3 Idiots, My take - (PART 1)

Pre script :- Hmm.. Bollywoood has seen so many stories about friends, specially guys and that too three guys... Hera Pheri, Hey Babby, Phir Hera Pheri and many others with 3 idiots being the latest on the list.... But never ever there has been a story on three girls who are friends.. not just friends..very good friends...I just thought of writing something in that line and this is a true story...

All the characters and places bear resemblances to people alive.. :P

This series dedicated to my lovely, really sweet & great friends Binal and Damini.. Love you both and thanks for being a part of my life ......... :) :)

This has nothing in common with the movie, the title declares....

Sometimes, looking back at time now, I think we were destined to be togehter since the first day of our school..In the same school and same class... when we did not even know the meaning of friends and friendship, I and Binal shared the sweet days of school, right since nursery.. I guess I dint know her then... atleast none of us remember.. but our class photographs of those days proves that we were in the same class....

Then... we knew each other....no not as friends directly....arey story me kuch to drama hona chahiye naa...??? We had some fights over some things..(I dont remember exactly what) in our first and second grade.. One of the fight which Binal remembers very vividly is something about the whole class was made to sit after school hours and was punished because of me....(Ohh..how bad of me....U must be thinking.... Now I did not know this would be the punishment given when I had complained... ) That was the time when everyone in the class fought with me.....

Later as time passed, we started talking, knowing each other and in no time we were friends.... We sat on the same bench all day, learnt things, shared our tiffins in the recess and our feelings too...... the strange thing about us is that whenever we sat together, all teachers had to scold us for talking (even when we are not talking*) Huh, thats so strange.......!! Till date we both have not been able to understand how do the teachers just spot us even when the whole class is talking.. So this has been the story since school days.. we first sit together...then the teachers scold us.. There are complaints about us talking and not paying attention in class...(all false allegations upon innocent souls) and then we have to sit separately......

But that did not separate us.. We became even more close friends day by day all through our school..... It was always lovely to know that someone is there by your side who can understand what you want to say.... this was all about our primary school days, learning things, preparing for exams, fighting for marks when even a point mattered a lot.. all the race about being the CR, topper n blah, blah, blah... Yes we went through everything......

And then....

To be continued...

giRLs aRe aLwAYS cOnFuSeD

Some days ago, I was having a chat with a friend and happened to comment that boys never clean up their ward robes....

Over this he immediately said, "No gender bias...!!Its just that some of my things are not in place these days... Else otherwise I always have things on place...!!"

I immediately had to eat back my words....

I Realize that I should not be generalizing the facts for all guys....

Some days later, in the midst of some conversation.......

He Says "Girls are always confused...."

On hearing this the first thing that comes to my mind is

"No gender bias...." (But I don't say that because I gave it a thought n here is what I thought in the due course.....)

Girls are always confused

Is this a statement/fact...??

An exclamation..???!!!??

A question..??

I don't know....or to put it better 'I am confused'...!!!!

I have usually found that I get confused with many things.

In fact the more I think about a thing and analyse the situation or options, the more confused I am..

But is this always?? Yes, most of the times.... In the end, I have a clear understanding of whatever decision I make...!! Though my confusion leads to time delay while taking decisions, I find that I talk and discuss more about those things about which I am confused with my friends, family and arrive at a conclusion.. So when I give it time, I reach a pretty good conclusive decision.

But then routine things like going out...when...where..what to wear... what to eat... even such random questions confuse me a lot ........ I always find that I take time to decide on such things whereas some people are quite clear about such everyday issues ... Hmmmm.. So it seems that I have to sort out this and make a habit of deciding on things quickly.. It helps to save time as well as helps to focus and know about self choices clearly.....

And now the million dollar question........ Are just Girls always confused???

To this I agree and disagree too..... again I am sounding confused naa...???

I agree partially to it that girls are confuse but the source of confusion is thinking.... Girls sometimes think too much and confuse themselves when there is a simple, straight forward solution..... sometimes confusion is due to conflict of their own views with someone they look up to..Like in my case I am many a times confused when I have a particular view about a thing and my mom has an opposite view... I am then confused over which is right because I consider her thoughts as important too....

But these situations are faced by everyone at some or the other point of time in their life.. So, I don't think that only girls are the species subjected to it.May be they are more confused but again using the term ALWAYS for ALL GIRLS is not correct, Right...????

P.S. : Wrote this after I had a conversation with my friend Ganesh. Asked him to write about this but instead he asked me to do it and give credit to him for this... So here the credit for this post and all comments goes to you....

I wrote this after a long long time... feels good to be back .

Johny Johny Reloaded..!!!

We have all heard this-

Johny, Johny...
Yes Papa...
Eating sugar.. ??
No Papa..
Telling lies... ??
No Papa..
Open your mouth....

But do you know what happens next...??

When Johny goes to school-
Johny, Johny...
Yes Mamma...
Reading comics...??
No Mamma....
Telling lies..??
No Mamma...
Show me your text book...

When Johny gets a job-
Johny Johny
Yes Papa..
Pvt Company..?
Yes Papa..
Any Motivation..??
No Papa..
Do u Sleep well??
No Papa..
On site Opportunity..
No papa..
Ha ha ha :)

When Johny was married-
Johny, Johny....
Yes sweetheart....
Shall we go out?
Busy Sweetheart...
You don't love me..!!!
No sweetheart... I mean...Yes..
I am leaving...
No sweetheart...
Cyaa at 8 then.....
'M coming sweetheart..!!!

