I love doing tags.....Doing this Tag after a Long time....

I was tagged for this by Niraj some time ago.So having nothing to do on this Lazy Sunday afternoon I took up to answering these interesting set of questions... Thanks Niraj..

Here are my answers..

If I were a Bird, I'D be A Peacock.

If I were a Color, I'D be Pink.

If I were a Leader, I'D be like Shilpa M'am (She is our co-ordinator at college and I really respect and admire her.)

If I were a Liquid, I'D be Water.

If I were a Time, I'D be the Present.

If I were a Cellphone, I'D be Nokia 5233 ( My recent favourite...)

If I were a Watch, I'D be the one with diamond studded dial and a silver bracelet..

If I were a Car, I'D be Honda City..

IF I were a Music, I'D be something soft and soothing like the sound of a Flute or Guitar

If I were a Voice, I'D be like Neha Bhasin.. ( Love the song Kuch Khaas hai by her...)

If I were a Emotion, I'D be Happiness .

If I were a Smile, I'D be Smiling.. (Sounds weird..I know..but what else can I write.?? )

If I were a water, I'D be Ice.

If I were a Investor, I'D be Smart and Careful... :P

If I were a Stock, I'D be stock of some Bank...

If I were a Subject, I'D be Literature.

If I were a Flower, I'D be a Colourful Rose.

If I were a Writer, I'D Want to be like Sidney Sheldon .

If I were an Artist, I'D be a Painter.

If I were a Life, I'D be living to the maximum .

If I were Luck, I'D be With those who need me.

& Finally.......

If I were a Missing Thing in the world, I'D be Peace........

P.S. : I had read this tag on other blogs too... Its really a nice exercise..SO if you too wanna try...Take this up and let me know your Wishes too....

Vacations in Summer...Arrrgghhh... :(

Comes April and it is the time for exams and semesters to wind up. Time to dump your books and enjoy Vacations....

But I really don't understand why should we be having vacations in Summer..??? I mean summers are so hot. I just don't feel like going out anywhere in this sunny weather..So what is the use of having vacation...??Even if I go out, the skin gets all sun burnt. It is not at all pleasant to go out in this weather...Leave alone vacationing. The only place apt for summer vacations would be some cool, cool hill-station.. Else, it can be a total disaster.

Imagine if we had vacations in Winter...Wow... It would be so lovely... Firstly , I would love to sleep till late on cool winter mornings... Then wake up lazily, roam about, have fresh fruits for breakfast and then just go out and enjoy in the pleasant weather outside... Though winters in Mumbai are not so freezing cold, it is the best part of the year according to me... Not for studying or completing assignments.. But just go out for a vacation..!!!

What If we had vacations in Monsoon...?? That would also be great because during monsoons, it is entirely the opposite of what happens in Winter...!! I enjoy the rains but the thought of going out to colleges in monsoons...all drenched up... walking through water blocked lanes... Hmm.. I don't think any more description is needed...Right..?? So whenever it rains, I just feel that all schools and colleges should give vacations and let the students be at home..

But things always do not go as I want them.. (Thankfully.... Or else it would be a mess... :P ) Vacations have been, are and will continue to be during the summers... and in a way.. I Love them too... After all.... Its only during our student life that we get such long vacations...

P.S. These days I am on vacations and at home. So enjoying the most but also missing my college and friends...

Ohh God.. Why is there a "But" in most of my statements..?? :P :)

The Limit

Me- "A limit..??? Why..??"

He- "That I don't know..."

Me- "We talk Freedom of speech, freedom of Expression.. Fair advertisement... What's this..?? It is not done."

"Ma'am..You can buy if you wish...." the shopkeeper said handing over the SMS Bonus card to me, which said UNLIMITED FREE SMS*

*Limited to 5oo SMS per day.

P.S. Just thought of writing about these weird schemes of telecom companies wherein they advertise something and the actual offer is something. Not that 500 sms is less per day..But why cant they advertise it that way..??

Whats your view..??

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Don't Stress my Pateince....

Someone has said, “Patience is a virtue. Possess it if you can. Seldom found in Woman, Never found in Man”

Do you agree to it??

Talking about myself, I think I am patient a lot. I am never in a haste to get something or complete my task. I can wait for a reasonable amount of time. Also I try to be patient and calm when someone around me is angry. So,in this way, I am patient.

But..But...But...there are times when I turn impatient too.. When I know something half through, I have to know it completely then and there. There are sometimes when I want to know the things or tell something and I get impatient.. Happening a lot with me lately....

Talking about Men....Ahem Ahem.....

Well... Not about all.... Just want to talk about one of my friends who is very, very, very patient...(Pun intended...!!!)

Some days ago, while I was sitting with my friends in the canteen, discussing over something, my Friend Bharat said "You all are stressing my patience.." I thought I heard something out of the way.. But none of my other friends seemed to notice the words. So I kept quite and the conversation went on.

Again after a few minutes, I told something to my friend who was on the other end of table.. She began laughing. Now it so happened that Bharat did not get the joke or something and he asked me, "What did you say..??"

