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Vacations in Summer...Arrrgghhh... :(

Comes April and it is the time for exams and semesters to wind up. Time to dump your books and enjoy Vacations....

But I really don't understand why should we be having vacations in Summer..??? I mean summers are so hot. I just don't feel like going out anywhere in this sunny weather..So what is the use of having vacation...??Even if I go out, the skin gets all sun burnt. It is not at all pleasant to go out in this weather...Leave alone vacationing. The only place apt for summer vacations would be some cool, cool hill-station.. Else, it can be a total disaster.

Imagine if we had vacations in Winter...Wow... It would be so lovely... Firstly , I would love to sleep till late on cool winter mornings... Then wake up lazily, roam about, have fresh fruits for breakfast and then just go out and enjoy in the pleasant weather outside... Though winters in Mumbai are not so freezing cold, it is the best part of the year according to me... Not for studying or completing assignments.. But just go out for a vacation..!!!

What If we had vacations in Monsoon...?? That would also be great because during monsoons, it is entirely the opposite of what happens in Winter...!! I enjoy the rains but the thought of going out to colleges in monsoons...all drenched up... walking through water blocked lanes... Hmm.. I don't think any more description is needed...Right..?? So whenever it rains, I just feel that all schools and colleges should give vacations and let the students be at home..

But things always do not go as I want them.. (Thankfully.... Or else it would be a mess... :P ) Vacations have been, are and will continue to be during the summers... and in a way.. I Love them too... After all.... Its only during our student life that we get such long vacations...

P.S. These days I am on vacations and at home. So enjoying the most but also missing my college and friends...

Ohh God.. Why is there a "But" in most of my statements..?? :P :)


From "Wow.. Its MONSOON....!!" to
"Oh...When would it STOP raining...???"

Mid July.... The lovely rains...... !! The last week was full of rains and at last I am feeling once again that "Wow.. Its MONSOON....!!"

All the seasons round the year get me into a special mood... The summers bring with them the excitement of vacations and mangoes... Winters bring lazy mornings but freshness and merriness all around... And the monsoons....
The season actually sets me in different moods.. I love to watch the heavy showers from my window and even touch a few rain drops.... Feel the light drizzles on my palms.. Which invoke a freshness in the whole body... The pleasant winds and coolness everywhere.... a cup of tea.. and some pakoras... with a novel or some chit-chat and I feel the atmosphere can never be better than this........!!!

But on the other side... I hate going outdoors in this season, especially travelling because it's a mess on the road with so many people and the umbrella's clashing, water dripping from each of them, getting drenched, stuck in the traffic and you always get late.... So it irritates me many a times leaving a feeling of "Oh...When would it STOP raining...???"

Rain is one of the BEST GIFTS OF NATURE to the whole EARTH..... A necessity for its survival and existence... A gift to be accepted, be pleased and to enjoy every moment of it....!!!