When Johny had a daughter named Jenny and she was- Hmm... Read it on..

Jenny Jenny,
Yes Papa,
Chatting online..??
No Papa...
Telling lies..??
No Papa...
Lemme see your Lappy.......

Johny realised how the things which go around come around...

But this world is not of children lying to their parents about eating sugar or candies.... They have definitely become smarter and tech savvy...!! ;) What say??

P.S. :- Again a (funny) attempt to write poems...!! :)
I had started writing this a long time back...the stanza of Johny's office has been taken from a mail I had received some time ago.... To complete the poem, I could not get to a perfect ending stanza.... At last I thought of this.... How was it??

The City that never DIES..!!!

The day started seeing the first page of the newspaper in Black..... Yes, it was on this day that the terrorists left a black mark on the history of this city... A mark at places that gave the city a distinct identity... A mark ... A terror in the minds and hearts of the city and the country..... Black was the colour to mourn for those who were the victims of the cruel act......

This day, last year had been a bit different for me and the event made it all the more unforgettable....!!

I had a holiday that day due to some thing.. I don't recollect what.... But just got to know it the night before... So we planned to go for a movie.... With the place and time finalised, I went to sleep. In the morning, when I woke up, my parents were still asleep. So I could not tell them about my plans for the movie... I left as usual for college.... First time I had been for a movie Bunking at home.......!!

While at the movie, my Papa was calling up repeatedly. At first, I did not receive the call. But since there were calls again and again , I finally received the call to know that Papa had just got me a new cell phone..!!!! Wow...It was really surprising and I was happy about it because I wanted to get a new model since a long time..... So today I am celebrating the first birthday of my cell too... :)

Apart from that, the day was normal until at night one of my friends messaged me to watch television..!! Somewhere I felt that it was not a coax message and at around 11, I started watching TV. What I saw was suddenly incomprehensible for a while... Was it true?? Was it happening in Mumbai???

NO.... I thought..this cant be it.. Mumbai ... Again on the hit list.......!!

I woke up my parents and asked them to watch it... (Everyone at my home, except me, sleeps early... even before 11).

We sat in front of the television swapping channels... hearing... seeing and feeling terror...!!! In a while.. the whole thing became clear.... Attacks by terrorists at some key locations in the city... It was not the first time I had witnessed terrorism yet this was something I felt was really cruel.. Really horrifying.... Really disturbing.......!!

The next 60 hours (and even weeks after that) had been full of reports and coverages. I did not watch many because the more I saw the more
it was horrifying to me and terrifying.. I felt mixed emotions of anger, fear, sympathy for those who suffered .... Just visualising could be so terrifying..then I really did not know how would it feel to lose someone in all this or be face to face with this..!!!

Today on the first Anniversary of this dreaded day... When people all over the country are marching for peace processions and lighting candles for those who have sacrificed their lives in this unmanly terror attack.. I wish that the world, the country , the city be more peaceful...the government more responsible... (not resigning when the state needs you the most)... The people more selective (electing those people as representatives who are worthy of bringing a change in the system) and the legal system (which punishes the accused and the victims on time and not carry out trials for years) ...

But Mumbai was, is and will be the City which Never Dies....

Salaam Mumbai for your Spirit..!!!!

The Act...!!!!

“You are my happiness… You bring joy to my life... Even thinking about you brings smile on my face…. I love you, would you marry me..??”

Saying this, he went down on his knees before Sheetal , held her hand and brought out a ring from his pocket.

“Perfect…!! ” snapped Sheetal. "I want the same expressions tomorrow on stage. It’s good to have an actor like you. No one can perform this as naturally as you can…”


“Be on time then. Bye.. ” she said hurriedly and left.

Left before Aman could say that he was not acting.


I called up my brother last night to ask where he was, as he was late.. His cell was busy.. My call on waiting..

Tried again after 5 minutes... Again on waiting...!!

He called up after a while, "Could you not wait on the line? I was going to receive your call..!!"

Of course I had been waiting. Waiting for him to answer... And he asks me to wait more..!!!

WAIT.... one four letter word but definitely has wider presence..!!

We all wait for something or the other. Sometimes it is conscious waiting, sometimes we do not even realise we have been waiting..!! Right from the time we are born, yes even that minute is awaited by our parents, we keep on waiting and waiting and waiting......

For me, time does not seem to pass while waiting... I always end up looking at my watch just to find the hands moving at a snail like speed..!!!

Just a small....wait...not small...just a list of situations where I wait-

In the morning, wait for my eyes to open.....

I get ready and wait for the lift...

Wait for the bus, train..

Wait for the lectures to start and then wait for attendance and then wait for the lecture to end...!!

Wait to bunk...

Wait to talk to my friends about what I did yesterday...

Wait at the canteen to place my order..

Wait to get it...

Wait to get the book issued in library..

Wait to be back home...

Wait to have lunch made by mom.....

Wait to rest and catch up a book to read...!!

Wait for SMS'es to beep my cell up..!!

Wait to chat...

