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The Perfect One - 55 Fiction

Priyank felt it was the height of coincidence when all his interests matched hers. 

He really felt like he was marrying “The Perfect One” unless on their first night, he got to know about their one more common interest...

When he got to know that Jiya was interested in “Women.”

Journey Called Life..

I remember how at a time when I had just joined college, I was particularly crazy about a show on TV - Roadies. I don't think I need  to brief any teenager about that show, but for those who don't know what the show was about, it was a show wherein a group of  teenagers selected from different locations across the country used to be teamed up. They would then travel to various destinations  on bikes, facing various huddles, enjoying at exotic locations and competing with each other at tasks set out for them and then the  last one to survive in the whole game would be declared as the winner. I was extremely crazy about that show initially and in the first  few seasons, I hardly missed any episodes. I always wished... I want to be a Roadie... I want to travel and see everything.

But then, today, over 10 years down the line, when I sit down by the window,on a Saturday evening, watching the traffic on  highways, I feel are we not on the Roadies everyday..???

We are travelling everyday..from Yesterday to Today....!!

We are meeting new people everyday... Our Family, People at work, at parties, at outings..

We are facing new huddles & challenges everyday...Problems, tasks, assignments, deadlines, targets... There are so many things that  we have to set right & survive though in our life before we can move ahead... Then comes the small and big  joys which can sometimes  be as small as sipping a cup of tea at the roadside tea stall on a pink, rosy morning or a simple "Good Morning " text as you wake up in  the morning or some things as  big as a promotion or buying a new house.... So many things that make us smile every day and every night in our dreams..   

The journey of life has to go on, from birth to infancy to teenage, then school, college, careers, love, family, kids, responsibility, fame, prestige and then old age. Every day is an adventure as we complete our tasks and emerge as "Winners". Everyday is a new beginning, which takes us a step closer to our goals, purpose  in life and our inner self.

Stephen Covey said "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey... We are spiritual beings on a human journey." Same words.. But the order means so much..!! Isn't it..?

Kudos.. Enjoy the Journey,


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Something Strong,
Outright Beyond what others can Feel..
Untying my Soul from the Bondage,
Life has captured it in..
My heart, my Brain, my Body,
All reaches out to You..
Today, Tomorrow, Day After,
Eternity is the time till which,
Solace I shall seek and find in Thee..!!

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Three Dreams for My D-Day..!!!

Right from my childhood.... Since the time I have been attending marriages.... I have been awestruck by the whole setting...The  bride's beauty, the way the couple complement each other, the grandeur of the celebration, the vast menu.. Like every, every single detail is planned and executed so beautifully....!!! Just like every other girl..Even I have been dreaming for my D-Day... About Friends.. Family.. Relatives... Celebrations... Ornaments.. Clothes... And of course Mr.Prince Charming...!!Although I have no dreams of having a hosh-posh fairy tale wedding but just a few things which I want to be Hatke from the typical Gujarati Shaadi..!!!Its like I want it to be a celebrated occasion with all near and dear ones with just a few changes here and there...

1. Wearing a Big Chudda and Kaleree on the Wedding Day : The kaleree is one wedding ornament which I have adored since childhood. I remember having seen some Punjabi song where the bride wears the kaleree and then one of the jhumkaas of the kaleree drops on one of her friends.. I am so much in love with that ceremony that I want it be a part of my D-day too.. The big bangle chudda with a combination of white and red bangles and long kalerees...!!! 

2. Offsite Wedding Reception :  I would love to have an offsite wedding reception... Maybe in some far off place...a garden, a beach or maybe on a winds.. loads of flowers around.... everything natural...A function attended by only near and dear ones... Just genuine exchange of wishes..Minimal makeup..No tiring photoshoots... Just a small video maybe & loads of Memories...!!!

3. Christian style Wedding Gown: Yeah, this is one crazy idea I have again for my wedding reception. I want to be dressed up in a long white gown full of laces and be accompanied by a bridesmaid and carry white orchids, on the stage, to accompany my better half dressed smartly in a "Tuxedo". And I am OK if the gown is not white....any soft pastel colour would do..But I really wanna be dressed in a gown.!! 

