness..!! :) :)

A Day in the life of "He" & "She"......


2nd December,2006

Ohh God, What A day.....!!!??!!! I was happy that at last I saw him today.. As the time was nearing, I was wondering if he would come or not but he just came in in the last minute..He was looking so cute in that red shirt..Aha, suits him perfectly well...

Bu what after he came?? He was talking to everyone around except me... Or Was I feeling so..?? He never notices me & how come I notice him every time he even passes by...?? I think he should understand that I like him when I look at him..? When will he understand.. ? And what if someone else notices it before he does..?? He is really stupid I know... It would take ages for him to understand.. Maybe I should tell that to him....

Tell..?? But when he asks me something why do I seem to forget all the words..?? I just end up blabbering something or the other and in a minute he is gone asking that to someone else.. Why can't I talk properly to him when he asks me?? Why can't he wait & talk to me about other things too...?? I know so many things......... about school, teachers, subjects, competitions, sports... But he needs to talk to others only it seems.... Maybe tomorrow I'll tell him about our new semester & books....

Good night Diary... Apart from this there was nothing special today...!!

Love ya, Ur so so so sweet & my besssssttttttttttt Friend..........!! :) : )


2nd December,2006

Ahh.. I have to talk about her only today.... I know dude you must be bored listening about her everyday but with each passing day I have begun to like her more & more & more... I hope that one day she would realise this & also like me as much as I do...

The black dress she was wearing today was looking so good on her. I bet it could look that good only on her.. Nobody else would have carried it off in a better way... And those dimples when she smiles... They are so killer God....... But I wonder why doesn't she smile when I look at her.. ??

Maybe she does not like me.. She is always confused or afraid while talking to me... I don't understand how to talk to her.. She is always busy with those other girls who are not even half as good as she is.. Why does she have to waste her time talking to them..??? I am wondering what should I ask her tomorrow..?? I think I should ask her about new books and where to buy them and all.. She must have already bought and started studying... Ahh how can these girls be so sincere & yet so cute at the same time..??!!!???

This mystery will never be resolved it seems... I'll tell you what happens tomorrow but for that I have to sleep now or else I'll be late for classes again.... You know even today I reached just dot on time....

Good night...****YAWNS***

P.S. : Just a memoir of the sweet teenage crushes...!!

A tale of.......

Once upon a time there was a kingdom..a land....a place where many people lived.. Have you heard of this place..?? It was a place where there was no one ruler or king. Everyone was their own king. People worked on their own in a way, everyone was each other's friend. They seemed to know every person next door. Even if they did not know each other, they were always ready to help people around. Everyone expressed themselves to the best here and shared thoughts, views ,opinions and incidents from their lives . Their friends were always there to support them or correct them, as situation demanded.

The kingdom was huge and ever expanding... One day a girl who had been amazed by the people in this kingdom decided to visit it and when she was here....she was just fascinated by the place..Slowly, she started to be like the people round talking to everyone, sharing her thoughts and learning from her experiences.. It gave her joy and also helped her to identify herself even better... It became a memorable experience for her and she continued visiting the place more often....

Do you know which kingdom am I talking about..?? It is the kingdom of bloggers and the girl is me... today its my blogs first Birthday. It was exactly a year ago from this date that I started blogging actually and I have been enjoying every moment on this wonderful place since then... I discovered how much I loved writing and it also got to know so many like-minded people around..Someone just like me, some exactly opposite...some confident and open..some like the shy girl-next-door, some masters in writing..some beginners...!! Whatever be the category they fall into, there is one thing that is common.. that is the love for writing and each one combined it with their own style and hence every blogger in this space is unique....!! :)

Talking about my posts.. I have explored so many types in this one year that I am myself surprised...Even today when I go through some of my previous posts, I wonder..Did I actually write it..??? Those experiences, those memories, stories and fictions and even 55-fictions and poems too....!! I am like Ohh My God..!! I don't know if it happens to you all, but at times, I am really amazed...!! :) :)

Its FUN TO BE ONE...and there is only thing I would like to say right now.. "I'M LOVING IT..!!"

Cheers to blogging and all the Kings and Queens in this wonderful Kingdom..!! :) :)

What Is Money ??

A small attempt made by me to write a poem to submit for an entry in my college newsletter.......!!

I know it sounds funny,
To ask something like what is money?
Who knows not money?
But still lets see...what money is...!

Its got purchasing power,
Can get you a flat in a tower,
Its the dream of every pauper,
So thats wat money is...!

This,when stolen gives you a jerk,
Its what you wait for after a months work,
You love to receive it even in the form of perks,
Now thats what money is...!

Its that what gives you friends,
Accessories to match the trends,
If excess,you can even lend,
So,Your money can then increase...

But what one day if you have no money??
You still have your family
Standing by your side.
The true friends you made,
To you they wont deny.
You still have your talents,
This is not the end.
Make this the beginning,
Be happy and work,
And you will find the WISDOM that no money can buy,
You would know that " HAPPINESS is not all about MONEY , HONEY.... "