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"The first thing I do in the morning is check my cell...."Its a group I have joined on FB... But isn't this a fact for the most of us..??

Just talking about yesterday-

I woke up in the morning. Checked my cell besides the pillow.

Nothing new.

Just rubbed my eyes and sent a message to a couple of friends-

"See outside the window...
Sun rising for U,
Flowers Smiling for U,
Birds Singing for U,
'Coz last nite I told them all to wish Good Morning to U...!!

GM :) "

I sent the message and after a while I got a reply-

"Koi fayda nahi yeh sab karke. ;)
Mujhe bahut neend aa rahi hai... Sone de mujhe. GNSD..."

GNSD..This was at 9.00 in the morning.... Great friends..!!

I replied-

"Ok..sleep well... GN.. :) :P"

Now this what I want to talk about today........ SMS....

I have developed this habit of hitting the reply button as soon as I read a message.... I don't know but how over the past few months I reply for most of the messages that I receive.. Even the forwards, just like the one above.

SMS conversations were so much a part of my routine till lately... But now I love this mode of communication I love all those messages in my inbox and I even like to reply for them - be it PJ's ( also includes CID PJ's) or Shayaris or thoughts or Quotes...

Also there are some messages where you have to choose some item from a list and then you are said what the list represents..I even like such messages.

Eg: Which symbol you will select,
For your life partner…
Answer will be sent after your reply….
Reply must.This is 100 % True.

Answer (sent after reply)

% Kanjus
= Best Couple
# Every day shopping
$ Non stop kisses
? Half minded
/ A soft touch with a smile
! Bold and smart

Now what connection it has with lifepartner cannot be expalined by even a huge thesis but it is definitely Fun...!!

And such mesages... The one which has figures made using all signs and symbols... They are all also really really cute....

! !
| !"\(-.-)
| ! //>
| ! _/ \_

Tring... Tring...

Yaad Dilane Aayi Hon.

Aapke sms Nahi Aa Rahy Hain!

Sms Karo Warna Ghanti Kharab Kar k Bhag Jaon Gi. :-) "

Now the SMS length.... OMG... just 160 words/SMS...
I really find its too short...Specially while chatting. I generally exceed the word limit for one message.. It runs up to 2-3 messages.

I wonder how some people chat in just a couple of words in a message... Just words such as 'k' 'yeah' 'hmm' 'no' '5in' and on, on and on....

My bro also has this habit of just replying in a word to msgs. I asked him once about it to which he replies, rather preaches to me-

"It's not about words.. Its understanding.... Feelings don't need words... Bhavnaon ko samjo.. :P :P"

I thought if there is so much understanding, what is the need to even send such really Short MessageS..!!!

Whenever I write an SMS to someone it is my habit to start wid Hie...Hello.... or atleast end with GM, GD, GE, GN, GNSD, TC etc and loads of smileys... I like to edit messages before sending them. But sometimes I get messages in the evening which have GM written at the end.That really annoys me. How can one not even edit or check that much before sending.

It was the height when one of my younger cousin(lets call him K) sent me an Independence day forward on Republic day.... He dint edit the last line to suit the day. I read and replied...

Me- "Hello..wake up..Today its Republic Day...Not Independence Day...!!"

K- "Ohh..I 4got to edit n chng..."

Me- "Hmmm.... But remember it 4m now..!!" :)

K- "No no teacher...If u say, I will write it in my book a 100 times in my book 'Today is REPUBLIC DAY' and show you....."

Me- "Hehe...naa naa..No need for it...I am not such a strict teacher..!! :P :P

TC... do well with ur exams...Go study nw..Byee..."

And even after saying Byee...we continued talking for some more time before we said the final Byeeee....

Now again this is peculiar about chatting... We continue talking even after saying Byee...cyaaa.... at least 3- 4 times..Ain't it....???

P.S. : I'm loving this SMS style chat. It is really at your convenience, short, sweet, cute and makes me smile.... :)

So what is ur ishhhtyle of SMS..............????

Of Forks & Spoons..!!

Hmmm.. So as my title says..... My topic for the day is about FORKS & SPOONS...!!! Now , they don't need an introduction as they are very common to us in our everyday life, so much so that you must be even wondering what I have to write about them..... 

Well many things... Just read on..........

Actually whenever I go to eat out, I am very very nervous about eating with a fork and spoon... I feel some things are such that you cant manage to eat them with a spoons and forks..... At least I can't..!! 

Lets say... Pav-bhaji.. Now can you eat that without using your fingers..?? Even if you eat... Can you really enjoy the whole taste of it..?? It happened once when I went out with a couple of friends & we ordered Pav-Bhaji... Now this one friend of mine, she was so so particular that she cut the pav properly with her fork n spoon...picked up that piece with the fork, dipped it in bhaji and then ate it... Ohh can you eat it that way.. I did not even think of trying the whole process.. Just went along to eat my way.....!!!

Next...Dosa... Hmm... Now perhaps it is meant to be eaten that way in a restaurant & I even know that some people manage to eat it with spoons and fork properly and ohh-so- perfectly...!! My brother (oops..younger brother) is one among these genre of people... When eating out he is very very particular about using tissues, forks etc. Not that it is bad but when I am with him.. he expects me to do the same. Now I cant eat a Dosa with Fork... I can try but still I don't get the feel like I am eating it..n if I don't try, he gives me a look which says this-is-not-how-you-are-supposed-to-eat-it...!! And now that I know this perfectly well, I always order things that I can manage to eat with forks & spoons (properly). He is too particular about etiquette's when it comes to these things...But again it depends only on the place.. He is particular only about restaurants or malls.. Else we have even had Frankie wrapped with tissue and held in hand, at the stalls...!! 