Really not sure how many of these things would be fulfilled on my D-Day, but nevertheless, it would surely be the one day in my life which I would cherish for a lifetime...!! Waiting for the moment to arrive...!!

Signing off till then...

Love ReDefined...!!!!

Just came across this interesting poster which really redefines the Gen-Y concept of Love-

Surely if can just send 5 SMS per day in this age of being used to some 100 free SMS per day and all those 5 SMS are saved for only that person, you have al lreasons to believe that you are one of the most sought after persons in their life..

But according to me, if any person would define LOVE seriously just this way, I think there is a lot lot more to Love that he /she needs to know about.... The number of hours you talk or the number of SMS you share is in NO way a parameter to judge the feelings what you have for the person because LOVE has existed long before the SMS was even invented...!!!  Ain't it????

Image Courtesy:

Kabhi Aisa LAgta Hai...!!!

"Kabhi aisa lagta hai , dil mein ik raaz hai
Jise kehna chahoon , par main keh paaoo na
Aankhon hi aankhon mein keh jaati hai jo ye
Khamoshiyon ki ye kaisi zuba
Maine suna jo na usne kaha ..
Kya aisa hi hota hai pyar???
Mere khuda mujhe itna bata
Kya aisa hi hota hai pyar...??"
played on my MP3 in the morning & then the whole
day on my lips......

I knew things were changing.. I knew I was changing...
Every little thing aroung me made me happier, made me smile... :)
Every thing that I read, saw, heard or spoke was related to him & only him...

That blush you get on reading his name...
That smile which forms on your face on getting his SMS...
Those butterflies you get in your stomach when you plan a Date...

I never thought this happens in reality...
I never thought it would happen to me...
But then one day, when he told me those three magical words- I knew that this was it...!!!

Love is real...
Love redefines you....
Love is something beyond words....
Something which only you can experience & then feel the magic.....

Love is in the air... Are you Feeling it???? ;)

All in a Line- 2

"The BRAIN is the most outstanding organ-
It works for 24 hours, 365 days, right from your birth until you fall in LOVE.......!!"

To love..................!!!

To love is to share life together
to build special plans just for two
to work side by side
'n then smile with pride
as one by one, dreams all come true

To love is to help 'n encourage
with smiles 'n sincere words of praise
to take time to share
to listen 'n care
in tender, affectionate ways

To love is to have someone special
one who you can always depend
to be there through the years
sharing laughter 'n tears
as a partner, a lover, a friend

To love is to make special memories
of moments you love to recall
of all the good things
that sharing life brings
love is the greatest of all

I've learned the full meaning
of sharing 'n caring
and having my dreams all come true
I've learned the full meaning
of being in love
by being 'n loving with you.. !

P.S. : Just read it on FB and really really loved it... nice one naa..??

Hats off yaar, to the writer..!! :) :)

A Weekend to Remember....

Hie guys, how are you all doing..?? I hope u had a lovely weekend... :)

For me it was definitely a "Weekend to Remember" as I snuggled up on my bed, by the window, on the rainy afternoon with a book that I long, long, long awaited to read.."A Walk to Remember...."

Though I wanted to read the book since about a year, I could not find it until lately & when I found it, it took me just a couple of days to travel through the world & lives of Landon & Jamie....

The story set in the mid-1900's, is not just another love story, but is sure to leave its readers with memories of a lifetime. The characters make a warm place in your heart for themselves, be it the carefree Landon, hanging all day long with friends or the simple & cheerful Jamie. The flow of events is so smooth & is so beautifully expressed that you can actually visualize Landon & Jamie going in for the homecoming dance or walking down the roads of Beaufort after rehearsals. It just leaves you with a feeling that is like wind- "You can't see it or describe it but just feel it..."

As it is narrated in the first person, at times while reading, we feel that the story is about us & that exactly is what I loved the most... Even the end was open for readers to interpret it in their own ways, I would prefer to take it in a positive way, hoping that a miracle did take place in their lives wherein Jamie & Landon lived happily....

