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Capturing Memories..!!

Some Days  back, as I was checking my facebook updates, I found that my Chachu had also got a FB account. I went to his profile &................

The cute display pic just left me staring at the monitor. He had actually scanned a pic of his childhood & uploaded it. Now it was a pic of the four brothers & the best Dad was also in the pic. I just woke up my Dad & asked him to to see the pic. The fact that the pic taken around 40 years ago, was still preserved with someone in spite of the frequent shifting was amazing. Dad loved it. Sleep aside, he zoomed the B&W pic & told us the story about the pic. It was taken by a neighbour who had got a camera  in those days or something. That Smile...On seeing that pic.. Was Priceless...

Fast Forward 30 years......

If you ask me about my childhood pics,I have a few pics taken on some special occasions like when I was a month old, year old, birthdays and all... At this time, capturing memories on specific days using the roll camera which was later on developed and preserved in the form of albums was very common... Its so simple and yet so nostalgic.. Remember looking at those school pics taken with the class?? Those specific birthday party pics...Pics clicked during outings....Requesting someone to click a family picture that includes everyone.. Loads and loads of memories...!! I still ose a track of time when I browse through the few old photo albums we have at home...

Fast Forward 20 years more.....

Welcome to the world of digital Photography... Clicking photos with DigiCam and Mobile Phone Cam is as easy as 1,2,3.. Click..Save/Delete.. Click Again....!! The introduction of these  modern mediums of clicking pics and capturing memories has made our task so simple that now we can click pic each and every day and we can also have a photo journal based on all pics clicked in the entire year.. There is really no need of any special occasion or function to click pics.. Its just common to click pics anywhere and everywhere.. At the Station, In the train, On a holiday, In the college, In office.. At the restaurant..At the movies.. Ar the monuments.. In short at every single place that one can think of.. And not to forget the selfies... U don't even need anyone else to click your pic.. Just turn your phone, Point the lens... Pout..And Click.. There you Go..!! :)

Seriously, we have come a long way considering the way memories were and are being captured.. From Black and White photos to Instagram and HashTags... Just trying to guess.. What next..??!!!

Journey Called Life..

I remember how at a time when I had just joined college, I was particularly crazy about a show on TV - Roadies. I don't think I need  to brief any teenager about that show, but for those who don't know what the show was about, it was a show wherein a group of  teenagers selected from different locations across the country used to be teamed up. They would then travel to various destinations  on bikes, facing various huddles, enjoying at exotic locations and competing with each other at tasks set out for them and then the  last one to survive in the whole game would be declared as the winner. I was extremely crazy about that show initially and in the first  few seasons, I hardly missed any episodes. I always wished... I want to be a Roadie... I want to travel and see everything.

But then, today, over 10 years down the line, when I sit down by the window,on a Saturday evening, watching the traffic on  highways, I feel are we not on the Roadies everyday..???

We are travelling everyday..from Yesterday to Today....!!

We are meeting new people everyday... Our Family, People at work, at parties, at outings..

We are facing new huddles & challenges everyday...Problems, tasks, assignments, deadlines, targets... There are so many things that  we have to set right & survive though in our life before we can move ahead... Then comes the small and big  joys which can sometimes  be as small as sipping a cup of tea at the roadside tea stall on a pink, rosy morning or a simple "Good Morning " text as you wake up in  the morning or some things as  big as a promotion or buying a new house.... So many things that make us smile every day and every night in our dreams..   

The journey of life has to go on, from birth to infancy to teenage, then school, college, careers, love, family, kids, responsibility, fame, prestige and then old age. Every day is an adventure as we complete our tasks and emerge as "Winners". Everyday is a new beginning, which takes us a step closer to our goals, purpose  in life and our inner self.

Stephen Covey said "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey... We are spiritual beings on a human journey." Same words.. But the order means so much..!! Isn't it..?

Kudos.. Enjoy the Journey,


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Something Strong,
Outright Beyond what others can Feel..
Untying my Soul from the Bondage,
Life has captured it in..
My heart, my Brain, my Body,
All reaches out to You..
Today, Tomorrow, Day After,
Eternity is the time till which,
Solace I shall seek and find in Thee..!!

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Three Dreams for My D-Day..!!!

Right from my childhood.... Since the time I have been attending marriages.... I have been awestruck by the whole setting...The  bride's beauty, the way the couple complement each other, the grandeur of the celebration, the vast menu.. Like every, every single detail is planned and executed so beautifully....!!! Just like every other girl..Even I have been dreaming for my D-Day... About Friends.. Family.. Relatives... Celebrations... Ornaments.. Clothes... And of course Mr.Prince Charming...!!Although I have no dreams of having a hosh-posh fairy tale wedding but just a few things which I want to be Hatke from the typical Gujarati Shaadi..!!!Its like I want it to be a celebrated occasion with all near and dear ones with just a few changes here and there...

