Confused..What to write today.......???

Have so much to tell...But I am not sure of what I must start with.....!!


Wow.. What a word....!!!!

NO barriers on using it...... Anytime.. Anywhere.....!!

It comes to your rescue when you cant solve a problem.. Just use the word confused along with some terms from the question and bingo your work is done..... It gives the impression that you have known something about it though not everything... (Just helped me yesterday...) ;)


A state of mind where you feel everything is right and the next minute everything is wrong. You begin to contradict yourself when in a state of confusion. It is essential during such times to be cool and not to take any hasty decisions. Speaking about your confusions to people who have been through it would make it easy for you to find solutions for it.


This is what you can do when you know your cards very well. When you know something in great detail you can confuse others about it if you are not able to put across your views in a way they would understand it. Some people deliberately confuse others.

Even I like it sometimes.

This would summarize what I wish to convey:

“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

Confused...May be you should read again..!!!! ;)

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Anoop said...

haha...i was alrite b4...but after readin this..m confused... khe khe khe...

nice...i hope u were not confused when u write it... ;)

haf fun

Ganesh_Dalal said...

Girl! you better watch out, you have started sounding CONFUSED.. ;)


Darshan Chande said...

Nice post. Different. And BTW, I am not confused after reading the quote :P

Urvashi said...

@Anoop: Well, I ws a little confused when I started writng it.. But till the end was quite clear....

Exactly opposite of wat happened to u.... ;)

TC :)

@Ganesh : Hmm Thanks.... M Alert now, not Confused..... ;)

@Darshan : Thanks.... Its good tht u aren't Confused... :)

NEHA said...

hey urvashi,

confused .. the word 2 r rescue i agree girl

LOL hope this isnt confusing u ..


workhard said...

I am a confused bunch!!!!!!!

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Bala said...

I am really confused by this post!!!!!!!!!!