Now my weekend didn't end there.......

I even watched the movie adapted from the book. It was different in many ways from the book. It just had the outline of the book & the rest of the setting & background was different. The book & the movie should not be compared is what I learned after I saw the movie. Each had its own beauty & identity.But the combination of the book & movie truly made it "A Weekend to Remember" for me.

A Day in the life of "He" & "She".. -2

-5th August 2011
As I look into your eyes,
I can't seem to look away.
I get lost into the moment,
Each and every day.

You thought I didn't like you,
You thought that I moved on,
But to tell you the total truth...
My feelings aren't gone.....

I'm still here, still waiting,
For you & me to finally be "WE"
I'll stay here for as long as it takes
For you to be with me...

I'm still here inside your heart,
I'll never give up on you,
You'll never find anyone else,
Who loves you like I do...

I'm still here just waiting,
For you to finally realize,
For us to be Together Forever,
My mistake I now realize...

-5th August,2011

Amidst raindrops & grass wet,
The evening when we met....

You made me cry,
You tore me apart,
You left me in tears,
You shattered my heart...

You entered my life with such a force,
And left it with one as strong;
And though we tried to make it last,
We both knew it wouldn't be long.

It wasn't your fault,
I guess it was me,
For love can't be forced,
Perhaps we weren't meant to be....

I've tried more than once..
To get over you,
But you make it so hard,
With memories of you...

I thought love was joy,
But I've got nothing to gain.
Just sorrow, tears,
And a little more pain.

The day the pain started,
Reality came true,
It was the day that I realized
I'll never be with you..........

And so I've learned to end this,
Without an urge to cry,
These are my final words to you,
"I love you and goodbye...."

Opposites Attract ???? Part-1

He was tall, dark and smart.Wherever he went, he made his presence felt to one and all.Extrovert by nature,he had knowledge on a wide variety of topics.That made him capable of contributing to all kind of discussions around and leave a long lasting immersion on the people around.Anyone who saw him once would surely wish to talk to him at least for a while and know him better....

She was no exception to this.On the first day of their class she noticed him and instantly felt like talking to him..getting to know him..But she was not like the other girls in the class...She was an introvert,shy to make new friends quickly and so she hesitated to take a step forward.While all other girls had got around him at least once before the lunch break she could not even bring herself to look at him in the eye fearing what if he would be looking in her direction and would catch her looking at him.. But deep inside she knew she would look at him, know him, talk to him.... Soon...

"Pal..pal..pal...har pal,har pal..kaise katega pal...." beeped her ring tone jolting her to present.She glanced at her cell and saw it was his call.She picked up the call and with a smile in her voice said, "Hiee....!!"


"Nothing.Just thinking about you..."

"Tell me.....Do u do anything other than that these days..?? Please pay attention to your studies jaanu...."He said in an advising tone.

"Haan re..I will study ..Was just reading a novel......"

"Novel,novel,novel...How can you read so much..??? It just dozes me off....."

"May be you never found an interesting one....."

"I dont want to find too..You continue with ur reading jobs...I just love to hear the

stories from you later.."

"But I think you wont like this one..."


"Its actually on your favourite subject of interest.."

"Are you reading some self improvement again..????"He asked.

"Right....So when do you wanna hear my version of 'The Greatness Guide' ??"

"Not now.....So had your lunch???"


"And what did you have today, Sweety..???"

"Actually I just had rice and curd... It's so hot around. I don't feel like eating anything..!!"

"Hmmm... Thats the most nutritious diet you know..You should have that only three times a day...!!"

"Ohh please yaar...I already heard a lecture from Mom..Now you don't start over it.... I don't like all those vegetables..You know naa....!!! "

"Yeah I know.... In fact I even wonder how closely I have known about you in so less time.. Remember the first day of our class...."

"Hmmmm.. .I can never forget that..."

"You know I had noticed how quietly you were sitting in one corner of the room.. I thought you would be rather arrogant.. not even trying to look at YOUR HIGHNESS..."

"Ohhhhooo.... Tum koi Dude ho kya..?? Why should everyone look at you..??"