1. Wearing a Big Chudda and Kaleree on the Wedding Day : The kaleree is one wedding ornament which I have adored since childhood. I remember having seen some Punjabi song where the bride wears the kaleree and then one of the jhumkaas of the kaleree drops on one of her friends.. I am so much in love with that ceremony that I want it be a part of my D-day too.. The big bangle chudda with a combination of white and red bangles and long kalerees...!!! 

2. Offsite Wedding Reception :  I would love to have an offsite wedding reception... Maybe in some far off place...a garden, a beach or maybe on a winds.. loads of flowers around.... everything natural...A function attended by only near and dear ones... Just genuine exchange of wishes..Minimal makeup..No tiring photoshoots... Just a small video maybe & loads of Memories...!!!

3. Christian style Wedding Gown: Yeah, this is one crazy idea I have again for my wedding reception. I want to be dressed up in a long white gown full of laces and be accompanied by a bridesmaid and carry white orchids, on the stage, to accompany my better half dressed smartly in a "Tuxedo". And I am OK if the gown is not white....any soft pastel colour would do..But I really wanna be dressed in a gown.!! 

Really not sure how many of these things would be fulfilled on my D-Day, but nevertheless, it would surely be the one day in my life which I would cherish for a lifetime...!! Waiting for the moment to arrive...!!

Signing off till then...

The Day GOOGLE has no DOODLE...!!!!

Ohhk folks.. Just tell me one thing..Which is the first page that most of you type on the address bar whenever a question hits your mind..??? Its Google..Right..??? Most of us even have it as the home page....And out of all the times that we search for information on Google, how  many times have you noted those fabulous fancy  fonts and styles(aka doodles) in which the words GOOGLE are written..!!???

I mean haven't you found this creation amazing..??? One word written in different styles giving the whole picture a completely different look and meaning and symbolizing something which even pages of words cannot describe!!!! The creative team behind all these wonderful Doodles is just too good. I, in fact wait to see those doodles everyday...And the day Google has no Doodle, the page looks so plain....No Doubt the Google logo itself has its own simplicity and smartness, still the way the doodles convey the special messages and events at the same time with the words - "Google" makes it all the more interesting...!!

My favourite series so far has been the Olympic doodles..It was one of the best creations with most of the doodles being animated and also depicting a particular sport.So tell me..Is it the same with you?? Which are your favourite Doodles online??? What other things amaze you on the net while surfing???

Waiting to hear from you all..Take Care..Keep Doodling till then...!!!!

Painting after Longggg....!!!

It was after a long that I spent time lazing around amidst colours, by just being random, giving more importance to basics than the perfection and here is what I came up with............

Just reminded me of childhood when things could be simple and yet so interesting, without any complications..!!!Watsayyyyy??

Anytime Moodwa ko, Upsettaao Nahin Moora… !!

Just heard this song from the album "Gangs of Wasseypur-2" which goes on as......

"Frustiyaao nahin Moora,
Narbhasaao nahin Moora,
Anytime moodwa ko,

Upsettaao nahin Moora…" and its so good.....

I mean right from the time I have heard it..... I have been humming it along.... Plus the Hinglish touch that the song has to all its words makes it very unique in the league of all Munni's, Sheela's & Chamak Chaloo's that Bollywood has been producing all this while in the name of music.....
A must must must listen whenever you have been frustrated over that bad question paper or the rush in the train or the rains that made u late or after that bad day at office when nothing went as you had planned it to be... Of course, its routine...Life has to go on this way...some highs...some lows....But...

Jo bhi wrongwa hai usey,
Set right-wa karo ji,
Naahin loojiye ji hope,
Thoda fightwa karo ji…Moora…

Kudos to team of Moora Song for experimenting & bringing out such a wonderful blend of music, & fun-filled language...!!!!

Would like to check it out????  Here it is..!! 

Robbie Styles & Sneha Khanwalkar 
Gangs Of Wasseypur 2 - Moora 

Kabhi Aisa LAgta Hai...!!!

"Kabhi aisa lagta hai , dil mein ik raaz hai
Jise kehna chahoon , par main keh paaoo na
Aankhon hi aankhon mein keh jaati hai jo ye
Khamoshiyon ki ye kaisi zuba
Maine suna jo na usne kaha ..
Kya aisa hi hota hai pyar???
Mere khuda mujhe itna bata
Kya aisa hi hota hai pyar...??"
played on my MP3 in the morning & then the whole
day on my lips......

