My First Tag :)

This is my FIRST EVER TAG post on my blog. I had read the tags and found them pretty interesting. Finally got a chance to write for myself.

This was tagged to me by friend 'Neha'.

Some things about this tag :

1) Link the person who tagged you.

2) Post the rules on your blog.

3) Share the ABCs of you.

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Here I go :- 26 odd things about me ;)

A – Available/Single? Single.

B – Best friend? Mummy.

C – Cake or Pie? Cake..Black Forest.

D – Drink of choice? Cold coffee, Nimbu Paani.

E – Essential item you use every day? Cell phone.

F – Favorite colour? Pink.

G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? Gummy bears.

H – Hometown? Mumbai.

I – Indulgence? Ice creams.

J – January or February? February.

K – Kids & their names? What..?? I'm a kid yet....!! ;)

L – Life is incomplete without? Aspirations

M – Marriage date? Not fixed yet... !!! I'll invite u 4 sure.. :)

N – Number of siblings? 1..Younger bro.

O – Oranges or Apples? Oranges.

P – Phobias/Fears? Fear of insects....Insectophobia, if it is called so..!! ;)

Q – Quote for today? "I believe in simple living and high thinking." My all time favourite one.

R – Reason to smile? Smile to make others smile :)

S – Season? Winter.

T – Tag 3 People? Prerna, Ganesh, Dr Riya

U – Unknown fact about me? That I am very sensitive.

V – Vegetable you don't like? Karela(Bitter gourd) :(

W – Worst habit? Sleeping late at night.

X – X-rays you've had? None.

Y – Your favorite food? Punjabi.

Z – Zodiac sign? Taurus.

A Red Letter Day In My Life....

After completing the school days,every school student feels ,he is at last free from the shackles of rules , homework and more importantly the uniforms... There are dreams budding of Campus masti, meeting new people, learning new things and a curiosity of actually discovering the whole college environment..To know if it is as shown in movies..or as described to them by some elder siblings or friends.....

So I was no exception to this..After my SSC I got admission in the desired college in the desired stream and was just waiting for my expedition to begin..At last the D-day first day at college...

I had afternoon college @ 12.30 p.m. and had to travel by train for about an hour to reach there.I started from home..It was raining heavily..I managed to reach the station and was waiting for my friend to arrive..But she did not reach there. After waiting for about 10 minutes more, I boarded the train alone..It was too crowded and I wished I had not boarded this one.

I finally reached my college. It was still raining heavily.During the first lecture itself we were informed that all lectures for the day had been cancelled and that we could leave.I and some of the new friends I made went to the canteen...And then after an hour or so, we decided to leave...

It was still raining heavily and when I reached the station again.. I got to know that all the trains had stopped working. Not knowing what to do.. I roamed around for some time. I was trying to reach my dad and tell him about the situation. As I dint have any cell phone those days.. I waited at a PCO in the long queue... And when it was my turn to make the call I found
that the PCO was no longer working. It had gone dead.

The rains did not show any signs of stopping.. At this moment,I was really scared, a whole new place.. no familiar landmarks... and no idea of where to go further..

Now one of my uncles lived here but I had never been to their place alone earlier. So again I had to recollect the address and look for a way reach there. None of the auto agreed to take me there. I was on the verge of crying when at last I found an auto driver who agreed to take me there. On the way, I got to know that the rains were really heavy and there was water logging in different areas. It was for the first time I had witnessed something like this. To add to this, the auto stopped in the middle of the way.I was really terrified at what to do.. I felt as If all the bad things had to happen on that day. I started walking on the unknown road. I confirmed the address with some people to assure that I was on the right way. I came across places where there the water level was knee deep..As i moved along the water level started rising..On either side of the road were some people who volunteered to help the passers by.

Passing through waist deep waters ,witnessing some of the houses on ground floor flooded with water...I finally managed to reach my uncle's place at about 5.00 p.m. and to my surprise they were all expecting me..!!!Everyone was worried about me as to where I had been all this while. I informed my parents about my arrival and then I had to tell my tales of how I managed to reach there despite the water levels. I spent the next two days there without any power, sleep, appetite and communication with my family at home...

So this was my first day at college... The 26Th of July,2005.. A date for which I believe every Mumabaikar will have a story to tell.. Even after 4 years today.. I can visualise every moment of the day... This day has been by far the most adventurous day in my life.. Discovering a whole new place... the dark and wild side of nature... All by myself with no one around to guide me...!! Later when I realised the gravity of the calamity that had struck the city... I felt I was lucky to have at least reached a place where I could be safe...! !

So which is the RED LETTER DAY of your life ? ? ?


From "Wow.. Its MONSOON....!!" to
"Oh...When would it STOP raining...???"

Mid July.... The lovely rains...... !! The last week was full of rains and at last I am feeling once again that "Wow.. Its MONSOON....!!"

All the seasons round the year get me into a special mood... The summers bring with them the excitement of vacations and mangoes... Winters bring lazy mornings but freshness and merriness all around... And the monsoons....
The season actually sets me in different moods.. I love to watch the heavy showers from my window and even touch a few rain drops.... Feel the light drizzles on my palms.. Which invoke a freshness in the whole body... The pleasant winds and coolness everywhere.... a cup of tea.. and some pakoras... with a novel or some chit-chat and I feel the atmosphere can never be better than this........!!!

But on the other side... I hate going outdoors in this season, especially travelling because it's a mess on the road with so many people and the umbrella's clashing, water dripping from each of them, getting drenched, stuck in the traffic and you always get late.... So it irritates me many a times leaving a feeling of "Oh...When would it STOP raining...???"

Rain is one of the BEST GIFTS OF NATURE to the whole EARTH..... A necessity for its survival and existence... A gift to be accepted, be pleased and to enjoy every moment of it....!!!

Are You Yourself ??

This question is something which I think all of us should ask ourselves every once in a while. In the present times,we have been exposed a lot to fake and imitation.We notice people in our surrounding and behave in accordance with their expectations from us or we try to copy their behaviour. In the real sense, we have stopped living for ourselves.

Right from the way we talk, we dress, the places we go to and even the food that we eat is all influenced by the act of imitation. This behaviour is generally seen among the college students who try to adopt new styles only to keep in trend. They seldom forget about their own selves, their style and attitude in midst of all this. With the fear of being poked or made fun of or rejected by their friends, they adopt new styles without realising the impact it may have on them in the future. Now with this simple example i think everyone would identify how much we fake in our daily lives.
A student might like to attend a particular lecture in college but just because everyone in his class says that the professor is boring,this student would also join them if he is not very strong about his principles and fears rejection. He may also start saying that the lecture is boring whereas deep in his heart he may want to attend it.

Now people have this attitude of criticising rather than praising or appreciating someone. Human heart always craves for praises and in this quench we begin to try to please people. We act and behave as they want us to behave. We live our life for ourselves. We should do things which please us and make us happy. Everyone has an aim in their life. I believe, we must work independently to achieve this and the result should satisfy us. We must not bother about what others think about it. Everyone is this world is "Unique" and we should have firm belief in ourselves and our decisions.Then the world around would have less of imitation and more of reality.I just came across a quote which says:

It's better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody.
-Matt Damon

But I believe that,
Why be a Nobody in your life..?? Be Yourself..

Its better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.