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The Day GOOGLE has no DOODLE...!!!!

Ohhk folks.. Just tell me one thing..Which is the first page that most of you type on the address bar whenever a question hits your mind..??? Its Google..Right..??? Most of us even have it as the home page....And out of all the times that we search for information on Google, how  many times have you noted those fabulous fancy  fonts and styles(aka doodles) in which the words GOOGLE are written..!!???

I mean haven't you found this creation amazing..??? One word written in different styles giving the whole picture a completely different look and meaning and symbolizing something which even pages of words cannot describe!!!! The creative team behind all these wonderful Doodles is just too good. I, in fact wait to see those doodles everyday...And the day Google has no Doodle, the page looks so plain....No Doubt the Google logo itself has its own simplicity and smartness, still the way the doodles convey the special messages and events at the same time with the words - "Google" makes it all the more interesting...!!

My favourite series so far has been the Olympic doodles..It was one of the best creations with most of the doodles being animated and also depicting a particular sport.So tell me..Is it the same with you?? Which are your favourite Doodles online??? What other things amaze you on the net while surfing???

Waiting to hear from you all..Take Care..Keep Doodling till then...!!!!