I knew things were changing.. I knew I was changing...
Every little thing aroung me made me happier, made me smile... :)
Every thing that I read, saw, heard or spoke was related to him & only him...

That blush you get on reading his name...
That smile which forms on your face on getting his SMS...
Those butterflies you get in your stomach when you plan a Date...

I never thought this happens in reality...
I never thought it would happen to me...
But then one day, when he told me those three magical words- I knew that this was it...!!!

Love is real...
Love redefines you....
Love is something beyond words....
Something which only you can experience & then feel the magic.....

Love is in the air... Are you Feeling it???? ;)

JuST yOu.. JuST mE..!!!

Just came across this cute vodafone ad-

I hope you too enjoyed this one...!!!

To love..................!!!

To love is to share life together
to build special plans just for two
to work side by side
'n then smile with pride
as one by one, dreams all come true

To love is to help 'n encourage
with smiles 'n sincere words of praise
to take time to share
to listen 'n care
in tender, affectionate ways

To love is to have someone special
one who you can always depend
to be there through the years
sharing laughter 'n tears
as a partner, a lover, a friend

To love is to make special memories
of moments you love to recall
of all the good things
that sharing life brings
love is the greatest of all

I've learned the full meaning
of sharing 'n caring
and having my dreams all come true
I've learned the full meaning
of being in love
by being 'n loving with you.. !

P.S. : Just read it on FB and really really loved it... nice one naa..??

Hats off yaar, to the writer..!! :) :)

ThE sUrPriSe..!! - 55 Fiction

“Its so strange.. I mean after being away for nearly a month, without any trace.. And then suddenly….”

“Yeah strange… But more of a surprise naa..??” Shikha enquired.

“Surprise..?? I can’t manage it. I thought it was over & I was finally out of it.


I will have to still carry my Umbrella….” :P

P.S. : Wow Folks, feels so good to be back at My Corner after so long.. I hope the 55-er was not that bad... But the rains outside made me feel like writing something....& what have you all been upto..??? I think everyone is kind of away from blogosphere.. Or is it a feeling just because I am away from here.. Well about me, apart from enjoying the unexpected rains in Mumbai, I am planning to get back to studies, books, exams &.......

A Weekend to Remember....

Hie guys, how are you all doing..?? I hope u had a lovely weekend... :)

For me it was definitely a "Weekend to Remember" as I snuggled up on my bed, by the window, on the rainy afternoon with a book that I long, long, long awaited to read.."A Walk to Remember...."

Though I wanted to read the book since about a year, I could not find it until lately & when I found it, it took me just a couple of days to travel through the world & lives of Landon & Jamie....

The story set in the mid-1900's, is not just another love story, but is sure to leave its readers with memories of a lifetime. The characters make a warm place in your heart for themselves, be it the carefree Landon, hanging all day long with friends or the simple & cheerful Jamie. The flow of events is so smooth & is so beautifully expressed that you can actually visualize Landon & Jamie going in for the homecoming dance or walking down the roads of Beaufort after rehearsals. It just leaves you with a feeling that is like wind- "You can't see it or describe it but just feel it..."

As it is narrated in the first person, at times while reading, we feel that the story is about us & that exactly is what I loved the most... Even the end was open for readers to interpret it in their own ways, I would prefer to take it in a positive way, hoping that a miracle did take place in their lives wherein Jamie & Landon lived happily....

Now my weekend didn't end there.......

I even watched the movie adapted from the book. It was different in many ways from the book. It just had the outline of the book & the rest of the setting & background was different. The book & the movie should not be compared is what I learned after I saw the movie. Each had its own beauty & identity.But the combination of the book & movie truly made it "A Weekend to Remember" for me.

Rain Again.......

Pools, beaches & hill stations ..
Are the favourite destinations...

Summer heat & scorching sun..
Takes away energy & the whole fun....

Hoping for sweat to reduce soon...
The only awaited season is "Monsoon.."

Begins the clouds play,
Showing up & hiding away...

Comes the drops first,
Quickly quenching the earth 's thirst,

Is the season of umbrellas & coats,
Time to sail small paper boats.....

Then when,
It rains again...
Rains & Rains, Again & Again....!!!!

Happy Monsoon To All..... Enjoy..!! :) :)

Why not me...??????

Have I ever told you all about my first crush..??

The one with those deep set eyes....