Now, to this we all replied in unison, "Nothing..You wont understand..!!"

He was so so so frustrated over it that he spoke the same thing "You all are stressing my patience.." This time I was sure I heard it correctly.

I asked... "Stressing my patience..What kind of English is that..??"

He replied back,"That's MY ENGLISH...!!"

I was so amused to hear it. Now this is such a cute part about him.. He gets impatient very very soon. Just start telling him "A..." n then stop.. He would get impatient and again the trademark dialogue. I have never come across any such person in my life yet... Its very unique about him.

He is impatient about so many things... about knowing what we talk...what we do... Even if I get a bit late in replying to him, he would message back, "Reply fast...!!"

Once there was an SMS I got, " Tell me one thing that you don't like about me." When I forwarded it to him, I got the reply- "You all stress my patience....!! You don't tell me so many things..."

There have been so many occasions when we are talking about something else and from there the topic changes to "Don't stress my patience..!!!"

Now I have got so much used to this dialogue that even when I hear or say the word "Patience" the next word I remember is "Stress"..!!

A small suggestion for you Bharat....

"Don't be stressed...Be Patient..!!"

So when does your patience get Stressed???

For the first time...

That night, she was very very tired but when she lied down on bed, she just could not sleep..

All the scenes from the day flashed by her eyes...

One day.. And so many things in her life had changed...

She recollected a dialogue fro ma movie "Life mein bahut saari cheezein pehli baar hoti hai..."

For the first time... She had lied at home while going out...

For the first time... She got the biggest surprise when she knew that he had got a new bike...

For the first time... She sat on the bike with fear but was confident that he would take care of her..

For the first time... She roamed around places, where though she had been earlier, seemed entirely different and new that day...

For the first time... She felt like talking and talking as someone was listening to her with a smile..

For the first time... She walked barefoot on the rocks as the water kissed her feet...

For the first time... When she was about to lose her balance, someone was there to hold her hand...

For the first time... she dint realise how time flew by.....

For the first time... she knew why people in Love spent sleepless nights.....!!

For the first time... she had been on a "Date..!!"

P.S. : For the first time, tried my hand at writing something romantic.... :P

Actually I had found this pic sometime back and wanted to write something based on it..How is it..??? :)

Good-bye "Masti ki Paathshala..!!"

Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again...

Kandhon ko kitabon Ke bojh ne jhukaya
Rishvat dena to khud Papa ne sikhaya
99% marks laaoge to ghadi, varna chhadi...

Likh likh kar pada hatheli par
Debit , Credit ka chaala
Profit or Loss aur Balance sheet ne poora bachpan jalaa daala

Bachpan to gaya
Jawani bhi gayi
Ek pal to ab humein
Jeene do jeene do..

Na..na.. na...

Wondering why I am writing songs here...?? Well I m just humming this song which I heard at my farewell the other day....

In case you dint notice, my classmates made some customisations for the song to suit to our commerce background..!!

That was our last day at college officially. We had a farewell party which was really wonderful. Had awesome performances, award distribution and above it, DJ too.. A memorable evening with mixed feelings...!!

This phase of my life- "college" is also getting over now...

Feels kind of nostalgic...

5 years spent in the same place...

When I came I dint even know the A, B ,C of commerce...

Today I know about so many concepts relating to accounts, banking, finance etc etc...

Felt here like "just out of shell" after school...

But now I realise my college was also a shell....The Real Open World is yet to be faced..

New place, new friends, new professors teaching new things.... thats how I felt in the beginning...

But now every nook and corner feels so known and so familiar...

These three years of graduation were specially very, very memorable for me. It was a whole new world in the beginning. A class strength of 60 with just the number of boys sufficient for a cricket team.. :P

Teachers coming in and teaching their own subjects.. the freedom to attend or skip those lectures... No need for writing down n maintaining all notes...all this seemed so so exciting..

But the three years just passed in a jiffy. Even today when I pass by my first and second year classroom, my mind flashes all the memories of moments spent there. The Lectures, exams, punishments, events, results, every single thing, every single moment... I still remember the last year when we had bidden Farewell to our seniors and I had a discussion with my friends, "Next year it would be us..." Dint know this day would come so so early.Some times I feel like stopping the clock and live in just that moment not wanting to move ahead..I just want to enjoy and live that moment. This was one such occasion. But alas, as Time and tide wait for none..Life has to move on...

It was time to bid good bye to a wonderful college , great teachers and lovely friends and move ahead from Masti ki Paathshala to discover the new opportunities and adventures on the roads ahead.....

I just got this sms from my classmate after our farewell party

"Separation is a wound that no one can heal. But,

Remembrance is a Gift that no one can steal.."

So true and touching.. Just loved it...!! Will move ahead with this thought..!!

P.S. : This post dedicated to all my college friends. Life with you all was really wonderful and I am really gonna miss this place a lot.

Wish you all Good Luck for your future. TC :)