The last on this list is Pizza... Yes , I even find it very very unmanageable to eat Pizza with knives & forks.. Tried it once and OMG.. I don't want to remember that day @Pizza Hut..!! At least the consolation on that day was that my friends and I , we were all in the same boat..!! None of us were able  to stuff any of those 6 pieces of the 8-inch round base topped with veggies...!! We really had a hilarious time there.. But thereafter,  I have never ordered a pizza when I went out.. I always prefer to eat it at home..!!

By now, you must be thinking this girl has no dining etiquette's..!! She cant even manage with Spoons & Forks...!! Let me tell you - Nothing like that. I just cant eat some things with them.. For the rest, I am comfortable using them..Like for pastas or Chinese food...!! And when at home, I am the one who uses the most number of spoons while dining. Now that is because I use a different spoon for everything on my plate. A different one for vegetable, a different one for rice and if there is some dessert, I can use another spoon. At my home, everyone is used to it but if I go out somewhere at someone else's place, people are startled to see this. They think I am far too sophisticated....!! Its not about being sophisticated but preference and they don't understand it.. Specially when at home and you eat rice with spoon.. They feel you are trying to be stylish or something something.. It is irritating at times. I have even heard so many lectures on how eating with hands helps in digestion, how fingers secrete digestive juices..etc. etc. etc....(I guess you wont understand this unless you know how Gujarati's eat and talk...!!) All this for using spoons..!!! Huh...!!!

So I really don't understand when it comes to Forks & Spoons.... To Use or Not To Use..??

HaPpY bIRtHdAy tO yOu....!!!!

Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to dear.....
Happy birthday to u...!!!

Did u read this in the typical happy birthday tone...???



Well, the purpose of this post is to know how actually people read things. It is proved that when we read something that we have heard many many times earlier and it follows a typical tune, our mind subconsciously reads in the same tone. So if you read the above lines in the typical birthday song way, it is because you have heard these lines so many times that the tune is registered in your mind and so you read it, recollecting the same tune in your mind...!!!

Ohkkk..Now enough with my Phekology..!!! ;)

The purpose of this post is not what is stated above. It is a simple post dedicated to someone special born this day... err.... Are you thinking I am gonna write about Mahatma Gandhi???? Na..naaa...Its my brothers birthday today...

What a birth date.. shares it with The Greatest Follower of peace, non-violence and truth.. Not that he has all these qualities..!!! ;)

Anyways who wants a peace loving brother????

So this is to wish him a Very, Very, Very Happy Birthday..!!!!

Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to dear Dhaval......
Happy birthday to u...!!! :)

This is for my sweet younger brother who turns 17 today.....!! Well so much to write about him that I can go on & on... But today I'll just mention here the relationship between me, my brother and blogging..!!!!

He just does.. naa... did not like my Blogging....!! Whenever he saw me reading or writing blog posts/ comments he used to get angry with me and keep on saying that I am just wasting time on the PC.. As he had some very important works on PC.... Important like playing Counterstrike, GTA Vice city & God Knows what other games......!! We had many arguments over it and finally....

One day when I was reading a story one night on one of my friends blog, he saw me smiling, while reading something.

Dhaval:- "Why are You smiling to urself?? You are studying naa..!!"

Urvashi:- "Arey this it ....You will like it..."

D:- "Is it on your blog again??"

U:- " my friends blog...C...."

D:-"Haan..Its all the same...your blog...Friend ka blog....."

U:- "Arey.....You don't know anything about it...Do u want to read it or no??"

D:- "Hmm...It isn't too long naa??"

U:- "No...."

Then Dhaval started reading it. I watched the expressions on his face change as he read every line. Smiling.. Amused, surprised.. His face reflected every mood described in the line.

When he completed it, he said it was really nice work. He liked it. Then he moved to the next one. He read three posts from the same blog and began enjoying it. He no longer had the same hatred for blogging or bloggers who spent their time blogging... !!

Then he read my blog. It was for the first time that he had actually read what I had written on Urvashi's Corner...!! He had seen the site many a times but had never cared to read anything. He verified a 1000 times if I had written all the articles myself and that they were not copy-pasted from somewhere..!!!! I explained him all things about blogging and the various types of blogs and also told him that blogging does not consist of copy-paste work...!!! It is creative..!!! That day we were reading blogs till about 1 a.m. and it changed his view about blogging. Now , we generally read blogs together at night and if he is not there when I come across some interesting posts, I refer them to him later....

He suggested me to write stories and not just articles...!! I told him that I would write about him in my blog then..!! All his stories....!!! ;)

So what better day than today??

Well right now, he is not at home. So I can write peacefully... He would know this only after it is published..!!! :P

He is my friend, enemy, my partner in all crimes at home, my mood maker when I am in a bad mood, a detective (a person who lives in all brothers who have sisters, I believe) who stealthily keeps a watch on all my activities...!!!!

Well... he is a sweet heart playing so many roles simultaneously..!!!

Have a great time....... Wishing you loads of happiness and success all through your life......!!!!

Cheers..!!! :)