Friends AAJ KAL...!!

I know the title sounds as if it is inspired from " LOVE AAJ KAL " . I could not think of anything better for this.. Hence, the name.. !!!

Gone are the days when you had your friends just from your school, your college or neighbourhood. The term 'friends' is now no longer restricted to the people you know face to face. With the advent of social networking sites, making friends online is the latest buzz around.

I still remember my school days when in our English letter writing we were given a topic to write a letter to pen friend in some other country describing about the Indian culture and the festivals celebrated here. At those times, these all situations seemed so vague to me that how could you be friends with someone whom you have not seen.?? But this is no more a vague thought for friends and friendship. With social networking sites coming up, we get an opportunity to meet new people from various places with whom we share common interests or occupations. It just helps us to connect with anyone in the world out there. I myself have many friends whom I have met and known over these sites over a time.

The other side of this virtual friendship is a not so sweet an experience though. There are people who create fake profiles and fake chat names with easy access to these sites. Many a times, young children also create profiles giving their wrong age and get into chatting with people whom they do not know.The fun may sometimes be too costly if there is no proper guidance or knowledge for the user. Online chatting can sometimes also lead to Depression and lack of social interaction.

Sometimes, I feel sometimes we need to add people in our friends list just because of obligation of knowing them. In reality we might not be so speaking much to them but then they are on our friends list.

In the end, the number of people you have in your friends list are in no way an indicator of the number of friends that you actually have. A friend is the one with one you can really share all your feelings, all your joys and sorrows. None of your online friends can replace them in your life. But with social networking you can surely say that somewhere in your life there is a thread which connects you with your friends in this busy world when we have less time to actually keep in touch with everyone around. Got to go now.. Have to scrap all my friends "HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY..." ;)

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Anoop said...

its e-world now...
n so u do blog... :)
nice post.wat u said is very true..

Happy frndship day!
hav fun



completely agreeing to al ur views of online frenz n social networking...hope 2 catch u there as wel..

happy friendship day
hav fun

Darshan Chande said...

Very nice post about on-line and off-line friends... Good, well-written and very timely. And yeah, I loved the picture! Lolz..!

The Illuminator said...

It partly depends on how you choose your friends online. When the trend has just begun, I was a part of the bandwagon too. But since the past two years, I have chosen most of my friends wisely and have even ended up being friends with my virtual friends in the real world. And mind you, I have met some incredible people!!

Ganesh_Dalal said...

can't agree more.. one has to b extra cautious while making virtual friends.. but m lucky to hav u as my friend..

Urvashi said...

@ Anoop: Thanks. U too hv fun :)

@ Neha: Sure dear.. is my msngr id.
Hope to catch u online sometime for a chat :)

@ Darshan: Thank you n thanks to this internet that I got to a friend like you ....

@The Illuminator: I completely agree with you that our relationship with online frnds depends on hw we choose them.. Seems like you had a good experience in this.. Lucky u.. !! Tc :)

@ Ganesh : It has been nice knowing u too through orkut..!! Being friends with you is I believe one of the best things that happened to me being a part of that community n the games there :)

varsha said...

totally agree with what u say!
though i dont speak to more then 50% of the ppl in my frnds list...they r just there to increse the number of my
(p.s- the 'feeding fish' thing in ur blog is really awesom...i spent 20 min pointlessly clicking away

Urvashi said...

@ varsha : Good to know u had a gr8 time here..!!!

asit dhal said...

this is a virtual world, we need a different attitude to survive....

workhard said...

Hey.. i too have a lot of ppl on my list that i barely talk to ..

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