With a voice that was Rhythm Divine....

Others said I am not in Love.... Its just the phase that I'm going through....

But Do you Know..???

The one Whom I have always Loved....

The one who told me Everything is going to be Alright...

The one who never Escaped my thoughts...

The one to whom I was Addicted...

He was My Hero...

I thought It must be Love...

Lost inside your love...I felt he was Too Good for me...

I never knew Who's cheating who...

And then, there was Love for fun..

A One night stand... A Heartbreaker..

Baby hold on.....Maybe I was a Little girl...

For me The world crashes down..

"Why not me..????" is what I think.

"I'm taking back my love" were the words said...

Can You hear me..???

Break me, shake me..

Don't you Forget about me...

I Miss You & my Heartbeat Says it...

Even your name Rings my Bells..

The way you touch me... Brings tears & Sad Eyes...

I wish I was your Lover always....

Its not that I love to see you cry....

But that's it To love a woman...

Now if any Enrique Iglesias fan is reading this I'm sure you have deciphered it long before who am I talking about....

And for the others, who don't listen to him much often (or are thinking this is something like a story or something about me) let me tell you this is nothing but some of the titles of my favourite artist's favourite songs compiled together & the latest one in the list being "Why not me..???"

I have been listening to him since my school days & with each passing year..I have grown more & more found of him...His voice is just magic...

So presenting before you Enrique Iglesias as never before-

Have a great day ahead.. TC.. Keep rocking.. Keep smiling... :)

The Changing Times......

I feel that all is over,
I feel that all is gone...
But then it is just the beginning....

I feel that I am near,
I even feel that I have got it..
But then I find it's gone...

Just sometimes..
I feel that I should leave it all..
Just walk away from all harsh realities..
But then I do come back in this world of dreams...

Hiee All.....

How are you doing..?? Hope that the month of Valentine had been pleasant & full of love for you. Talking about my above lines of creation, I have written them with some purpose & meaning.

But before I tell that I would like to know how do you all interpret it..?? What am I talking about according to you..??I would be waiting for your creative ideas & views. It would even help me to broaden my thinking horizons.

So please do share your views & I'll be back soon next time with what I meant about those few lines there...

NO or KNOW..??

A very strange thing happened today.

I was on my Desk when a customer approached me asking for the balance in his Account. I enquired his number & other details and started telling him the balance. Now whenever I have to tell something like in numbers, I speak in English default. So I began"Thirty three thous..." & he interrupted."Arey madam, English kuthe yete..Zara Marathit sanga naa"(meaning I don't understand English. Tell me in Marathi.)

I repeated the balance for him in Marathi to which he asked "Clear aahe naa Balance..??"(Is it all clear??).

I replied in positive & then he said THANK YOU & was about to leave when I called him back & said "Thank You pan English aahe..."(You said thank you, thats is in English only.)

He smiled at himself & said "English yete mala pan tumchya saarkhi nahi. Mi teacher ahe Marathi shikavto ani bolto.? Kahi chuk jali tya peksha me bolatch nahi."(I Know English but not like you people. I am Teacher.I teach Marathi & speak the same. Rather than making mistakes while talking in English, I would better not speak that.)

Now that was so humble of him to accept the simple facts as they are. Not pretending anything or trying to disguise the truth. How many times do we ourselves even take that small step to acknowledge our mistakes & the things we know or don't know.??? Most of us just try to go ahead without taking time for this analysis.

Even I realised that there must be some facts about me in the same way. So why not take sometime out & get to know the person you live the most of the time with- YOURSELF & accept those facts not just to yourself but even to others.

Have a nice time ahead..!! :) Tc..!!

Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji.....!!!

Last year at around the same time, I was humming a song "Dil toh bachcha hai ji..." and I was so much in love with the song that I played it in loop endlessly for times together. Then within a year, there comes up a movie with the same title and the strange thing is that it does not have a title song...!!

Now you must be wondering what is this post about..!! The song or the movie..??? Well, it is about none.. I just thought of the song & movie as I sat down to write... This is actually about our Dil & how it acts like a cute bachcha..!!

There are actually small things which touch our heart & make it happy. This Dil does not want material happiness. Just a a simple good morning message with a smiley, lovely breakfast of simple coffee with cream, just getting right on time for the train, finding a seat near the window, having no pending works (or no work at all..!! :P) , just getting a call/message from a person you were just thinking of, finding the same thing for dinner that you so damned wish to eat, turning on the radio & humming along the songs being played without paying attention to the words, just go, crack some jokes in code words which only you & your cousins/friends understand & laugh out loud. Just tell me is there anything that can make you so happy as these small incidences.?????