Wait to check my mails...(In short I have to wait for using my PC.... I wait because once I use it, I need it for a long time... so I wait to complete all other things before I switch it on..!! )

Wait to update my blog (I had been waiting for this time since a week..!!)

Wait to get the responses..

Wait for my exams to get over..

Wait for the results.....

Wait to hang out with friends...

Wait for vacations..

Wait for classes to begin again when the vacations are too long.....

Wait for wishing birthdays at the strike of midnight...

I guess you are waiting for this list to get over... ;)

Yeah..I am done with it 4 today...!!

P.S.: I actually wrote this while waiting for someone..!!! Did not know waiting could result in something so long till I started writing..!!!

The Call

For the seventh time, he dint answer her call because he was angry at her for not calling him throughout the day.

The next morning he got a call from the police saying that the girl had an accident last night while driving using cell and his number was first on the recent call list..!!


P.S. : This is my first attempt at writing 55 fiction, a form of fiction to be completed within a limit of 55 words.Its really challenging to complete the story in just 55 words. I found it interesting and so decided to give it a try..!! Do let me know how it was and if there are any suggestions for further improvement.!!!

My inspiration for this was my blog mate Shruti..!! Cheers to you yaar, you write fabulous stories in just 55 words..!!!

Some BEST Moments..!!!

Sharing some of the best moments of my life..

Best not as best actually but as some moments of my journey on the BEST Buses in Mumbai...

I generally start my day with a journey by bus to my college and right from this time things start going wrong..... I mean the day when I am on time the bus is late and on the days when I get late by even a minute, the bus is on time and it is gone too.......!! Then I have to wait far another bus for around 15 minutes or find some other option...!! :( It happens with me always.....!!

Travelling is always the best when I can grab a window seat and
the stop near my home being the first stop, finding a seat is never a great task..!! But else otherwise finding a good seat(good because some seats are worse than standing too... specially the last seat... Seems as if you are on a roller-coaster ride, specially due to the well maintained roads in Mumbai) is not easy.

If you are in a mood to listen to a lecture in the morning just try giving the conductor a 100 rupee note for some ticket of Rs.4 or 5 and surely you would listen a great deal....!!! :P

There are many types of people too... some who talk loudly on cell phones, some who speak so slowly that even if they are sitting next to me I cant get a word, others who play music on MP3 in loudspeaker mode, (I wonder why do they want the people around to listen to the songs they are hearing) some listening music through their earphones completely unaware of the environment around, Some just quite and looking out of the window,siblings fighting to grab a window seat, some dozing off (again I wonder how can anyone sleep there????) some sitting on seats reserved for ladies in spite of some lady standing and some standing in spite of the ladies seats being empty(Real Gentlemen). You just get a perfect glimpse of the world around in these buses.

The best moments on the bus stop are when there is a long queue n someone breaks the queue and enters in between..!!! It is really funny to watch this scene because all the people in the line shout unanimously,"Aaa....... Aaaa " :D

Some days back, having misplaced my earphones somewhere I couldn't even listen to music while travelling. That day while coming back home in the evening, the bus was crowded. A young guy got into the bus and had his earphones plugged in his ears. He was obviously not aware of the commotion around. He got in but stood near the door. Now the conductor was displeased with this. So he shouted at the boy to get in and stand .But this guy was in his own world not aware of anyone addressing him..... Finally someone tugged him on his sleeve and asked him to get in. Then he started speaking loudly(I think again he must not have realised that he is being so loud) Where is the place to stand in?? Again all the people in the bus , specially those who were standing started talking about him.. and he was completely in his own world. After a couple of stops passed by, he had to get in, due to public demand....... I guess.. :)

At this I realised that this guy was surely not just aware about what was going on around.. But was he the only one??? So many times even I am in his shoes... So my next post on importance of listening the buzzes around you .... ;)

HaPpY bIRtHdAy tO yOu....!!!!

Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to dear.....
Happy birthday to u...!!!

Did u read this in the typical happy birthday tone...???



Well, the purpose of this post is to know how actually people read things. It is proved that when we read something that we have heard many many times earlier and it follows a typical tune, our mind subconsciously reads in the same tone. So if you read the above lines in the typical birthday song way, it is because you have heard these lines so many times that the tune is registered in your mind and so you read it, recollecting the same tune in your mind...!!!

Ohkkk..Now enough with my Phekology..!!! ;)

The purpose of this post is not what is stated above. It is a simple post dedicated to someone special born this day... err.... Are you thinking I am gonna write about Mahatma Gandhi???? Na..naaa...Its my brothers birthday today...

What a birth date.. shares it with The Greatest Follower of peace, non-violence and truth.. Not that he has all these qualities..!!! ;)

Anyways who wants a peace loving brother????

So this is to wish him a Very, Very, Very Happy Birthday..!!!!

Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to dear Dhaval......
Happy birthday to u...!!! :)

This is for my sweet younger brother who turns 17 today.....!! Well so much to write about him that I can go on & on... But today I'll just mention here the relationship between me, my brother and blogging..!!!!

He just does.. naa... did not like my Blogging....!! Whenever he saw me reading or writing blog posts/ comments he used to get angry with me and keep on saying that I am just wasting time on the PC.. As he had some very important works on PC.... Important like playing Counterstrike, GTA Vice city & God Knows what other games......!! We had many arguments over it and finally....

