Will he Change..??

A very strange, not strange actually...well you decide for yourself..what did u feel after reading this....!!

What I am going to write about is true... I wrote this in drafts and dint publish it also for two days thinking if I should or should not.....but I think I must....!!

What happened was.......

I was just walking back home with my friend when on the way I saw a vendor with some beautiful small purses that were knit using threads of different colours.They were really beautiful..I just happened to keep staring at them even while walking along and exclaimed to my friend "Wow..they are so beautiful...!!!"

Before I could even ask him to accompany me to that corner to have a close look at them, he said. "Why are you all girls like this..?? You like succhhh things..???"

Hearing this, something about our conversation around an hour ago struck me - where I was talking to my friend about some Eye-Liner..!! Now I know talking about cosmetics and all sounds girly, but definitely it as not something too boringg... Even then he had interrupted us saying "What have you started talking about in the middle of the road..???"

Now this is not to bring about the differences of opinion that we have (those are going to stay forever) but about the thing that happened later on..

When he did not like the purses, I immediately fired to him- "See, you are going to like all these things one day for sure... when someone special comes in your life..!! I am sure when she will say you any such thing , you will find this the cutest and the sweetest thing in the whole world.." I really dont know how but at that point of time I was determined to convince him about the likings of girls in general and also wanted him to agree to this attitude of girls...

He declined this point and went ahead.

I was still determined and reasoned out further, "I am sure this day will come in your life once...If you want, mark my words and you will definitely remember me for this...!!"

Now he took this very very seriously and said "I am sure.. Nothing of this sort will happen.."

"Take it in writing... You will change...!!"

"Ohkk then..Lets do one thing.. Whats the time..???"

"12.32 p.m."

"Ohkk..i'll write a message now and I'll send you.. Save it and then lets see....."

As soon as he said this.. We reached a point on our way from where we had to go on different roads... So we bid good bye to each other n two minutes later, my cell beeped....

N the SMS read....

"26th Feb, 2010
12.32 p.m.
Uru ne aaj bola ki muzko bhi shopping and sab girly stuff achcha lagega jab mere lyf me koi aayegi...dekhte hai..!!"
(Uru said that I would start liking shopping and all such girly things, once there is someone special in my my life.. lets see how far this is true...!!).

I saved that message and he did the same too.. I wanted to remember this day and so I have even written about it..The point here, that he may change or no..I don't know. I think he would change his attitude with time.. even if he does not, this post will remind me of this very special and different conversation that I once had with this special friend... n yeah.. it has been quite some time he has been asking me to write about him on my blog... So this is the opportunity I take... Don't worry, I'll write other things about you too, soon ....!!

P.S. :- What do you think about this attitude of guys when they find some things so girlish and not even worth discussion.......?? I don't wanna sound as a feminist...just want to know your views... !!

They can change or no.. lets see.... :) :)

And yeah..HAPPY N COLOURFUL HOLI to you..!!

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Harini said...

To be every frank guys dont change. They might say they like the girly stuff and spend time with one special picking those girly things up but they never like it. They just to do because it makes their girl happy and gives them some time with them. When a girl is picking things all they will be thinking is how will it look on her (if its girly dresses, make up and stuff) or think about video games. If your guy is very frank, he will tell you that what i just said is the truth.

Neha said...

An incident took place in my class the other day where a girl was applying eye liner and a guy asks another guy why do girls need to apply eye liner all the time? the other guy replies rudely " pata nahi koi dekhta toh nahi hain use!" :O i mean your article simply reminded me of this incident and trust me guys do change once in relationship and fall for cute things :P


Karthik said...

Ooohahahahahahahahahhaa.... :D ROFL
Well, full marks to Harini. This is exactly what I was going to say. Wow, Harini, hats off, yar. You understand us so well. :P

Now, Urvashi, this difference always exists. Can't change them for the world. Just gotta enjoy those differences without getting offended. I basically hate shopping, but I still kinda enjoy it, and if it's with a girl, pulling her leg feels like heaven. ;)
A very sweet post indeed. :)
Happy Holi to you too. Enjoy! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ahem ahem..Urvashi here come I :P hehehhehh..chill ..It depends ..they are few guys , who , only for their girl , would be intd /more intd than the gal about the stuffs she buys ( You got to trust this , coz I have live example - my jiju !!! )while some find these things boring ..in my opinion , 4 2 reasons : they love simplicity ( n nt painted faces blah blah ) n women's love on these things ( wich means they come in no.2 :P)...lolz..

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

i totally totally agrew with harini. totally. guys cant change. thats they way it is. men are from mars and women are from venus.

Anoop said...

Urvashiiii... :P:P:P
are al gals like this??? :P

but the post was nice.. but guys wil neva happen to like gal stufs..they wont change.

ers said...

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eNiGmA said...

well, i don't think guys actually change,n thankfully they don't, coz just imagine if guys start taking interest in girls' stuffs, the fun will be lost and it actually will turn out to be a boring world n an interfering one too ! though for a change, sometimes it does seem that they are taking interest in our stuffs and our interests, but that's not b'coz they are genuinely interested in the stuff, it's only coz they at that point of time are too much into us, and that thing for a change is cute n refreshing too. but if it starts happening everyday we girls ourslvs won't be able to sustain that !!! (nw isn't that a girls' secret? :))

Niraj said...

Hey..It depends upon guy to guy..Some does and some does not...Happy Holi.

binal said...

i to feel that boys wont change because they dont like all this girly stuff. if they act as if they like it, its only to impress the girl......!!!!!

rohini said...

GUYS NEVER CHANGE>>>TRUE.....But i request you all guys to start liking and taking interest in girly stuffs too...i bet girls would start loving you more...

Rachit Goel said...

Seriously, I believe that at some point, guys do start liking these sort of stuff. and yeah, that mostly happens when somebody meaningful comes in their life...
But then, its only human to be an exception. Everyone around is different, who knows, ur friend never turns out so...
Nice post to cherish...Keep writing(n embarassing him :P)