Now isn't it true for all of us..?? No matter how much ever we grow up or whatever we do, somewhere deep within us, there is a small child that lives silently & it surfaces up at times. These times may be joyous ones or sad ones or simply sometime in our routine when we yearn to be out of our lives where we are tired of playing different roles behind masks. So I believe, there should be an element of ourselves in whatever we do. We must not get lost in this world playing different roles & pleasing everyone by doing things that are against our heart.. Let your feelings in the heart mushroom up & let the whole world see the real YOU which will surely make your Dil smile with happiness..!! :) :)

So cute....!!!!

Yesterday I was walking back home with my friend when I just exclaimed, "Wow..So Cute...!!!"

My friend turned around & said "Who...???"

"Arey aage gayi..!!"

"Aage gayi..???? Were you looking at some baby girl..???"

"Naa re....Woh.............................."


.......................Woh car... Beetle...!!!! :D

But really, its such a sweet & cute design for a car naa..!!!

I actually like such cars more than those ferocious, speedy & racing type cars. I have liked many cars but till date, "Beetle" has been my favourite. & the only word I exclaim on seeing it is "Wowww.... So Cute...!!!!"

BTW, my favourite car is Honda City..!!! Not that I don't like all those Mercedes' & BMW's etc etc... but just that I like The Sparkling Silver Honda City more than those ones.......!!!

So which is your favourite car..???

Bhool Bhulaiya Solved...!!!

"Ohkk.. So When you get down, just go to ur right hand side straight & u'll find a shop 'Girnar' It is very big..I'll be just waiting opposite it."

"Arey woh McDonalds wala road hai naa..usme hi aage jaake turn legi to wahan pe shop hai... Kisi ko bhi puch naa, you will find it."

"Arey get down before the flyover starts & take the service road straight.. Then take your first right & you'll reach the office..."

Left, right, straight, curves, turns & what not..?? Uff this big city & so many directions..... I just was lost in this whole scene that I frequently called this city - "Thane" a Bhool bhulaiya. Every time my dad or friends instructed me about finding any location in this place, I would seriously avoid going there alone.. I would accompany someone or try to get my work done somewhere else....

But.. but ..but... Three months ago, I was posted at THANE branch of my bank & I had to go this HUGE city daily. I was seriously wondering how would I go there.. Which road to take, which platform the train would stop on...?? Which road would lead to office...etc etc etc...!!!

I slowly got to know the things around. In the beginning I just travelled straight from the road I knew... Then after a few days, I started to explore other routes on my way. I tried going from all the lefts, rights & parallel roads that lead to my office... It was then that I discovered that everything was so perfect. It was all built in squares & had perpendicular corners & turns. It all brought you back to the same place after a whole round was completed. Then the city no longer frightened me. I checked out a few flyovers & which areas they connected. The city is so big that the more you go into the heart of it, the more you can explore.. But by now, I have come to know all the major areas, localities, routes & landmarks. So now, if I get any directions about the left, right or turns to take to reach any place, there surely wont appear a question mark on my face but a smile that means the Bhool Bhulaiya is already solved.. Set up some other maze now...!! :P :)

Missing you too.....

"Hiee.. How are you..?? Hope you remember me..??"

"Yeah..Of course...I do... I mean how can I forg...???"

"Why can't you..???"Just look at the number of times you have visited me in the past two months..."

"So what dear..?? I have been busy all this while.. You know it right...??"

"Yeah..Your priorities have changed..."

"No.. It's not about priorities.. You are still on my priority list ... It's just that sometime I can't spend as much time with you & so..."

"There you go explaining....I don't want to hear them.. Stop them please.. I'm happy the way I am... You can be happy with what you like."

"You know that you are very important to me... How can you think of me like that...??"

"Then what should I think..?? Remember in the beginning we spent so much of time together & now you have no time only.. So what else should I think...??"

"Hmm.. I understand what you mean & I know that I have been away for a while now. But seriously, things around are so difficult that I am not able to devote more time for you.. I promise that it won't happen in the future...!! We would be as close as much as we had been earlier... in the beginning.. I am seriously longing for that time to be back.."

"I am missing you.... "

"Me too Dear Blog..!!!!!"

P.S.: Just thought that if my blog could speak, what all accusations it would have made on me for being so irregular here these days..!! :P :D

Hmm..But as I said, it has been a bit of tight schedule & I would soon be back with more posts, more frequently and also with more comments on all your blogs too..!!

Missing you.. TC :)