One day when I was reading a story one night on one of my friends blog, he saw me smiling, while reading something.

Dhaval:- "Why are You smiling to urself?? You are studying naa..!!"

Urvashi:- "Arey this story...read it ....You will like it..."

D:- "Is it on your blog again??"

U:- "No..one my friends blog...C...."

D:-"Haan..Its all the same...your blog...Friend ka blog....."

U:- "Arey.....You don't know anything about it...Do u want to read it or no??"

D:- "Hmm...It isn't too long naa??"

U:- "No...."

Then Dhaval started reading it. I watched the expressions on his face change as he read every line. Smiling.. Amused, surprised.. His face reflected every mood described in the line.

When he completed it, he said it was really nice work. He liked it. Then he moved to the next one. He read three posts from the same blog and began enjoying it. He no longer had the same hatred for blogging or bloggers who spent their time blogging... !!

Then he read my blog. It was for the first time that he had actually read what I had written on Urvashi's Corner...!! He had seen the site many a times but had never cared to read anything. He verified a 1000 times if I had written all the articles myself and that they were not copy-pasted from somewhere..!!!! I explained him all things about blogging and the various types of blogs and also told him that blogging does not consist of copy-paste work...!!! It is creative..!!! That day we were reading blogs till about 1 a.m. and it changed his view about blogging. Now , we generally read blogs together at night and if he is not there when I come across some interesting posts, I refer them to him later....

He suggested me to write stories and not just articles...!! I told him that I would write about him in my blog then..!! All his stories....!!! ;)

So what better day than today??

Well right now, he is not at home. So I can write peacefully... He would know this only after it is published..!!! :P

He is my friend, enemy, my partner in all crimes at home, my mood maker when I am in a bad mood, a detective (a person who lives in all brothers who have sisters, I believe) who stealthily keeps a watch on all my activities...!!!!

Well... he is a sweet heart playing so many roles simultaneously..!!!

Have a great time....... Wishing you loads of happiness and success all through your life......!!!!

Cheers..!!! :)

What's your Rashee???

Rashees.... Sun signs.. These facts amaze me a lot.....!! I am not superstitious and I think sun signs don't have anything to do with superstitions too.. But I have come across many people who think just think of all these things as same. That's a different issue.....

Talking about sun signs, the part about sun signs that I like the most and I always look out for is the Personality Traits. As per the the Zodiac all the people in the world can be divided into 12 distinct groups based on their birth dates. Each group of people have some special characteristics. Now it is not possible that there are only 12 types of people that exist in the world. But this classification gives the major characteristics of these people , their nature ,their behaviour and approach toward things.

People with same sun signs can also have different characteristics but there are similarities in general. Males and females of the same sun signs too have different personalities.

The future predictions like horoscopes etc made on the basis of this criterion are not always true but really close at times. I like to check them out once in a while and compare it with happens actually with me....

I like to know people and know how far they resemble to their personalities as per their sun signs, here I give a small description of the people of various sun signs that I have come across and the characteristics I found in them..!!

Urvashi's Book Of Personality traits.

Aries - March 21 - April 20
Have great power of influencing thoughts, really good orators.They are aggressive about their ambitions..

Taurus - April 21 - May 21
I am a Taurean and have come across many other Taureans too.... Smart.. Patient.. I think they believe in going to the core of things rather than just accepting what is visible to the eyes..

Gemini - May 22 - June 21
Geminis are stubborn by nature and I think they cannot forget or forgive easily.

Cancer - June 22 - July 22
Cancerians are I suppose the most sensitive set of people I have come across. Cancerian boys are no exception. They too are as sensitive as girls are. But are sweet and make really good friends if you can connect with them. But please don't hurt them....!!

Leo - July 23 -August 21
Fierce...Angry... Strong and well built just as their zodiac symbol. I have just known Leo men actually. Yet to meet a Leo Lady.

Virgo - August 22 - September 23
Really smart people. Have many friends of this sun sign. Intellectual and good judges. If you really do something worth appreciation, you get your share of praises but on the other hand you also have to face criticisms, in case you miss out on their expectations levels. They are the perfectionists in whatever they do and demand the same from others who follow them. A great and inspiring example is one of my favourite teacher at college who belongs to this sun sign and she has typical characteristics of this group.

Libra - September 24 - October 23
My Mom and brother both belong to this sun sign and so I think I know the Librans very well. Clarity of thoughts..Honest and frank... Always stand out in a group, party etc because of their charisma....(Don't know if I should generalise this, but this is true for my brother...)

Scorpio - October 24 - November 22
A bit lazy but are good at sports rather than academics.

Sagittarius - November 23 - December 22
Hmm..The Saggis- Males and females have one common characteristic- Flirtatious nature ;)
apart from that they are spend thrifts and love partying.

Capricorn - December 23 - January 20
My Dad......They are cool people. Don't get angry easily. Helpful and Jolly.

Aquarius - January 21 - February 19
As their zodiac name suggests these people are like water.. Mix along well with anything and everything and hence can make you always comfortable in their company. I think they don't know how to complain.... because they they can adjust in any situation with any type of people.... no scope for complaining.My best friend is an Aquarian and I love this attitude of hers.

