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The Introduction..!!!

Fair skin, silky hair falling on his forehead, puppy brown eyes , a smile that could kill any girl… I just could not stop staring at him.. He was looking so, so handsome.

Just then he caught me looking at him. I smiled but he turned his face around. I was sad. I leafed through the magazine & started waiting for my turn again.

But after around five minutes I looked back in his direction. There was something in those eyes that I kept looking back at them and they caught me this time too.

And this happened every two minutes. He dint even return my smiles.

I wondered if I should go ahead. At last when I could not resist, I got up, went to his chair, offered my right hand and said, “Hello, I am Urvashi..!! What is your name??”

He reluctantly offered his hand, this time his lips did curve into a smile and he said “My name is Aarav. K. Rai. I study in Jr.Kg, St.George High School..!!”

Ohh.. He said the whole thing in one breath and it was really such a cute introduction…The one I would never forget..!!! :) :)

3 Idiots, Binal's Take (Part 3)

Once again, life had brought us all at cross roads. We had to choose our careers as per our choices. In Mumbai, we have college right after class 10 . We were all excited about beginning our new phase of life...the COLLEGE life..!! We all explored the various options and as destiny would have it for us, Damini, Urvashi and I were all in commerce. Though Damini was in a different college, we could still meet up once in a while and discuss what was going on with our life and college... And Urvashi, she did not leave me here too... She was in the same college and we would meet up almost daily.. Time just passed and two years passed in a snap. It was actually one of the best times we had. Our whole day would pass going to college, classes, learning the debits and credits and the economic policies.....!!

After 10 + 2, for our graduation, we all thought of some different courses and colleges once again. We all wanted to do something basically related to finance but none of us were sure, what it would be. But it seemed that two years of separation was enough for us and so we all got together in the same college and for the same course.. That is till date the best part of my life.. From that time onwards, the three of us have been together in college which is for about three years and everyone minute spent here has been so precious and memorable that writing about it all in a few words would not be possible..

These three years have been the most amazing part of our lives. Firstly, we all are learning a new course, trying out with new experiments while presenting, making notes , using references. Also we began trying participating in the various co-curricular activities. It was quite different an environment from what we had in school. Out there we were very shy but being in college, we began to clearly express our thoughts, we made new friends from various other places and everyone had their unique behavioural styles and habits. It was really surprising at first to find everyone around us so different.. But the three of us were a company for each other.. later on , now as three years have passed, we feel that none of our class mates are different from what we are or what we were.. We, in fact through the continuous interactions, got to know each other better in the course of time.

College life also brought technology in our lives. Yes , I mean those SMS n IMs... In school, our communication was only upto the contact hours in school(read hardly a few minutes) But when in college, we all got Cell pones and later on computers... all these things seemed so new and fascinating then.... It was a wonderful means of being connected . Sometimes even in the middle of night, we used to text each other, sometimes important matters, sometimes just a good night message or sometimes just a "hi..Neend nahi aa rahi... r u awake?? " or the worst sometimes, just give miss calls. If someone on the other end is awake or gets awakened replies back.. The funnies part about all this is that we never ever run short of topics to talk or discuss about .But I guess it is these small things that have kept us connected and made us more and more comfortable in each others company.

Today, after being with each other through our teens and early twenties , we all have just known each other better. We speak up to each other about our mistakes , weakness and also praise for our achievements . We come together when in a problem , try to sort it out in the best way and over this period we have realised that we all started thinking in such a similar fashion.. Be it about our problems, other friends or any other prank too... Our thoughts have become like one... In fact, throughout our college, everyone has started recognising us as one only.If somedayDamini or Urvashi don't turn up and we happen to pass by someone, they would stop and ask, "Why are you two alone..?? Where is Damini/ Urvashi...??"

So although people say "Two is a company , three is a crowd", for us it has always been "Three is a company..." :) :)

The End

P.S.: This is my final post for the series and have written it from Binal's point of view. I had tried series posts for the first time and also this work was not fiction, unlike my previous ones. Thanks all for your wonderful comments and thoughts since the first part... Would be back with with something new soon.. Cheers... :)

3 Idiots, Damini's Take (Part - 2)

Our school practised the policy of "Divide and Rule"... Yes, they shuffled our divisions for our secondary classes but we were of course the students of the same school and we followed our own policy of "United we stand"... This in turn , led to "Divide and Unite..." Sounds strange naaa?? but that is what happened with me. I became Binal's friend. Though I knew her and Urvashi earlier, we did not speak much. Now, as things turned out to be, I also became their friend and we met everyday during our breaks discussing tales of both the class rooms. Everyone had new friends and their old set of friends too.. So, in a sense, our groups started growing with us.....

Then we all joined up the same classes for our SSC and that was one of the best times of my life, spent with my friends. Ours became a group of 5 eventually who always sat together, studied together and partied together... Yes those were the initial years when we started to celebrate birthday parties with friends, going out for dinners, just lazing around in the evening or meeting up for a chat...... Binal's house being at a convenient location was mostly our meeting point.... That age had its own excitement. Solving the problems of Algebra, imitating teachers, having some crushes, gossiping day in and out, keeping secrets, knowing secrets of others..... It kinda seems very childish now.. But in those days, all these things excited us a lot.. n even today just when we come across some phrase which correlates to some of our past stupid joke, it brings a smile on our faces...... A mysterious smile, which makes the other people around wonder "Whats so funny..??"

