I wanted to Experience 'It'....

All the girls in my class were talking about it... I wondered what was so special.

That evening, I told Di about it. She exclaimed,"Happens.. Common in teenage.. Nothing is real.. It's all Fantasy...Stay out..!!"

But I was anxious. Stealthily, I went to the old book store and got my first MILLS & BOONS..!! ;)

P.S. :- So was "MILLS & BOONS" a part of your growing up too...??? (Of course, this is for all the females on this blog ...!! ) :P :P

Wish you a Happy Women's Day...!!!

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Neha said...

aah! so it was mills and boons? :P
i haven't read it yet coz the cover page is way too i would say not-good-in-the-eyes-of-parents!!! :P
good attempt!


Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

Oh yeah sure sure :) But in my case, it was more of Sydney Sheldon than Mills and Boons. I hardly read them nowadays coz it reminds me of my ex-love. Makes me miss him more. But yeah, in teens, these were sure my startin novels. Loved the romance in Mills and Boons. I'm an aries female and aries women always believe miracles and fairy tales. So i always wanted my love story to be like one of them. Full of action and romance. Lolz... Good old days..

Urvashi said...

@Neha : Ahh...cover page...yeah it makes things difficult...... I have jus read one book in this series...

Thanks :)

@Chandana : Hey..Sidney Sheldon..one of my favourites toooo.. :) truly Romantic n hmm.... u knw wat else ... :) ;)

Good to read abt ur reaing tales.. . :) :)

Meow said...

It was Sidney Sheldon... I've read only one mills & boons book.. i forgot which one though.. bus SIDNEY is THE BEST :P

Happy Woman's Day :)

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

Aaah...Neha was kind explaining me MILLS & BOONS, good one then...:P

Harini said...

Belated Happy Womens Day.

Yeah, it was a part of me growing up. Thanks to them and few romantic movies i started living in that prince will come for me world :P.

Anonymous said...

Hmm that's amazing but honestly i have a hard time visualizing it... wonder how others think about this..

Shaunak said...

Someone once told me when I write romance, it's like a mills and boons story...being a guy, I kept my pride by not actually reading one :P

On that note, you have an award waiting for you! Drop by!


Urvashi said...

@Meow :hmm... Ditto.. dittoo.. ;)

@Sid: ohh thnks :)

@Harini : Wish u the same.. :)

Hmmm...they are really fascinating n take us t oa dream land so quickly...... agree wid u on tht ;)

@Anonymous : hmm... depends mayb from person to person.

@Shaunak : Ohho.. so u r Mr. Mills & Boons... ;)

Thanks 4 the award... :) :)

Neha said...

Mills and Boon - not at all my type..I am a more Ayn Rand fan :D

Vintage Obsession said...

Mills and Boon is way to dramatic but of course you totally have to pass through this phase its fun!
P.S my first time here :) intresting blog :)

Urvashi said...

@Neha: Ayn Rand..yeah heard but hvnt read yet...will surely try tht.. Thnks 4 dropping by... :)

@Vintage: Thanks... :)
dramatic...yeah..more of fiction than reality....but its fun....rightly as u said !!! :)