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FaceBook IN, Orkut OUT...???

I still remember the day when I was asked by my cousin "Are you on Orkut..??" and I was like, "Orkut..??? What is that..??" Yeah I dont mind to admit that I was at that time really dumb about these things.. specially to this whole world of Internet and social networking. That was about some four years back... I did not even have an email ID before that. The reason for it was mainly ignorance.. I did not know that outside my world there is so much more to explore and I never even felt the need for such a medium of communication....

Then after my junior college I began to know things about Internet and orkutting and mailing etc. etc.. It was an awesome period discovering new things and finding I was finding it amazing... The whole concept of social networking fascinated me.

"Orkut" was the first social networking site I joined. I loved to create profile, fill in all the details and the DP... that is the best part about it.... I always upload cute pictures of cats, animals, babies, sometimes sayings or quotes on my profile. I loved to change them frequently.. Once in a while I upload my own pic for a few days... I always like to hear from my friends by means of scrap about how they were and what they were doing. Then there are testimonials.. I still find it the best feature of Orkut and I really love personalised testimonials, both- to write and receive.... Scrapping ,chatting, changing status messages, adding videos, discussions in forums.....I never knew when I became so much a part of this world which I dint even know once upon a time...

Then with time, I even created a profile on FaceBook but I never accessed it.. It was mainly because I did not understand the interface only. I always liked and preferred Orkut to FB... I somehow felt that FB had too much of stuff on one page.. the small font, the page divisions , the friend suggestion (I still don't understand how this feature works.. :P It suggests anyone and everyone as friends...!!) I just created a profile for kind of namesake. But since the past few months, I realise that my activity on FaceBoook has increased a lot. I log in frequently out there, check out the updates, comment on some status messages, Like links, share videos, play games, take up answering to quizzes and all such stuff which you know about more than me I guess... ;) But spare me since I am not a Mafia war player or owner of any farm or aquarium there.. ;) :P

Though I use both these sites, I have found that there has been a shift from Orkut to Facebook with regards to many of my friends and now that they are updating statuses all the time, they even have started hating Orkut and criticizing it.... I did not understand this. People there talk about Dumping Orkut and commenting about it. I came across many pages which had names like "Death of Orkut." " Orkut is for Oldies..." etc etc... and these pages had huge fan following... The trend has become like "Facebook In, Orkut out...!!!" I don't understand why people who were on Orkut full time till recently can change their opinion so quickly.I have also started finding facebook as a better option for networking but I have never disliked Orkut and I am sure I never will because it is the first social networking site I joined. It was like a window that helped me to have a look at the whole virtual world.

In the end, Orkut or Facebook does not really make a difference for me as long as I enjoy the time I spend there. Its just that sometimes when people change their opinion so suddenly and so strongly, I wonder how long would they even enjoy FaceBook...??? That time won't be far when some other popular site might pop-up(or it has already...?????) where people would criticize FaceBook..!!!!

P.S.: Really been a long while I wrote something in My Corner... So how are you all and how is this new template??? I loved this one at the first instant when I came across it...!! :)

Criticism - As I see it......

"Well..the movie was not so good.."

"I think you could have done better.."

"That book is just a waste of time...Full of stupid incidents...!!!"

Hmm.. Just trying to collect some sentences which I keep on hearing many times around. You also keep on listening to them - these Criticisms ??? Well.... Human nature.....!! Many-a-times, when you are displeased with something or someone, we find faults with them and condemn them. If you don't want any criticisms “Do nothing, Say nothing, and Be nothing.” But being social animals, that is not possible for us....... So what is this 'Criticism' all about???

I think these days many people just know how to find faults with others even though they may be lagging in the same field. They never even give a second thought before criticising. It is really a rude thing according to me because if you are into the habit of criticising everyone at every occasion, It can create a very negative image about you. But if you genuinely feel that the act is not praiseworthy but faulty, you should go ahead and criticise as well as provide the scope for improvement. Sugar-coated criticism can also sometime be used so that the morale of the person is not affected as well as the message is conveyed.

People who criticise should only do so when they are willing to change the system actually and demanding a change of pattern. Sometimes, its just namesake criticising and when they are asked what are the improvement areas, what more do they expect...?? They cannot reciprocate as well as their criticism. So the point is when you criticise, be sure of the grounds on which you are criticising and you want improvement. If you have no will to Change it, you have no right to Criticise it.

For Eg: After a movie, some of my friends came and started all kind of blah-blah about the movie not being good. I had not been to the movie so I did not respond then. After a few days when I watched the movie, I found it good and so I asked my friends what they dint like in it and in the end after I justified all their points, they had nothing more to say than it was too long...

People don't criticise themselves, no matter how wrong they may be. It is really difficult to criticize oneself. Talking about myself, I accept criticisms when it comes from someone who has more knowledge than me on the subject and the one who criticises with a view to see an improvement. I accept it and try to work on my faults and avoid them the next time. But 'Criticisms' from people around who just want to find faults with my work without even having an insight of the efforts put by me into it are not welcome.

Criticism and Praise are two opposite things. Not just opposite but paradox terms. This is because “If you have all praises, no critics you'll likely have no success.” Human beings always crave for praises and not criticisms. Its easier to accept praises rather than criticism but when it comes to giving - What do they find more easy.... To Praise or Criticise?????? Well you can see for yourself.