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Bhool Bhulaiya Solved...!!!

"Ohkk.. So When you get down, just go to ur right hand side straight & u'll find a shop 'Girnar' It is very big..I'll be just waiting opposite it."

"Arey woh McDonalds wala road hai naa..usme hi aage jaake turn legi to wahan pe shop hai... Kisi ko bhi puch naa, you will find it."

"Arey get down before the flyover starts & take the service road straight.. Then take your first right & you'll reach the office..."

Left, right, straight, curves, turns & what not..?? Uff this big city & so many directions..... I just was lost in this whole scene that I frequently called this city - "Thane" a Bhool bhulaiya. Every time my dad or friends instructed me about finding any location in this place, I would seriously avoid going there alone.. I would accompany someone or try to get my work done somewhere else....

But.. but ..but... Three months ago, I was posted at THANE branch of my bank & I had to go this HUGE city daily. I was seriously wondering how would I go there.. Which road to take, which platform the train would stop on...?? Which road would lead to office...etc etc etc...!!!

I slowly got to know the things around. In the beginning I just travelled straight from the road I knew... Then after a few days, I started to explore other routes on my way. I tried going from all the lefts, rights & parallel roads that lead to my office... It was then that I discovered that everything was so perfect. It was all built in squares & had perpendicular corners & turns. It all brought you back to the same place after a whole round was completed. Then the city no longer frightened me. I checked out a few flyovers & which areas they connected. The city is so big that the more you go into the heart of it, the more you can explore.. But by now, I have come to know all the major areas, localities, routes & landmarks. So now, if I get any directions about the left, right or turns to take to reach any place, there surely wont appear a question mark on my face but a smile that means the Bhool Bhulaiya is already solved.. Set up some other maze now...!! :P :)


Hiee all.. It has been some time that I have been away from "My Corner" and the reason for it is is I am busy at some other corner. This corner is my workplace. I am loving my new job a lot. Actually there are so many interesting things around that I can blog everyday about the new things I found but after coming back home I am so tired that I just check my updates, leave a few comments and then I am off to sleep. Today I finally completed one whole post and yeah I end my ramblings here so that you can proceed to the post.. :P

I had heard a lot about things changing while moving from Campus To Corporate.. Everyone said the world out there is hard to survive in , competitive and you have to prove yourself in every field. I had my own perceptions about it.. Call it dreams or my expectations, I always wanted it to be a place with good people around and this place is really wonderful... After a few days in here, this is my take at the changes I found while transforming from a "Bunker" To "Banker"...

  • "TIME" and "DISCIPLINE". Its really important to be on time, no matter wherever you come from and in whatever weather. Excuses like Traffic jam are considered LAME here and when was the last time anyone questioned you in a college for being LATE..???

  • Greetings changed from "Hieee... " to "Good Morning..!! "

  • Dressing is not just about being cool or casual but being presentable....

  • You can't behave as casually as you could when in college. You are responsible even when you put a small TICK mark on a paper....

  • "Aaj mood nahi, kal karte hai" attitude is just not acceptable..

  • At any point of time you could encounter the question "What did you do today?" and the answer has to be a definite one.

  • You can never have have an attitude of "WHO CARES" and "I-KNOW-IT-ALL". It is actually the best place to learn and the more you accept the fact that "I DON'T KNOW", the more you get to learn.

  • Gossiping is a big NO... You can never know how things you once said can get against you... Whereas the best part of college was the CANTEEN CONVERSATIONS about the crushes and the over smart guy and the stupid girl in the class...!!

  • MONTH END no longer means waiting POCKET MONEY but waiting for SALARY...

  • Jokes no longer revolve around professors but customers..!!!

Apart from these there are a few similarities too.. The break is the most enjoyable time of the day. It brings everyone together and its a sort of Round Table Conference with a variety of topics discussed. Weekends are definitely awaited for. Monday mornings brings the same blues....!! Huh...!!

Things are really different "On the other side of Counter" is what I had heard at our induction and it is so true. Being on the other side you need to understand what you had complained once as a customer and now what situation the person who is complaining is in. Once you get to know that you really feel connected to your job and try to give your best. I actually experienced it and now my attitude has changed a lot. The changes do come about eventually if not at DAY-1 and all those who have been through it would surely agree with me that it only helps to make you BETTER...!!!