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Bhool Bhulaiya Solved...!!!

"Ohkk.. So When you get down, just go to ur right hand side straight & u'll find a shop 'Girnar' It is very big..I'll be just waiting opposite it."

"Arey woh McDonalds wala road hai naa..usme hi aage jaake turn legi to wahan pe shop hai... Kisi ko bhi puch naa, you will find it."

"Arey get down before the flyover starts & take the service road straight.. Then take your first right & you'll reach the office..."

Left, right, straight, curves, turns & what not..?? Uff this big city & so many directions..... I just was lost in this whole scene that I frequently called this city - "Thane" a Bhool bhulaiya. Every time my dad or friends instructed me about finding any location in this place, I would seriously avoid going there alone.. I would accompany someone or try to get my work done somewhere else....

But.. but ..but... Three months ago, I was posted at THANE branch of my bank & I had to go this HUGE city daily. I was seriously wondering how would I go there.. Which road to take, which platform the train would stop on...?? Which road would lead to office...etc etc etc...!!!

I slowly got to know the things around. In the beginning I just travelled straight from the road I knew... Then after a few days, I started to explore other routes on my way. I tried going from all the lefts, rights & parallel roads that lead to my office... It was then that I discovered that everything was so perfect. It was all built in squares & had perpendicular corners & turns. It all brought you back to the same place after a whole round was completed. Then the city no longer frightened me. I checked out a few flyovers & which areas they connected. The city is so big that the more you go into the heart of it, the more you can explore.. But by now, I have come to know all the major areas, localities, routes & landmarks. So now, if I get any directions about the left, right or turns to take to reach any place, there surely wont appear a question mark on my face but a smile that means the Bhool Bhulaiya is already solved.. Set up some other maze now...!! :P :)

Fear it..?? Try it..!! :)

Superb, sparkling silver and stylish... Wowwww...They look so great...!!

But would I be able to carry it off properly..??

This was the fear I always had when I looked at pencil heels...!! I found them really attractive and if someone would wear it , I would really admire her because it was like a fantasy for me to wear those type of sandals and walk properly in them.. (without falling..!!)

I have always been wearing box or platform heeled sandals but wanted to try pencil heels since long. Whenever I thought of buying it , the next thought would be, but how would I walk in them and considering the number of times I have to get down or climb steps at home, bus, college etc , I always let go off the thought for the time being..

But last month when I went shopping with my aunt, she encouraged me to buy those sandals. Back home I was pretty excited about it. They were silver and had 2 inch pencil heels.I loved it. But my mom was very apprehensive about me wearing those sandals.

At last after the numerous scoldings-cum-warnings from Mom and some tips from my sister, I tried them and guess what...?? I could manage it perfectly well.. I dint even trip over once in them(And I was even wearing a Saree that day..!!)... Though I had to be careful in the beginning while I was walking, I got used to it in a while..!! :)

My fear has vanished I would definitely buy more of those pairs in the future...!!Now this was a small incident about a small fear I had and how I overcame it.

I have heard many a times from people around that when you fear something... you must not give it up.. Instead, you should go ahead and try it..What do you stand to lose..??Even I have given this piece so many times to my cousins while they find something difficult or afraid to try but sometimes forget to apply those for myself...!!

We humans are really ironical at times...!! What say..??