That was really a time when we knew each other, felt the importance and need of friends , bonded together strenghtening our friendship as well as proving our worth in academics . It is said that "A man's company matters a lot in moulding his character and nature" and I realised it is so true because all of us were best of friends but even competitors when it came to our exams.It was not that we fought for marks but just that we took up everything as a challenge and performed our bests......

Today , when I pass through my school gate and look at the ground I can still spot me Binal, Urvashi and myself chatting on the ground about which teacher scolded whom , what we did in practical labs, why our PE lecs were taken up by our Algebra Professors, discussing our prelim papers and exclaiming "Ohh....Maine socha ye likhu but phir socha galalt hai....!!!", discussing what we would wear for the saree day or our last day in the school, coming to the school to collect our SSC mark sheets which just did not give us the results of our past performance but also directed each one of us towards a future... A future which was till then unforeseen......"

To be continued....

PS:- I have written this post from my friends (Damini) point of view.... My first post this year.... I had thought of posting this very early.. but just could not...!! :(

Anyways, Wish you all a VERY HAPPY 2010...!!!! :)

3 Idiots, My take - (PART 1)

Pre script :- Hmm.. Bollywoood has seen so many stories about friends, specially guys and that too three guys... Hera Pheri, Hey Babby, Phir Hera Pheri and many others with 3 idiots being the latest on the list.... But never ever there has been a story on three girls who are friends.. not just friends..very good friends...I just thought of writing something in that line and this is a true story...

All the characters and places bear resemblances to people alive.. :P

This series dedicated to my lovely, really sweet & great friends Binal and Damini.. Love you both and thanks for being a part of my life ......... :) :)

This has nothing in common with the movie, the title declares....

Sometimes, looking back at time now, I think we were destined to be togehter since the first day of our school..In the same school and same class... when we did not even know the meaning of friends and friendship, I and Binal shared the sweet days of school, right since nursery.. I guess I dint know her then... atleast none of us remember.. but our class photographs of those days proves that we were in the same class....

Then... we knew each not as friends directly....arey story me kuch to drama hona chahiye naa...??? We had some fights over some things..(I dont remember exactly what) in our first and second grade.. One of the fight which Binal remembers very vividly is something about the whole class was made to sit after school hours and was punished because of me....( bad of me....U must be thinking.... Now I did not know this would be the punishment given when I had complained... ) That was the time when everyone in the class fought with me.....

Later as time passed, we started talking, knowing each other and in no time we were friends.... We sat on the same bench all day, learnt things, shared our tiffins in the recess and our feelings too...... the strange thing about us is that whenever we sat together, all teachers had to scold us for talking (even when we are not talking*) Huh, thats so strange.......!! Till date we both have not been able to understand how do the teachers just spot us even when the whole class is talking.. So this has been the story since school days.. we first sit together...then the teachers scold us.. There are complaints about us talking and not paying attention in class...(all false allegations upon innocent souls) and then we have to sit separately......

But that did not separate us.. We became even more close friends day by day all through our school..... It was always lovely to know that someone is there by your side who can understand what you want to say.... this was all about our primary school days, learning things, preparing for exams, fighting for marks when even a point mattered a lot.. all the race about being the CR, topper n blah, blah, blah... Yes we went through everything......

And then....

To be continued...

On this Friendship Day..!!

I want to wish all my friends a VERY VERY HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY and thank them for being with me at various stages in my life. You did make a difference in my life and even today if I am not in touch with you, or we don't meet or talk much, I still remember you and the times we spent together. Those moments can never be forgotten.

This story for my dear dear friends who have been my friends right since school and all through college.. For all my friends whom I met at various other places, for all my friends on this Blogosphere... n whooo... the list can go on and on.......!!

Copied hai.. ;)
But straight from the heart just 4 u..!!! :)

Friends AAJ KAL...!!

I know the title sounds as if it is inspired from " LOVE AAJ KAL " . I could not think of anything better for this.. Hence, the name.. !!!

Gone are the days when you had your friends just from your school, your college or neighbourhood. The term 'friends' is now no longer restricted to the people you know face to face. With the advent of social networking sites, making friends online is the latest buzz around.

I still remember my school days when in our English letter writing we were given a topic to write a letter to pen friend in some other country describing about the Indian culture and the festivals celebrated here. At those times, these all situations seemed so vague to me that how could you be friends with someone whom you have not seen.?? But this is no more a vague thought for friends and friendship. With social networking sites coming up, we get an opportunity to meet new people from various places with whom we share common interests or occupations. It just helps us to connect with anyone in the world out there. I myself have many friends whom I have met and known over these sites over a time.

The other side of this virtual friendship is a not so sweet an experience though. There are people who create fake profiles and fake chat names with easy access to these sites. Many a times, young children also create profiles giving their wrong age and get into chatting with people whom they do not know.The fun may sometimes be too costly if there is no proper guidance or knowledge for the user. Online chatting can sometimes also lead to Depression and lack of social interaction.

Sometimes, I feel sometimes we need to add people in our friends list just because of obligation of knowing them. In reality we might not be so speaking much to them but then they are on our friends list.

In the end, the number of people you have in your friends list are in no way an indicator of the number of friends that you actually have. A friend is the one with one you can really share all your feelings, all your joys and sorrows. None of your online friends can replace them in your life. But with social networking you can surely say that somewhere in your life there is a thread which connects you with your friends in this busy world when we have less time to actually keep in touch with everyone around. Got to go now.. Have to scrap all my friends "HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY..." ;)