Pisces - February 20- March 20
Pisces..Hmm don't know many people very closely who belong to this group. Can just say that they are most of the times dreaming and are very creative.....!!!

PS:- This post was just a small attempt to write down the various characteristics of people whom I have come across and found interesting. There can be notable differences too. Do let me know, whether my description is appropriate or not for your sun sign..... :)

Awarded...... !!! :)

My first award. :)

Awarded to me by Anoop. Thanks a lot for awarding this to me. :)

Actually I dint even know much about this award thing on blogs. But now I know..

Rules for the award :

- List five current obsessions.

- Pass the award on to your favourtie and more fabulous blogs.

- On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them.

- When you post your winners, make sure you link them as well.

- Don’t forget to let your winners know they won an award from you by leaving a comment on their blog.

My 5 current obsessions:

1. Books : Books and reading.... My anytime obsession.

2. My blog : This is my first blog.. Dint know I would be obsessed so much with it...
But I am... !!!

3. Poets Of The Fall : I have just heard the songs of the band a couple of months ago and these are the songs I am obsessed with of late....

4. Chatting : It was an obsession when I started chatting initially but since the last year, I had become quite selective and restricted my chatting. But then over the past few months, I once again found some wonderful friends and chatting is again an obsession..!!

5. My studies : Really one of the things which is currently keeping me occupied a lot. An obsession which I am actually loving.. Learning new subjects.. Working on project.... Preparing notes etc... Huh.... But which is really giving me lesser time for all my other obsessions. :P

I would like to pass this award on to the following bloggers:

Enjoy.... :)

Guilty or Innocent......!!

Again a Tag....

I just love doing this Tag exercise and so was really very happy when Chandana Shekhar tagged me with this one...Thanks... Here are the rules :

You can only say Guilty or Innocent.

You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!

Copy and paste this into your notes , delete my answers, type in your answers and tag to your friends to answer this.

So here I give my statements :

Asked someone to marry you? Innocent.

Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Innocent.

Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent.

Ever told a lie? Guilty.

Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back? Innocent.

Kissed a picture? Guilty.

Slept in until 5 PM? Innocent.

Fallen asleep at work/school? Guilty.

Held a snake? Innocent.

Been suspended from school? Innocent.

Worked at a fast food restaurant? Innocent.

Stolen from a store? Innocent.

Been fired from a job? Innocent.

Done something you regret? Guilty.

Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Guilty.

Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Innocent.

Kissed in the rain? Innocent.

Sat on a roof top? Innocent.

Kissed someone you shouldn’t? Innocent.

Sang in the shower? Guilty.

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Guilty.

Shaved your head? Innocent.

Had a boxing membership? Innocent.

Made a girlfriend cry? Guilty.

Been in a band? Innocent.

Shot a gun? Guilty.

Donated Blood? Innocent.

Eaten alligator meat? Innocent.

Eaten cheesecake? Innocent.

Still love someone you shouldn’t? Guilty.

Have/had a tattoo? Innocent.

Liked someone, but will never tell who? Guilty.

Been too honest? Guilty.

Ruined a surprise? Innocent.

Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn’t walk afterwards? Innocent.

Erased someone in your friends list? Guilty.

Dressed in a woman’s clothes (if you’re a guy) or man’s clothes (if you’re a girl)? Guilty.

Joined a pageant? Innocent.

Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Guilty.

Had communication with your ex? Innocent.

Got totally drunk on the night before exam? Innocent.

Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Guilty.

I just want all my friends who liked this to take it up and reply to it..

Cheers :)

Criticism - As I see it......

"Well..the movie was not so good.."

"I think you could have done better.."

"That book is just a waste of time...Full of stupid incidents...!!!"

Hmm.. Just trying to collect some sentences which I keep on hearing many times around. You also keep on listening to them - these Criticisms ??? Well.... Human nature.....!! Many-a-times, when you are displeased with something or someone, we find faults with them and condemn them. If you don't want any criticisms “Do nothing, Say nothing, and Be nothing.” But being social animals, that is not possible for us....... So what is this 'Criticism' all about???

I think these days many people just know how to find faults with others even though they may be lagging in the same field. They never even give a second thought before criticising. It is really a rude thing according to me because if you are into the habit of criticising everyone at every occasion, It can create a very negative image about you. But if you genuinely feel that the act is not praiseworthy but faulty, you should go ahead and criticise as well as provide the scope for improvement. Sugar-coated criticism can also sometime be used so that the morale of the person is not affected as well as the message is conveyed.

People who criticise should only do so when they are willing to change the system actually and demanding a change of pattern. Sometimes, its just namesake criticising and when they are asked what are the improvement areas, what more do they expect...?? They cannot reciprocate as well as their criticism. So the point is when you criticise, be sure of the grounds on which you are criticising and you want improvement. If you have no will to Change it, you have no right to Criticise it.

For Eg: After a movie, some of my friends came and started all kind of blah-blah about the movie not being good. I had not been to the movie so I did not respond then. After a few days when I watched the movie, I found it good and so I asked my friends what they dint like in it and in the end after I justified all their points, they had nothing more to say than it was too long...

