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Journey Called Life..

I remember how at a time when I had just joined college, I was particularly crazy about a show on TV - Roadies. I don't think I need  to brief any teenager about that show, but for those who don't know what the show was about, it was a show wherein a group of  teenagers selected from different locations across the country used to be teamed up. They would then travel to various destinations  on bikes, facing various huddles, enjoying at exotic locations and competing with each other at tasks set out for them and then the  last one to survive in the whole game would be declared as the winner. I was extremely crazy about that show initially and in the first  few seasons, I hardly missed any episodes. I always wished... I want to be a Roadie... I want to travel and see everything.

But then, today, over 10 years down the line, when I sit down by the window,on a Saturday evening, watching the traffic on  highways, I feel are we not on the Roadies everyday..???

We are travelling everyday..from Yesterday to Today....!!

We are meeting new people everyday... Our Family, People at work, at parties, at outings..

We are facing new huddles & challenges everyday...Problems, tasks, assignments, deadlines, targets... There are so many things that  we have to set right & survive though in our life before we can move ahead... Then comes the small and big  joys which can sometimes  be as small as sipping a cup of tea at the roadside tea stall on a pink, rosy morning or a simple "Good Morning " text as you wake up in  the morning or some things as  big as a promotion or buying a new house.... So many things that make us smile every day and every night in our dreams..   

The journey of life has to go on, from birth to infancy to teenage, then school, college, careers, love, family, kids, responsibility, fame, prestige and then old age. Every day is an adventure as we complete our tasks and emerge as "Winners". Everyday is a new beginning, which takes us a step closer to our goals, purpose  in life and our inner self.

Stephen Covey said "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey... We are spiritual beings on a human journey." Same words.. But the order means so much..!! Isn't it..?

Kudos.. Enjoy the Journey,