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IMPRESSION- A mark, a feeling that is left behind after the person is gone.. So true and striking.. Isn't it??

Impressions- something we create about people when we meet them and something people create about us at the same time... Its basically a two way process and many-a-times we form impressions subconsciously. We don't even think like I have met so and so.. Now let me form an impression about so and so...... It just comes to us...!! It is actually a combination of reactions and feelings that are a result of interaction.

Impressions are formed sometimes so quickly - may be even in just one look.. and sometimes it maybe a result of knowing some one for a long , long time. Impressions can be good or bad, quick or formed over a period of time, right or wrong, longlasting or easily forgettable and even startling to the person whose impressions are being spoken about...!! I can say this very confidently because I have experienced it.

This happened a while ago. It came to me a shock when I got to know that some of my friends in my building had an impression that I am a very simple and studious girl and away from all this so called chatting and stuff.... They were all shocked to know that I had account on Orkut and Face Book too... I dint have a chance to talk on that topic to them earlier & they thought of me as someone so different from them.. But now that they know about it and they no longer have the same impression..!!!

Now the question is- Do we really need to meet to form impressions??

This is the most interesting part. We may form impressions even without meeting but through various other interactions such as reading something written by people, hearing about them, talking to them, meeting them, discussing a topic of interest and all those actions and words come together to form a picture about that person into our minds...!! So meeting according to me is not essential to form an impression but the impression that a meeting leaves behind, is far more striking than all the other modes...!!

Some people come from the school of thought that, "First impression is the last impression.." So when they form any opinion or impression, they stick to it always without being open to changing their views in the future. When you come across such people, it is essential that you are careful in your behaviour because even a small mistake on your part may lead to forming a BAD IMPRESSION.. and it stays on FOREVER...!!

In this case - “You never get a second chance to make a first impression..”

Other people form impressions over a period of time when they have met and known people. Though they may form impressions at the first meet they are open to modifications and they actually get to know people better..!! I generally don't form impressions at the very first meet. No doubt the first meet leaves behind an impression but I have personally realised that it is only after talking and getting to know more of a person that I really understand them and it has happened so many times that my first impression change drastically over a period.
For eg: In the first meet people who I thought were shy came out to be so friendly, humorous and open later on.....!!

I feel that "Impression cannot be faked ever." It is best that you be yourself and leave an impression in the minds of people AS YOU ARE so that they remember you for that...

Hmmmm.. So what Impression do you have on your mind after reading this ...?????

Impressed..?? ;) :P