"C'mon even you the reason..."

"Haan haan.. I know.. Now don't laugh... You guys are like this only..."

"Like what..???

To be Continued..............

P.S. : It seems like an eternity since I have not posted here. I don't know what was happening but then something has motivated me to be back & this time I thought of this topic. I have expanded the idea as much as I could imagine & since I could not go anywhere further, I made it into a series. I have absolutely no idea of what even to write for this next part...I hope it just leads to something good... Lets just Wait & watch...!!!

Till then..Kudos, Cyaaa..... TC... :)

Why not me...??????

Have I ever told you all about my first crush..??

The one with those deep set eyes....

With a voice that was Rhythm Divine....

Others said I am not in Love.... Its just the phase that I'm going through....

But Do you Know..???

The one Whom I have always Loved....

The one who told me Everything is going to be Alright...

The one who never Escaped my thoughts...

The one to whom I was Addicted...

He was My Hero...

I thought It must be Love...

Lost inside your love...I felt he was Too Good for me...

I never knew Who's cheating who...

And then, there was Love for fun..

A One night stand... A Heartbreaker..

Baby hold on.....Maybe I was a Little girl...

For me The world crashes down..

"Why not me..????" is what I think.

"I'm taking back my love" were the words said...

Can You hear me..???

Break me, shake me..

Don't you Forget about me...

I Miss You & my Heartbeat Says it...

Even your name Rings my Bells..

The way you touch me... Brings tears & Sad Eyes...

I wish I was your Lover always....

Its not that I love to see you cry....

But that's it To love a woman...

Now if any Enrique Iglesias fan is reading this I'm sure you have deciphered it long before who am I talking about....

And for the others, who don't listen to him much often (or are thinking this is something like a story or something about me) let me tell you this is nothing but some of the titles of my favourite artist's favourite songs compiled together & the latest one in the list being "Why not me..???"

I have been listening to him since my school days & with each passing year..I have grown more & more found of him...His voice is just magic...

So presenting before you Enrique Iglesias as never before-

Have a great day ahead.. TC.. Keep rocking.. Keep smiling... :)

A Day in the life of "He" & "She"......


2nd December,2006

Ohh God, What A day.....!!!??!!! I was happy that at last I saw him today.. As the time was nearing, I was wondering if he would come or not but he just came in in the last minute..He was looking so cute in that red shirt..Aha, suits him perfectly well...

Bu what after he came?? He was talking to everyone around except me... Or Was I feeling so..?? He never notices me & how come I notice him every time he even passes by...?? I think he should understand that I like him when I look at him..? When will he understand.. ? And what if someone else notices it before he does..?? He is really stupid I know... It would take ages for him to understand.. Maybe I should tell that to him....

Tell..?? But when he asks me something why do I seem to forget all the words..?? I just end up blabbering something or the other and in a minute he is gone asking that to someone else.. Why can't I talk properly to him when he asks me?? Why can't he wait & talk to me about other things too...?? I know so many things......... about school, teachers, subjects, competitions, sports... But he needs to talk to others only it seems.... Maybe tomorrow I'll tell him about our new semester & books....

Good night Diary... Apart from this there was nothing special today...!!

Love ya, Ur so so so sweet & my besssssttttttttttt Friend..........!! :) : )


2nd December,2006

Ahh.. I have to talk about her only today.... I know dude you must be bored listening about her everyday but with each passing day I have begun to like her more & more & more... I hope that one day she would realise this & also like me as much as I do...

The black dress she was wearing today was looking so good on her. I bet it could look that good only on her.. Nobody else would have carried it off in a better way... And those dimples when she smiles... They are so killer God....... But I wonder why doesn't she smile when I look at her.. ??

Maybe she does not like me.. She is always confused or afraid while talking to me... I don't understand how to talk to her.. She is always busy with those other girls who are not even half as good as she is.. Why does she have to waste her time talking to them..??? I am wondering what should I ask her tomorrow..?? I think I should ask her about new books and where to buy them and all.. She must have already bought and started studying... Ahh how can these girls be so sincere & yet so cute at the same time..??!!!???

