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A tale of.......

Once upon a time there was a kingdom..a land....a place where many people lived.. Have you heard of this place..?? It was a place where there was no one ruler or king. Everyone was their own king. People worked on their own in a way, everyone was each other's friend. They seemed to know every person next door. Even if they did not know each other, they were always ready to help people around. Everyone expressed themselves to the best here and shared thoughts, views ,opinions and incidents from their lives . Their friends were always there to support them or correct them, as situation demanded.

The kingdom was huge and ever expanding... One day a girl who had been amazed by the people in this kingdom decided to visit it and when she was here....she was just fascinated by the place..Slowly, she started to be like the people round talking to everyone, sharing her thoughts and learning from her experiences.. It gave her joy and also helped her to identify herself even better... It became a memorable experience for her and she continued visiting the place more often....

Do you know which kingdom am I talking about..?? It is the kingdom of bloggers and the girl is me... today its my blogs first Birthday. It was exactly a year ago from this date that I started blogging actually and I have been enjoying every moment on this wonderful place since then... I discovered how much I loved writing and it also got to know so many like-minded people around..Someone just like me, some exactly opposite...some confident and open..some like the shy girl-next-door, some masters in writing..some beginners...!! Whatever be the category they fall into, there is one thing that is common.. that is the love for writing and each one combined it with their own style and hence every blogger in this space is unique....!! :)

Talking about my posts.. I have explored so many types in this one year that I am myself surprised...Even today when I go through some of my previous posts, I wonder..Did I actually write it..??? Those experiences, those memories, stories and fictions and even 55-fictions and poems too....!! I am like Ohh My God..!! I don't know if it happens to you all, but at times, I am really amazed...!! :) :)

Its FUN TO BE ONE...and there is only thing I would like to say right now.. "I'M LOVING IT..!!"

Cheers to blogging and all the Kings and Queens in this wonderful Kingdom..!! :) :)

HaPpY bIRtHdAy tO yOu....!!!!

Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to dear.....
Happy birthday to u...!!!

Did u read this in the typical happy birthday tone...???



Well, the purpose of this post is to know how actually people read things. It is proved that when we read something that we have heard many many times earlier and it follows a typical tune, our mind subconsciously reads in the same tone. So if you read the above lines in the typical birthday song way, it is because you have heard these lines so many times that the tune is registered in your mind and so you read it, recollecting the same tune in your mind...!!!

Ohkkk..Now enough with my Phekology..!!! ;)

The purpose of this post is not what is stated above. It is a simple post dedicated to someone special born this day... err.... Are you thinking I am gonna write about Mahatma Gandhi???? Na..naaa...Its my brothers birthday today...

What a birth date.. shares it with The Greatest Follower of peace, non-violence and truth.. Not that he has all these qualities..!!! ;)

Anyways who wants a peace loving brother????

So this is to wish him a Very, Very, Very Happy Birthday..!!!!

Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to dear Dhaval......
Happy birthday to u...!!! :)

This is for my sweet younger brother who turns 17 today.....!! Well so much to write about him that I can go on & on... But today I'll just mention here the relationship between me, my brother and blogging..!!!!

He just does.. naa... did not like my Blogging....!! Whenever he saw me reading or writing blog posts/ comments he used to get angry with me and keep on saying that I am just wasting time on the PC.. As he had some very important works on PC.... Important like playing Counterstrike, GTA Vice city & God Knows what other games......!! We had many arguments over it and finally....

One day when I was reading a story one night on one of my friends blog, he saw me smiling, while reading something.

Dhaval:- "Why are You smiling to urself?? You are studying naa..!!"

Urvashi:- "Arey this it ....You will like it..."

D:- "Is it on your blog again??"

U:- " my friends blog...C...."

D:-"Haan..Its all the same...your blog...Friend ka blog....."

U:- "Arey.....You don't know anything about it...Do u want to read it or no??"

D:- "Hmm...It isn't too long naa??"

U:- "No...."

Then Dhaval started reading it. I watched the expressions on his face change as he read every line. Smiling.. Amused, surprised.. His face reflected every mood described in the line.

When he completed it, he said it was really nice work. He liked it. Then he moved to the next one. He read three posts from the same blog and began enjoying it. He no longer had the same hatred for blogging or bloggers who spent their time blogging... !!

Then he read my blog. It was for the first time that he had actually read what I had written on Urvashi's Corner...!! He had seen the site many a times but had never cared to read anything. He verified a 1000 times if I had written all the articles myself and that they were not copy-pasted from somewhere..!!!! I explained him all things about blogging and the various types of blogs and also told him that blogging does not consist of copy-paste work...!!! It is creative..!!! That day we were reading blogs till about 1 a.m. and it changed his view about blogging. Now , we generally read blogs together at night and if he is not there when I come across some interesting posts, I refer them to him later....

He suggested me to write stories and not just articles...!! I told him that I would write about him in my blog then..!! All his stories....!!! ;)

So what better day than today??

Well right now, he is not at home. So I can write peacefully... He would know this only after it is published..!!! :P

He is my friend, enemy, my partner in all crimes at home, my mood maker when I am in a bad mood, a detective (a person who lives in all brothers who have sisters, I believe) who stealthily keeps a watch on all my activities...!!!!

Well... he is a sweet heart playing so many roles simultaneously..!!!

Have a great time....... Wishing you loads of happiness and success all through your life......!!!!

Cheers..!!! :)