People don't criticise themselves, no matter how wrong they may be. It is really difficult to criticize oneself. Talking about myself, I accept criticisms when it comes from someone who has more knowledge than me on the subject and the one who criticises with a view to see an improvement. I accept it and try to work on my faults and avoid them the next time. But 'Criticisms' from people around who just want to find faults with my work without even having an insight of the efforts put by me into it are not welcome.

Criticism and Praise are two opposite things. Not just opposite but paradox terms. This is because “If you have all praises, no critics you'll likely have no success.” Human beings always crave for praises and not criticisms. Its easier to accept praises rather than criticism but when it comes to giving - What do they find more easy.... To Praise or Criticise?????? Well you can see for yourself.

What's that??

I came across this really wonderful and touching story in my mailbox a couple of days ago. The video is a Greek short film. Check it out. No words would be able to explain it better.

The message conveyed by the movie is that you must respect your parents and always remember that no matter how much ever you learn or earn, you can never be above them and if you think so.. Then it would just be arrogance..!! The sparrow here stands for even simple things around you today like computers, mobiles etc... Things about which maybe, you know more than people around you.

You may know more than what they know but it is they who helped you to know those things. Once upon a time... even you did not know so many things... Dint they teach it to you then? Maybe you are lucky to know these things today.

So be patient and humble about things you know, respect the people in your life who added to your store of knowledge - your parents, teachers, family and other people around you and share your knowledge......!!


Confused..What to write today.......???

Have so much to tell...But I am not sure of what I must start with.....!!


Wow.. What a word....!!!!

NO barriers on using it...... Anytime.. Anywhere.....!!

It comes to your rescue when you cant solve a problem.. Just use the word confused along with some terms from the question and bingo your work is done..... It gives the impression that you have known something about it though not everything... (Just helped me yesterday...) ;)


A state of mind where you feel everything is right and the next minute everything is wrong. You begin to contradict yourself when in a state of confusion. It is essential during such times to be cool and not to take any hasty decisions. Speaking about your confusions to people who have been through it would make it easy for you to find solutions for it.


This is what you can do when you know your cards very well. When you know something in great detail you can confuse others about it if you are not able to put across your views in a way they would understand it. Some people deliberately confuse others.

Even I like it sometimes.

This would summarize what I wish to convey:

“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

Confused...May be you should read again..!!!! ;)

Ishq Hota Nahi Sabhi Ke Liye.......

Thoughts - How strange it is that our mind subconsciously associates somethings with some people and how quickly our thoughts wander off to some distant places and people when we hear or see something. The associations may seem strange to explain but I am sure everyone must have experienced it sometime though......

Like it happened to me a couple of days ago - On hearing the song "Ishq hota nahi sabhi ke liye......." In the blink of an eye, scenes from the past flashed in front of me... Dialing your number.. Your caller tune "Ishq hota nahi sabhi ke liye......."

You just knew what I was doing and how my mood was by my "Hello"... Tired, angry, crying, had a fight, frustrated, happy, sad, busy, at home, watching TV, studying........

Afraid of being hurt sooner or later due to the differences.. I restricted myself from talking to you in the beginning...You understood even this hesitance...... Assured you were there to take care of everything.. You got me talking.... And then talking to you was so comfortable.. No fake attempts to be true or prove my points. Even loved the arguments we had.

Long hours of talks... Discussing likes, dislikes, adventures of college life, friends, family, outings, favourite movies, songs, foodstuff.... And what not.....!!

Strange and yet felt so lovely to have someone with whom I could talk to and relate to so closely...!! How surprised I had been to discover the similarities between us..... Same thoughts, same likings, same attitude...... Was just hard to believe that someone so similar yet so different to me could exist...!!

But along with these similarities I knew there were differences..... The differences which would surface up someday no matter how hard we tried to get along smoothly.. Differences in our paths of life.. Our aims.... Responsibilities... And they did come up...

Self ego.... No talking.. Just "Why cant you understand...??"

"Why should I Understand.. Do you ever Understand me..???"

"You never call me.. Its I who has to always talk first..."

"I thought you must be busy.. So I Dint call you up..."


Even the last time you called me up... Never knew it would be your last call to me.. I did wait for your call for many days later.... But you dint call up..

Even today I sit and wonder why dint I call you up too?? Maybe ego.. Maybe a feeling that you dint want to talk to me anymore...... If you could... I could also do without talking to you.....

Tried every way of getting away from you.... Destroyed all physical things around me that reminded me of you...... Blocked all ways for you to get back in touch with me..... Even if you wished to.

But my mind and my thoughts betray me.... Even today when I get to know someone who is a Sagittarian.... The first image that comes in my mind is you.... The discussion we had on "Sagittarians being Flirty..."

When I see or hear about the movie "Hey Baby..." I remember how two years ago.. When you had been to watch the movie... And how I had troubled you by messaging you intentionally...... Just to distract you from the movie.. And how after the movie you said you dint remember a single scene prpoerly..........

Everytime I hear the song "Ishq hota nahi sabhi ke liye......."

Colour Paradox..

About a couple of months ago there had been events of racial discrimination and attacks against the Indian students in Australia.. And Thanks to our media the event had been in news for about a month or so. There were some cases reported of students who did not complain even though they had been facing these racial attacks earlier too.... Everywhere, this was the BREAKING NEWS and the only issue being covered and highlighted upon.....!!

