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The Perfect One - 55 Fiction

Priyank felt it was the height of coincidence when all his interests matched hers. 

He really felt like he was marrying “The Perfect One” unless on their first night, he got to know about their one more common interest...

When he got to know that Jiya was interested in “Women.”

ThE sUrPriSe..!! - 55 Fiction

“Its so strange.. I mean after being away for nearly a month, without any trace.. And then suddenly….”

“Yeah strange… But more of a surprise naa..??” Shikha enquired.

“Surprise..?? I can’t manage it. I thought it was over & I was finally out of it.


I will have to still carry my Umbrella….” :P

P.S. : Wow Folks, feels so good to be back at My Corner after so long.. I hope the 55-er was not that bad... But the rains outside made me feel like writing something....& what have you all been upto..??? I think everyone is kind of away from blogosphere.. Or is it a feeling just because I am away from here.. Well about me, apart from enjoying the unexpected rains in Mumbai, I am planning to get back to studies, books, exams &.......

The HANGOVER...!! (55 fiction)

Mom called "Come for dinner..."

But to me... Everything around seemed so dull and dizzy.... Even keeping my eyelids open was seeming to be a tough task... My head was just spinning like anything.... I drank water, gulped down an Aspirin and decided NEVER EVER TO........


P.S. : I don't know if it was a good attempt at 55 fiction... Actually it's not a fiction. Experinced it last weekend when I went on to read a full small novel but at the end of the day...... Huh.....!! :P :P

TC :)

The Limit

Me- "A limit..??? Why..??"

He- "That I don't know..."

Me- "We talk Freedom of speech, freedom of Expression.. Fair advertisement... What's this..?? It is not done."

"Ma'am..You can buy if you wish...." the shopkeeper said handing over the SMS Bonus card to me, which said UNLIMITED FREE SMS*

*Limited to 5oo SMS per day.

P.S. Just thought of writing about these weird schemes of telecom companies wherein they advertise something and the actual offer is something. Not that 500 sms is less per day..But why cant they advertise it that way..??

Whats your view..??

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I wanted to Experience 'It'....

All the girls in my class were talking about it... I wondered what was so special.

That evening, I told Di about it. She exclaimed,"Happens.. Common in teenage.. Nothing is real.. It's all Fantasy...Stay out..!!"

But I was anxious. Stealthily, I went to the old book store and got my first MILLS & BOONS..!! ;)

P.S. :- So was "MILLS & BOONS" a part of your growing up too...??? (Of course, this is for all the females on this blog ...!! ) :P :P

Wish you a Happy Women's Day...!!!

The Call

For the seventh time, he dint answer her call because he was angry at her for not calling him throughout the day.

The next morning he got a call from the police saying that the girl had an accident last night while driving using cell and his number was first on the recent call list..!!


P.S. : This is my first attempt at writing 55 fiction, a form of fiction to be completed within a limit of 55 words.Its really challenging to complete the story in just 55 words. I found it interesting and so decided to give it a try..!! Do let me know how it was and if there are any suggestions for further improvement.!!!

My inspiration for this was my blog mate Shruti..!! Cheers to you yaar, you write fabulous stories in just 55 words..!!!