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What's that??

I came across this really wonderful and touching story in my mailbox a couple of days ago. The video is a Greek short film. Check it out. No words would be able to explain it better.

The message conveyed by the movie is that you must respect your parents and always remember that no matter how much ever you learn or earn, you can never be above them and if you think so.. Then it would just be arrogance..!! The sparrow here stands for even simple things around you today like computers, mobiles etc... Things about which maybe, you know more than people around you.

You may know more than what they know but it is they who helped you to know those things. Once upon a time... even you did not know so many things... Dint they teach it to you then? Maybe you are lucky to know these things today.

So be patient and humble about things you know, respect the people in your life who added to your store of knowledge - your parents, teachers, family and other people around you and share your knowledge......!!