This mystery will never be resolved it seems... I'll tell you what happens tomorrow but for that I have to sleep now or else I'll be late for classes again.... You know even today I reached just dot on time....

Good night...****YAWNS***

P.S. : Just a memoir of the sweet teenage crushes...!!

No Emotions...Only Atyachaar..!!

A few weeks back I heard a lot about the TV show "Emotional Atyachaar" saying that how it helped people to check on their partners....!!

Feeling intrigued by what I had heard I asked my brother if he knew about the show. He said yeah and explained me about the concept.. I even watched the show and Ohh God.... The show is really a disaster of Emotions and relationships.

For those who haven't come across this controversial show on Bindass TV, here's a gist for you about the so-called-reality-show. A person who is in a relationship undertakes a "Loyalty check" on their partner. Now, for this they approach the people on this show. For the Loyalty test, the Emotional Attyachar team sends undercover agents to the partner and these agents try to get into talking with the suspect for the test and all these things are recorded using hidden cameras and microphones. These agents come about as very friendly and try to get in touch through some or the other way.

In most of the cases, the suspects also start talking to those agents, get closer to them and start sharing facts about their life and relationships.( In fact, they are made to talk about it by the over sweet and over friendly agents who is what I feel after watching the show). All these things are recorded and shown to the partners who conducted this test. They are shown how unfaithful their partners are and all that blah blah blah emotional stuff....

In the end of the show, they bring both the partners as well as the agents together in front of the camera and then there is a series of swearing, fights, abuses and all emotional attyachar stuff....

What happens after that is not known..!!!If one partner can go to such a show, it shows that he does not trust his partner and when it is proved they get agitated over it and talk about breaking up then and there. Talking about the suspect, if they are found unfaithful, their partner blames them and what if they come out as loyal (who are not distracted by any agents). Nobody in such a case would continue with a partner who doubts him/her to the extent that they conduct such TESTS......

But my question is why are people heading to this level in relationships where there is no element of trust, loyalty or respect for each other. Aren't people wise enough to judge on their own if their partners are loyal to them or are they hiding some facts..?? Talking and clearing up things should help or approaching such TV shows...??

As these shows are getting more and more publicity by telecasting such stuff and also due to added controversies, I am beginning to feel that is there any respect for emotions such as love, respect, faith or trust, in this world or are they mere tools to attract TRPs.......????

For the first time...

That night, she was very very tired but when she lied down on bed, she just could not sleep..

All the scenes from the day flashed by her eyes...

One day.. And so many things in her life had changed...

She recollected a dialogue fro ma movie "Life mein bahut saari cheezein pehli baar hoti hai..."

For the first time... She had lied at home while going out...

For the first time... She got the biggest surprise when she knew that he had got a new bike...

For the first time... She sat on the bike with fear but was confident that he would take care of her..

For the first time... She roamed around places, where though she had been earlier, seemed entirely different and new that day...

For the first time... She felt like talking and talking as someone was listening to her with a smile..

For the first time... She walked barefoot on the rocks as the water kissed her feet...

For the first time... When she was about to lose her balance, someone was there to hold her hand...

For the first time... she dint realise how time flew by.....

For the first time... she knew why people in Love spent sleepless nights.....!!

For the first time... she had been on a "Date..!!"

P.S. : For the first time, tried my hand at writing something romantic.... :P

Actually I had found this pic sometime back and wanted to write something based on it..How is it..??? :)

I too had a Love Story....!!

Hmmm the title... Does it sound like I am suffering from some Post- Valentine Syndrome..where in seeing all the happy couples around and love being in the air, I am sad and thinking of my own good times....???

Naaa... It is nothing of that sort.. This is the title of the Book I read this week and it was so, so, so good that I just could not stop from writing about it here...!!!

I happened to just find this book incidentally and it was not very big in size so I thought I would take it and complete reading it soon...(These days...I am hardly finding any time to read real, big novels..!!! :| ) So I got the book and started reading...