The topic of this post is not to highlight this event or its aftermaths.. But to realise how much we, ourselves discriminate on the grounds of colour...???

Lets begin with the Africans who come to study in India from countries like Nigeria , Kenya etc. Don't we consider them as 'blacks' and maintain distances with them...?? And in the same place if there is some fair skinned person, they are addressed as "foreigners."

Even within our country we discriminate people on such grounds. Our society still gives added importance to the skin tone of thee person than their nature. A boy of marriageable age always wishes to marry a fair and beautiful bride. Now beauty cannot be quantified.. But fairness can be.The boy wishes for a bride to be of a fairer tone than his skin tone. No matter how much ever we deny this fact, this is sadly the truth in almost all parts of our country..!!! There are so many jobs such as Air hostess, Secretaries etc where the colour of the candidate has an added importance. So is this not discrimination ????

Indian market has become a target for all the beauty and fairness products from world over. Today we find so many advertisements and products offered for fairness , rejuvenation of skin and what not...!! So how are these products selling and marketing like hot cakes in our country?? It is because of the attitude of the people of our country who give added importance to skin colour and hence these products have found a huge and ready market for all their so-called fairness products and the market does not only consist of female buyers but also the males have been the target group. Recent additions in the male cosmetic product range and their advertisements prove this.

I read a book recently "Mahashweta" by Sudha Murthy. A really nice book highlighting a very sensitive issue of our society. The book describes the story of a girl 'Anupama' who after her marriage began to get traces of 'Leukoderma' and her plight while facing the consequences of this skin disease. The shocking aspect of the book was that even though Anupama's husband was a doctor himself, he did not stand by her through this and abandoned her due to social obligations. Although the book was a fiction, it is not far from the reality...!!

The whole point is that if we cannot accept people as they are but judge them on traits like their skin colour... We still have miles to go in this fast moving world, before we point out to other nations who DISCRIMINATE AGAINST US RACIALLY............!!!

A really wonderful poem that I had read a while ago......

Here it goes :

When I born, I black;
When I grow up, I black;
When I go in sun, I black;
When I scared, I black;
When I sick, I black;
And when I die, I still black;

And Ü White fellows;
When U born, U pink;
When U grow up, U white
When U go in sun, U red;
When U cold, U blue;
When U scared, U yellow;
When U sick, U green;
When U die, U grey;

And yet U call me coloured......??

On this Friendship Day..!!

I want to wish all my friends a VERY VERY HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY and thank them for being with me at various stages in my life. You did make a difference in my life and even today if I am not in touch with you, or we don't meet or talk much, I still remember you and the times we spent together. Those moments can never be forgotten.

This story for my dear dear friends who have been my friends right since school and all through college.. For all my friends whom I met at various other places, for all my friends on this Blogosphere... n whooo... the list can go on and on.......!!

Copied hai.. ;)
But straight from the heart just 4 u..!!! :)

Friends AAJ KAL...!!

I know the title sounds as if it is inspired from " LOVE AAJ KAL " . I could not think of anything better for this.. Hence, the name.. !!!

Gone are the days when you had your friends just from your school, your college or neighbourhood. The term 'friends' is now no longer restricted to the people you know face to face. With the advent of social networking sites, making friends online is the latest buzz around.

I still remember my school days when in our English letter writing we were given a topic to write a letter to pen friend in some other country describing about the Indian culture and the festivals celebrated here. At those times, these all situations seemed so vague to me that how could you be friends with someone whom you have not seen.?? But this is no more a vague thought for friends and friendship. With social networking sites coming up, we get an opportunity to meet new people from various places with whom we share common interests or occupations. It just helps us to connect with anyone in the world out there. I myself have many friends whom I have met and known over these sites over a time.

The other side of this virtual friendship is a not so sweet an experience though. There are people who create fake profiles and fake chat names with easy access to these sites. Many a times, young children also create profiles giving their wrong age and get into chatting with people whom they do not know.The fun may sometimes be too costly if there is no proper guidance or knowledge for the user. Online chatting can sometimes also lead to Depression and lack of social interaction.

Sometimes, I feel sometimes we need to add people in our friends list just because of obligation of knowing them. In reality we might not be so speaking much to them but then they are on our friends list.

In the end, the number of people you have in your friends list are in no way an indicator of the number of friends that you actually have. A friend is the one with one you can really share all your feelings, all your joys and sorrows. None of your online friends can replace them in your life. But with social networking you can surely say that somewhere in your life there is a thread which connects you with your friends in this busy world when we have less time to actually keep in touch with everyone around. Got to go now.. Have to scrap all my friends "HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY..." ;)

My First Tag :)

This is my FIRST EVER TAG post on my blog. I had read the tags and found them pretty interesting. Finally got a chance to write for myself.

This was tagged to me by friend 'Neha'.

Some things about this tag :

1) Link the person who tagged you.

2) Post the rules on your blog.

3) Share the ABCs of you.

4) Tag 3 people at the end of your post by linking to them.

5) Let the 3 people know of the tag by leaving them comments.

6) Do not tag the original ‘tagger’.

Here I go :- 26 odd things about me ;)

A – Available/Single? Single.

B – Best friend? Mummy.

C – Cake or Pie? Cake..Black Forest.

D – Drink of choice? Cold coffee, Nimbu Paani.