And once I started, I found the book to be really a very nice piece of work..The language so simple, the characters described so perfectly that I could imagine the whole story in front of my eyes. Turning pages by pages, I would always wait for what next now...!!! The whole story being set in the present day Indian background, it was so easy to identify with the characters , their behaviour, they way they spoke, the moods...Everything, everything so simple and catchy..!!

The story is really nice and after reading the book,I found that it was true and not fiction.. That was really shocking because the story does not have a happy ending as love stories do have...!! The author Ravinder Singh has really created magic in those 200 pages of the book... A story which I will really never forget.... The feelings, emotions of falling in Love described in the book are so wonderful that after reading it I am just thinking - I too wanna have a Love Story..!!!! ;) :)

P.S. : - I have never written book any reviews and this post is also not meant for that. I just wanted to write about the book because I liked it a lot.. It is a best seller but I am surprised I had never heard of the book before i read it.... But if you like love stories and you find this book, do read it .. I am sure you would like it...!! : )

The Act...!!!!

“You are my happiness… You bring joy to my life... Even thinking about you brings smile on my face…. I love you, would you marry me..??”

Saying this, he went down on his knees before Sheetal , held her hand and brought out a ring from his pocket.

“Perfect…!! ” snapped Sheetal. "I want the same expressions tomorrow on stage. It’s good to have an actor like you. No one can perform this as naturally as you can…”


“Be on time then. Bye.. ” she said hurriedly and left.

Left before Aman could say that he was not acting.

Ishq Hota Nahi Sabhi Ke Liye.......

Thoughts - How strange it is that our mind subconsciously associates somethings with some people and how quickly our thoughts wander off to some distant places and people when we hear or see something. The associations may seem strange to explain but I am sure everyone must have experienced it sometime though......

Like it happened to me a couple of days ago - On hearing the song "Ishq hota nahi sabhi ke liye......." In the blink of an eye, scenes from the past flashed in front of me... Dialing your number.. Your caller tune "Ishq hota nahi sabhi ke liye......."

You just knew what I was doing and how my mood was by my "Hello"... Tired, angry, crying, had a fight, frustrated, happy, sad, busy, at home, watching TV, studying........

Afraid of being hurt sooner or later due to the differences.. I restricted myself from talking to you in the beginning...You understood even this hesitance...... Assured you were there to take care of everything.. You got me talking.... And then talking to you was so comfortable.. No fake attempts to be true or prove my points. Even loved the arguments we had.

Long hours of talks... Discussing likes, dislikes, adventures of college life, friends, family, outings, favourite movies, songs, foodstuff.... And what not.....!!

Strange and yet felt so lovely to have someone with whom I could talk to and relate to so closely...!! How surprised I had been to discover the similarities between us..... Same thoughts, same likings, same attitude...... Was just hard to believe that someone so similar yet so different to me could exist...!!

But along with these similarities I knew there were differences..... The differences which would surface up someday no matter how hard we tried to get along smoothly.. Differences in our paths of life.. Our aims.... Responsibilities... And they did come up...

Self ego.... No talking.. Just "Why cant you understand...??"

"Why should I Understand.. Do you ever Understand me..???"

"You never call me.. Its I who has to always talk first..."

"I thought you must be busy.. So I Dint call you up..."


Even the last time you called me up... Never knew it would be your last call to me.. I did wait for your call for many days later.... But you dint call up..

Even today I sit and wonder why dint I call you up too?? Maybe ego.. Maybe a feeling that you dint want to talk to me anymore...... If you could... I could also do without talking to you.....

Tried every way of getting away from you.... Destroyed all physical things around me that reminded me of you...... Blocked all ways for you to get back in touch with me..... Even if you wished to.

But my mind and my thoughts betray me.... Even today when I get to know someone who is a Sagittarian.... The first image that comes in my mind is you.... The discussion we had on "Sagittarians being Flirty..."

When I see or hear about the movie "Hey Baby..." I remember how two years ago.. When you had been to watch the movie... And how I had troubled you by messaging you intentionally...... Just to distract you from the movie.. And how after the movie you said you dint remember a single scene prpoerly..........

Everytime I hear the song "Ishq hota nahi sabhi ke liye......."