E – Essential item you use every day? Cell phone.

F – Favorite colour? Pink.

G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? Gummy bears.

H – Hometown? Mumbai.

I – Indulgence? Ice creams.

J – January or February? February.

K – Kids & their names? What..?? I'm a kid yet....!! ;)

L – Life is incomplete without? Aspirations

M – Marriage date? Not fixed yet... !!! I'll invite u 4 sure.. :)

N – Number of siblings? 1..Younger bro.

O – Oranges or Apples? Oranges.

P – Phobias/Fears? Fear of insects....Insectophobia, if it is called so..!! ;)

Q – Quote for today? "I believe in simple living and high thinking." My all time favourite one.

R – Reason to smile? Smile to make others smile :)

S – Season? Winter.

T – Tag 3 People? Prerna, Ganesh, Dr Riya

U – Unknown fact about me? That I am very sensitive.

V – Vegetable you don't like? Karela(Bitter gourd) :(

W – Worst habit? Sleeping late at night.

X – X-rays you've had? None.

Y – Your favorite food? Punjabi.

Z – Zodiac sign? Taurus.

A Red Letter Day In My Life....

After completing the school days,every school student feels ,he is at last free from the shackles of rules , homework and more importantly the uniforms... There are dreams budding of Campus masti, meeting new people, learning new things and a curiosity of actually discovering the whole college environment..To know if it is as shown in movies..or as described to them by some elder siblings or friends.....

So I was no exception to this..After my SSC I got admission in the desired college in the desired stream and was just waiting for my expedition to begin..At last the D-day arrived..my first day at college...

I had afternoon college @ 12.30 p.m. and had to travel by train for about an hour to reach there.I started from home..It was raining heavily..I managed to reach the station and was waiting for my friend to arrive..But she did not reach there. After waiting for about 10 minutes more, I boarded the train alone..It was too crowded and I wished I had not boarded this one.

I finally reached my college. It was still raining heavily.During the first lecture itself we were informed that all lectures for the day had been cancelled and that we could leave.I and some of the new friends I made went to the canteen...And then after an hour or so, we decided to leave...

It was still raining heavily and when I reached the station again.. I got to know that all the trains had stopped working. Not knowing what to do.. I roamed around for some time. I was trying to reach my dad and tell him about the situation. As I dint have any cell phone those days.. I waited at a PCO in the long queue... And when it was my turn to make the call I found
that the PCO was no longer working. It had gone dead.

The rains did not show any signs of stopping.. At this moment,I was really scared, a whole new place.. no familiar landmarks... and no idea of where to go further..

Now one of my uncles lived here but I had never been to their place alone earlier. So again I had to recollect the address and look for a way reach there. None of the auto agreed to take me there. I was on the verge of crying when at last I found an auto driver who agreed to take me there. On the way, I got to know that the rains were really heavy and there was water logging in different areas. It was for the first time I had witnessed something like this. To add to this, the auto stopped in the middle of the way.I was really terrified at what to do.. I felt as If all the bad things had to happen on that day. I started walking on the unknown road. I confirmed the address with some people to assure that I was on the right way. I came across places where there the water level was knee deep..As i moved along the water level started rising..On either side of the road were some people who volunteered to help the passers by.

Passing through waist deep waters ,witnessing some of the houses on ground floor flooded with water...I finally managed to reach my uncle's place at about 5.00 p.m. and to my surprise they were all expecting me..!!!Everyone was worried about me as to where I had been all this while. I informed my parents about my arrival and then I had to tell my tales of how I managed to reach there despite the water levels. I spent the next two days there without any power, sleep, appetite and communication with my family at home...

So this was my first day at college... The 26Th of July,2005.. A date for which I believe every Mumabaikar will have a story to tell.. Even after 4 years today.. I can visualise every moment of the day... This day has been by far the most adventurous day in my life.. Discovering a whole new place... the dark and wild side of nature... All by myself with no one around to guide me...!! Later when I realised the gravity of the calamity that had struck the city... I felt I was lucky to have at least reached a place where I could be safe...! !

So which is the RED LETTER DAY of your life ? ? ?


From "Wow.. Its MONSOON....!!" to
"Oh...When would it STOP raining...???"

Mid July.... The lovely rains...... !! The last week was full of rains and at last I am feeling once again that "Wow.. Its MONSOON....!!"

All the seasons round the year get me into a special mood... The summers bring with them the excitement of vacations and mangoes... Winters bring lazy mornings but freshness and merriness all around... And the monsoons....
The season actually sets me in different moods.. I love to watch the heavy showers from my window and even touch a few rain drops.... Feel the light drizzles on my palms.. Which invoke a freshness in the whole body... The pleasant winds and coolness everywhere.... a cup of tea.. and some pakoras... with a novel or some chit-chat and I feel the atmosphere can never be better than this........!!!

But on the other side... I hate going outdoors in this season, especially travelling because it's a mess on the road with so many people and the umbrella's clashing, water dripping from each of them, getting drenched, stuck in the traffic and you always get late.... So it irritates me many a times leaving a feeling of "Oh...When would it STOP raining...???"

Rain is one of the BEST GIFTS OF NATURE to the whole EARTH..... A necessity for its survival and existence... A gift to be accepted, be pleased and to enjoy every moment of it....!!!